There are organizations in place to encourage e cig companies to establish and uphold standards of quality, responsible marketing, and customer service. These represent or reflect the values of e liquid firms as well, but the AEMSA is all about e juice. Specifically, their purview is the American market.

AEMSAThe American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association

Joining the AEMSA is a move towards creating a solid reputation in the vaping industry. Few companies appear to be certified members according to the list at the AEMSA.

Many more firms perhaps follow the standards without having become paid-up members of the group, but customers do not know what their principles are if businesses are unwilling to obtain membership and they can’t show the reassuring AEMSA logo on their websites. This is something consumers should become aware of.

Members of the AEMSA

Some of the firms listed at their website are Mister E Liquid, NicVape, NicQuid, E-Liquid Gold, Molecule Labs E Liquid, Liquitine Labs, King of the Clouds, and the Vaper’s Knoll. These are just some of the certified business on their list but others are also listed in the larger directory.

Virgin Vapor joined a couple of years ago. When vapers realize that a company is registered with the AEMSA, this makes them feel confident about the firms they do business with.

What Are the Policies of the AEMSA?

America’s foremost e liquid standards organization is based on the principles of responsible marketing, mixing, labeling, and bottling of e juice in the United States. Their concerns for the safety of vapers have influenced the policies of e juice manufacturing and mixtures at many locations or appear to have been influential at least.

You can see their inspiration at Vaporfi, Halo, Apollo, and others. This organization stands for accurate labeling, a part of the promise to promote responsible attitudes among e liquid firms.

Honest, Accurate Labels

So what does this mean? An AEMSA-certified member will always note the amount of nicotine in a percent or in grams per/ml on every bottle of e juice. The art on labels for AEMSA e liquids can be decorative and artistic but not geared towards an audience of young people, whether teens or young adults.

They share public concerns that certain forms of labeling are too childish, cute, funny, or simply “cool” and will garner attention from non-smokers or from youngsters who happily engage in under-age smoking and vaping. These firms create bottles featuring fun characters and brightly colored backgrounds.

Bottles must be child-proof. Although many would say there is no such thing, firms can make their best effort to make a hard job of getting into a bottle of e liquid in order to prevent children from accidentally consuming nicotine.

E juice often looks pretty and sweet. Kids are naturally drawn to certain brands, no matter what the label looks like. Firms are supposed to label their products with a batch number and to undergo regular testing.

Although membership does not hinge on these results necessarily, figures regarding diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine should be disclosed to the public free of charge on the company website.

Ingredients must also be US Pharmacy Grade and, ideally, sourced in the United States. Bottling and manufacturing must take place in a certified, regulated, regularly inspected lab or clean room. The use of FDA approved flavorings is essential, not the use of organic or natural products.

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