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The motto at 21st Century Smoke seems to be something like this: smoke anytime, anywhere. Their product is a cigalike, otherwise known as an electronic cigarette or e cig. 21st Century Smoke was there from almost the very beginning and they are still around hoping for more smokers to quit killing themselves and take up vaping.

About 21st Century Smoke

The company emerged with a goal of giving smokers a way to enjoy nicotine without smoke and to be less limited about where they could “light up.” Since the tip of an e cig glows only with a low-heat bulb, the battery indicator, there’s no combustion or ash. Consumers can take these to more places depending on the policies of individual stores, clubs, and restaurants.

A 21st Century Smoke e cig uses a tiny chip, placed inside the battery, to heat a small coil inside a cartridge. This coil heats a liquid known as e juice, turning it into vapor.

Consumers feel like they are smoking and can even consume nicotine, but they aren’t inhaling thousands of chemicals or spreading these around for other people to choke on either. This activity is called “vaping.”


Although many brands have come and gone in the past 7 or 8 years, 21st Century Smoke has remained a winner in spite of never selling advanced vaporizers or liquid. Their products are available in many convenience stores so they top the charts more often than one might expect in spite of their lack of flashiness.

Contact this firm based in Beloit, WI, or get social on Facebook. 21st Century Smoke is BBB-accredited and runs an SSL-secured e-commerce page where you can trust credit card details are safe from hackers.


You know the company a little better; now let’s take a closer look at the products. A new one called the Nic Whistle satisfies nicotine cravings instantly. Each product contains 6 Nic Whistles in tobacco or menthol flavor; about 400 puffs.

There’s no e juice, just air, so there is no smell and no smoke or vapor. A sealed parcel hidden within the whistle contains an extract of tobacco coated in nicotine, so you still get that “hit” your body is craving. Don’t panic if you are trying to give up cigarettes and the desire for nicotine is killing your best intentions.


The first time a person tries e cigs, it is usually disposables he is experimenting with. They are readily available from garages, liquor stores, and vape shops. A disposable e cig contains the same components such as a battery, heating coil, and e juice, but it cannot be recharged. Since orders have to reach $25 to qualify for free shipping, these are best discovered in corner stores than at the online shop unless you are planning to purchase a lot of them. 21st Century Smoke offers several tobacco and fruit flavors with 2% nicotine.


There are two types of starter kits: they don’t get fancy here. Each one is available with menthol or tobacco cartridges rated 1.6% for nicotine strength. The $9 kit contains a battery, USB charger, and cartridge, but the battery is rechargeable and cartridges can be replaced. The second set, priced about double the amount above, contains a wall charger as opposed to a USB charger and also two cartridges instead of one, but no second battery. You are better off with two of the smaller kits unless you find it hard to locate a USB charging opportunity. Enhance the kit with accessories such as whichever charger you did not receive plus a car charging adapter and a carry case, all found in the “accessories” section.


As you might expect, buying multiple cartridges at one time rather than just a single pack is going to reduce the overall cost. Bulk orders save the company money, so these savings can be passed on to the customer.

Ratings go from 0% nicotine to 2.4% and include assorted types of tobacco flavor, menthol, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, and more. A 6-pack costs $14.99, better than $7.99 for 3. Neither one is an outstanding deal but their pricing is better than several major companies I could mention, so you are no worse off here than elsewhere, especially not if you buy 60 cartridges at one time.

Reviewing the Site

21st Century Smoke hosts a straightforward selection of products but is sometimes too economical with their words. Nicotine comes from tobacco plants, but a fuller description of e juice is missing. I appreciate, however, the choice to stick with e cigs and not bow under pressure to expand.

21st Century Smoke Review
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