Blu Cigs Review 2018

If you haven’t lived in a cave for the past few years you will know what e cigs are and be aware of how much conflict they have caused between partisan groups. Former smokers and loved ones of former smokers are firmly in favor; government agencies and anti-tobacco agencies are against.

The FDA has come out with regulations that make vaping possible but at a cost. Where will Blu Cigs stand in the midst of all this?

First, about E Cigs

Okay, just in case you missed it, e cigs do not use tobacco or the many thousands of chemicals employed to make cigarettes. They are considerably safer for the lungs and users report that replacing cigarettes with e cigs has led to them recovering their health, spending less money, and ceasing to offend people with their horrible smell.

Blu Cigs History

Blu cigs were one of the original brands along with V2, Halo, and South Beach Smoke. Their stylish black design and blue LED light were different from anything else out there and made it clear that users weren’t smoking; their product was designed to crush cravings for cigarettes and usher in a healthier age of “vaping” instead of “smoking.”

Sure, nicotine was still there to provide stimulation, but not with the chemicals that kill smokers, second-hand smokers, and the environment.

Advertising has changed considerably and the website has undergone many changes. The company has also updated its technology.

This is still one of the smallest e cigs you can buy and also slick with its blue and black good looks. One has to wonder if anything had to change behind the scenes in order to secure the future of this American brand of electronic cigarettes.

I think their advertising has undergone considerable alteration. It was once more sexualized, but that is no longer the case. Join Blu Nation and become a part of the social movement devoted to vaping. This is a community, not just a brand.

Quality Control

When asked why they should be regarded as superior to other brands of e cigs, the makers of Blu say quality control is at the top of their priorities. Their charge packs are also an innovative addition to the electronics available to e cig users.

It’s a pack you charge like you would an e cig battery, preparing it to recharge batteries on the road. This is a highly convenient mobile method of recharging. Carry flavor cartridges with batteries as there is plenty of space too.

They believe their cartridges create vapor to exceed your expectations and experiences with other e cigs and there is more besides. Ingredients are listed on each pack and their standards are very high, setting a bar for other firms to meet.

Then again, read the review pages and it’s not clear that Blu’s boast is legitimate. For one thing, there are other charging cases made by V2 and Halo, for instance.

Maybe Blu began the trend, but they are no longer leading the way in this sense. Their vapor production is okay but not superior. Blu is a good brand, but it doesn’t seem to hit the top-5.

There isn’t the color choice: no blank tanks and e juice; just the mini cig format as always which isn’t bad, but not very flexible to accommodate the future needs of their customers.

Blu Cig uses proprietary connections between cartridges and batteries so that if you don’t like one part of the set up it is impossible to swap and combine a Blu cell with another cartridge or vice versa. You find that many other brands make their batteries in such a way that it is possible to make a swap as needed.

One thing for certain though that I can tell you from personal experience is that they are very often the first vapor cigarette someone will try, whether they saw advertisements, or saw the being sold at their local convenience store or gas station, Blu is very often the entry into vaping for many.

Flavor Cartridges at Blu

There are just 7 flavors available from Blu, the same number as Green Smoke. They are Tobacco, Carolina Bold, Menthol, Pina Colada, Vanilla, Peach, and Cherry. The first two plus cherry are also available as disposable e cigs which are not rechargeable but can and should be recycled.

Batteries for Blu Cigs

The Blu battery lasts for about 300 puffs, so just figure out how many puffs are in a cigarette and you know the value of a fully charged Blu cell. You can recharge this battery up to 300 times, its blue light glowing throughout the battery’s life.

A single Blu Plus Battery is priced $8.95. It is made from stainless steel and coated in a finish that makes it soft to hold. So, not only are these about the right size to replace a cigarette in your hands, they feel soft like a real cig too.

blu PLUS Rechargeable KitBlu Starter Kits

Blu doesn’t pester people with twenty different start kits. They offer just two.

Select the Express Kit and receive a single battery, USB charger, and two flavor cartridges. The cost is about $15. Pay $42.99 to buy the full-sized kit.

This is where you get that rechargeable, recharging carry case with space for 2 batteries plus 3 tanks (refill cartridges that contain e juice when you buy them). The pack is slender, discrete, and portable.

A Fair Price

If you were to think of the kit without the battery charging kit, it would appear to be too expensive. A lot of companies are reducing the cost of starter kits but at Blu, this is a reasonable price given that it comes with a charging pack as well as the two batteries.

I think you pay a little more than necessary for the fashion factor, but this is a decent price point and new vapers will appreciate the sensibly small selection of sets.

There are tons of electronic cigarettes out there that you can choose from, so choose carefully!

Blu Cigs Review 2018
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