Cloudscape Vape Review 2018

Where do vape stores get their start? Is it always about jumping on a bandwagon and taking advantage of a chance to make money?

In the case of vape stores, the motivation is often altruistic. Cloudscape Vape Shop of Torrance, California, started with the ideal that vaping could save lives and already has.


Early Days

Cloudscape Vape was founded in 2013 with the knowledge that millions of men and women were dying around the world as a direct or indirect result of smoking. Offering an alternative that works, a healthier way for smokers to live, is a responsibility they take seriously at Cloudscape Vape Shop, but they didn’t want to be bland and boring about their task.

Adding Style to Vapor

Many of their clients aren’t just vapers; e cigs and vaping have become a passion. These consumers are looking for the best products and always interested in experimenting with whatever is new.

They are searching for a favorite vapor juice and pursue knowledge of the technical world of regulated box mods. Their purchases sometimes reflect interest in aesthetics and product personality as much as performance.

Good Reviews

Yelp reviews for Cloudscape Vape Shop are generally good. The business is highly rated by customers who find the shop friendly and staff helpful. A good Yelp rating is a big help to reputation management online but also suggests that word-of-mouth promotion will be very good as well.

Owners of Cloudscape Vape Shop sought to create a space where customers could feel at home just browsing. They support that atmosphere with the right music and warm staff members.

csvape.comWebsite for Cloudscape Vape Shop

You can head in for a personal visit or shop online with Cloudscape Vape Shop from anywhere in the country. US priority shipping is free when you spend $50 or more, something that’s not hard to do for fans of the VGod line.

E-commerce headings include a Deal of the Day, Accessories, E Liquid, Bundles, Mods, Starter Kits, Tanks, RDAs, Clearance, and the VGOD line, specifically.

VGOD Products

These are like the equivalent of vaping couture; expensive and uber-stylish mods, tanks, and swag for young vapers. I can see twenty-somethings promoting the vaping industry by wearing their VGOD shirts and hats while carrying a costly mechanical VGOD mod and one of their $30 RDTAs.

Right now, a sale is on in this department, so it’s a good time to try out their e juice or a tank. Some products, however, just don’t come on sale. VGOD items by Tricklyfe are used by competitive cloud chasers to do tricks like blowing vapor rings for an audience.

E Juice

Shop for e liquids by brand or flavor. Some of their labels include Lindbergh, Snap, Mastermind, and Atlantis but the list provides considerably more choice than that. All of their bottles come from manufacturers making e liquid in the United States; they don’t use a middle man.

Cloudscape Vape Shop claims this ensures product purity, but that is only true if the label operates by high standards to start with. That’s something one must investigate at an individual level regarding a preferred label.

Daily Deal

This is a legitimately good deal, not just 10% off or bringing a too-high price down to a reasonable level. The Wismec Indestructible RDA was on sale for $12 when I visited. The regular price is $35. This product changes every 24 hours.

Bundles, Kits

There are two tech bundles and two packages containing e juice and clothing. The Noisy Cricket Bundle features the Wismec Noisy Cricket mod, an Advken Supra RDA, plus batteries or the Noisy Cricket, Indestructible RDA, and battery.

There is a substantial list of starter kits where mainstream vape gear is sold. Several of these kits are all-in-one products like the Kanger Cupti, but vapers will also see the two-part Aspire EVO kit, a Cuboid set by Joye, and the Vaporesso Target Mini 40W kit.


Many major brands appear to be here: Eleaf, Sigelei, Kanger, and Tesla; Joye, Wismec, and Council of Vapor. I don’t see SMOK or Innokin on the list and no eGos.

Cloudscape Vape Shop is specific about their target audience; an advanced crew no longer interested in taking vaping baby steps. Choose a Kanger KBOX 200W, Lost Vape Therion DNA 75, the iJoy Limitless LUX, or one of several more high-output devices, some on sale.

Atomizer tanks and RDAs are similarly high-class like the MK Vapes Enigma, Atom Vapes Metropolis, and GeekVape Griffin.

Cloudscape Vape Shop does business with some brands that are just barely on the fringes, but also with low-cost suppliers like Tobeco to provide a well-rounded selection for experienced clientele.




Cloudscape Vape Review 2018
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