Innokin Review 2018

Since its launch in 2011, Innokin has been responsible for some of the most innovative advances in vaping technology, manufacturing, and selling products that combine technological invention with cutting-edge design to create devices that give vapers just what they want, whether that’s clouds of vapor, smooth flavors or a powerful nicotine hit.

All their devices are designed and manufactured in-house at the company’s huge factory in Shenzhen, China — the heart of the worldwide electronic cigarette industry. Innokin’s success in innovation is clear, thanks to their 71 patents held on devices and parts related to vaporizers and vaping products all while strictly adhering to safety certificates.

The Innokin range includes brands such as the iTaste, iClear, CoolFire, Lily, iSub, Gladius and the latest product, the Innokincell. Products are sold from the Innokin website all around the world and are currently available in more than 5,000 vape stores across the US.

Vape Pens

Innokin manufactures a number of vape pens or electronic cigarettes, the most basic way for you to get your vape on.

The Endura T18 Vape Pen is perfect for beginners, as it is easy to use and feels like a cigarette to hold and use. The 2.5-ml tank for your favorite e-liquids is easy to fill, thanks to a straightforward top-opening system.

The 1000mAh battery delivers enough power to give you a smooth vapor which makes the most of your e-liquid’s flavor while a full charge should be more than enough to keep you vaping all day long.

The device is charged through a micro USB port, which means you can easily charge your vape pen at home or at work, and you can even vape while you charge with this model, should you find yourself low on power unexpectedly. This fun and easy-to-use device is available in a series of bright colors, yet the Endura’s small size means that it can be used discreetly when necessary.


Vaporizers are more complex pieces of vaping equipment, and often offer vapers more control over the temperature and power to have more control over their vaping experience. Most are still very easy to use, to fill and to keep well maintained, though they usually cost more than the simpler vape pens and electronic cigarettes. Innokin has an enormous range of vaporizers on sale for a price to suit any budget and with technology to suit any vaping taste.

Cool Fire

The Cool Fire range, available in standard and mini devices, is one of Innokin’s top sellers. Relatively easy to use for a vape mod, the standard device uses an 18650 battery to deliver up to 75 watts of power, and it is extremely fast acting, taking just 0.2 seconds from pushing the on button to enjoy your favorite vapor.

The Cool Fire Mini is just as effective, if not quite as powerful; this smaller device (which is much easier to carry around in a pocket or bag) has a 130mAh battery and can deliver up to 40 watts of power — more than enough for the smooth yet strong vapor that even experienced vapers will enjoy.

The Cool Fire standard is available in black, white, and brushed steel, while the mini model is available in a wider range of colors, such as blue, purple, and even shocking pink. The size of the mini is designed to fit in the palm of your hand and it also offers the charge-while-vaping function that many vapers say is one of the Innokin brand’s most useful features. I

iTaste Hunter Vape

This is a vaporizer which is aimed firmly at those who enjoy big flavors and big clouds of vapor. Powered by an 18650 battery, and with a power range between 6 and 75 watts, the iTaste Hunter offers accurate control over power and temperature to help you make the most of your favorite flavor e-liquids and also to ensure the cloud chasers among you get those big clouds of vapor that you enjoy so much.

This device has some additional features that prove popular with vapers, including the detection and prevention of “dry hits” — the unpleasant tastes and sensations which are generated when the wick in your vaporizer is not adequately soaked in e-liquid to be able to create a proper cloud of vapor.

Innokin even sells a quality leather carrying case for the iTaste Hunter Vape which can also be used for any of the other iTaste products in the same range; a handy and stylish way to keep your device safe and clean while you use it on the go.


The SmartBox is an apt name for this stylish and easy-to-use vaporizer from Innokin; you can install any DTL or MTL coil you choose and the device will automatically sense what has been fitted and react accordingly to produce great quality vapor every time, all the time.

Powered by an 18650 battery with a maximum output of 45 watts, this vaporizer has a roomy 2-ml tank for your e-liquids — more than enough to keep you vaping all day long. This device isn’t just smart, however, it is also attractive coming in a range of bright colors, with a brushed steel tank attachment and ergonomic design to make it comfortable to hold and use.


The MVP4 is the ideal vaporizer for those who have embraced the technology of the 21st century. Not only does this mod have the power and the capability to produce strong but smooth clouds of vapor, its huge 4500mAh battery can last for days without a charge and can even be used to charge your other devices through its USB connections.

This powerful mod can connect easily with the best vape tanks on the market including the Axiom and iSub brands. The MVP4 has a clear and easy-to-read LED screen which gives you information on battery charge, power output and temperature so that you remain in control of your vaping — and your portable power supply — at all times.

Innokin has given the vaping world some genuinely innovative developments, many of which have already become standard across the industry, yet they always manage to do so in a fun and light-hearted way with devices that don’t take themselves or their prospective users too seriously.

We love Innokin and a couple of their devices made our best vape mod page.

Innokin Review 2018
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