JUUL Vapor Review 2018

I received the JUUL for this review and immediately was surprised with how light the box was that it came in (you can see in my video below that the starter kit with the JUUL e-cig and 5 pods in the box weighs just 2.2 ounces total, crazy).

Here’s what is inside the kit:

First off, would I recommend the JUUL for someone who wants to try vaping, or get a new, quality product for their vaping needs?

Yes I would!

Is it the best product out there for new vapers? Definitely one of the top products, and a nice choice.

There are a few limitations with it:

  • The JUUL Website only allows purchases from adults 21+.
  • It has a very small flavor selection (5 flavors to choose from).
  • The JUUL does not have a real long battery life (I got about 2 hours of steady vaping).
  • There is only one nicotine strength (5%, which is the highest I have seen).

That being said, there is something nice about the utter simplicity of this product, and I do like the flavors. The tobacco is pretty good, one of my favorites.

Their website is JuulVapor.com

Here’s an unboxing video, set up, and my first impressions with the Virginia Tobacco Pod flavor:


About The JUUL Vapor E-Cig

There are e cigs that look like cigarettes and e cigs that are too big or the wrong shape. Sometimes we get hung up on cylinders as if we can talk ourselves into vaping rather than smoking if we can at least hold a tube between our fingers.

With the JUUL, you will still feel like you are going through the smoking motions but with an advantage: better tasting e juice plus nicotine.

E Juice Factor

The biggest complaints about e cigs usually pertain to battery life and flavors. There isn’t much one can do about batteries of analog-size cells; they simply don’t last a whole day.

As for taste, however, say what you like; there is subjective and there is just plain “yuck.” A few companies are getting it right, though, by creating really authentic flavors.

NJOY, Halo, and Pax Labs are among them. The JUUL by PAX Labs uses pods filled with e juice that is tasty, and very high in nicotine.

It doesn’t compare with the usual Chinese e liquid found in a mini cig. I won’t name and shame the companies that can’t compete, but I will say that the JUUL is touted as one of the best-tasting e cigs available today, and it is one of the best tobacco flavors I have had.

They also have recently added back a popular Mango flavor.

Get 15% Off + Free Shipping

Enroll in the JUUL auto-ship and get 15% off plus free shipping!

Get 15% Off + Free Shipping

Enroll in the JUUL auto-ship and get 15% off plus free shipping!


Flavor Limitations

But there is a catch since the company makes just 4 flavors. At least with many firms there are blank cartridges which let you choose e juices by the bottle, but pods for the JUUL are proprietary, pre-filled, and only sold in Fruit Medley, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, or Crème Brulee flavors. (And now the Mango that was added back).

I respect Pax Labs for calling it “Cool Mint” and not “Cool Menthol” because few companies can really nail that tobacco/menthol flavor in an e juice. Buy a set of 4, equal to about 200 puffs, for $15.99 from Pax Labs directly. (You can also save 15% on their website if you select auto-ship).

Flavor Makers

JUUL pods contain only 0.7 ml of e liquid with big kick of 5% nicotine.

 Ingredients : There are no nicotine choices. Pods contain  glycerol, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring and benzoic acid , a natural ingredient found in tobacco plants. That is where they get that authenticity from. Pods do not contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or other dodgy ingredients.

How Long Does The JUUL Battery Last?

OK, for the first charge, I got  2 hours  out of it with steady vaping. I actually vaped it more than I usually would, as I was trying out the flavor, and shot the video above, taking a bunch of consecutive draws.

I ended up going out for the day and took 2 JUULs with me, and vaping consistently the whole time I got about  8 hours  of the two of them, and they really do charge in about an hour, or even a little less which is awesome!

JUUL charging on laptopCharge the JUUL

This innovative device is made to be charged at your laptop. It even looks like a USB thumb drive when it’s charging, so hardly anyone would look twice.

That is the stealthy beauty of its geometric, rectangular design. Cylinders are cigarette-like but the JUUL will go unnoticed.

The battery is Lithium-Ion and recharges in about an hour. It does not hold a charge long, but when are you ever away from a USB charging device? Leave it charging and the JUUL battery will not overcharge.


Pax Labs chose a special type of food-grade, heat-resistant, BPA-free plastic for some parts of the device but stainless steel for the vapor pathway to prevent tainted flavor and aroma. Aluminum is used to create the shell and the heater is made with Nichrome coil and silica wick is inside the pod.

These days we know a thing or two about heating coils, thanks to TC vape mods. This is why I question the efficiency of Nichrome.

In the future, it would be cool to see Pax Labs switch this to Titanium or Nickel 200 in order to decrease battery drain and improve efficiency, though I don’t see that happening. It would also be great if refillable pods became available, yet then that would defeat the utter simplicity of this nice set up.

A kit with charger, battery, and 4 pods is $49.99. Although this is a gadget-lover’s dream and has been written about with glowing praise, the JUUL is not your cheapest way to start vaping.

Easy Vaping

It is, however, one of the easiest systems to use. The JUUL operates automatically without buttons. There is nothing to do but puff and create surprisingly good vapor for something so little, and it charges in about an hour which makes the JUUL one of the fastest charging e-cigs out there.

Shop Online: https://www.juulvapor.com


JUUL Vapor Review 2018
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