MarkTen Review 2018

NuMark is a derivative of Altria, a tobacco company. NuMark is also the owner of MarkTen, a vaporizer-tobacco product. Does this seem like a conflict of interest? A lot of vapers would say so and they would also boycott the product in protest against Big Tobacco.

Numerous consumers, however, will try the MarkTen vapor cig because it is the first e cig they come to at a garage or because they trust an established name more than an e cig company in its infancy. Altria is also pushing against the FDA regulations, fending for the vaping industry, so know that before you start swinging blind.

The Four Draw Solution

NuMark believes their Four Draw system enhances the smoothness and continuity of flow when consumers inhale on their product. Four Draw just means there are 4 holes at the top as opposed to the usual single hole. A loose draw of this kind tends to promote mouth-to-lung vaping because your mouth will fill up before you realize what’s happening.

New Batteries

MarkTen was released a couple of years ago, but the brand has undergone some changes. One of these was to upgrade the battery which now lasts longer, providing better value for money and encouraging consumers to give rechargeable systems a try.

Flavors from MarkTen

There are only four flavors of e-vapor for the MarkTen customer: Menthol, Winter Mint, the Classic tobacco blend, and Fusion which apparently smells good but of what we don’t know. The website also fails to mention what is in the cartridges: is this e juice? Are they using a tobacco extract or a synthetic replacement?

Where is everything made and what ingredients are employed? Surely they have to use PG at least in order to create a throat hit, but customers should find out if it is USP-grade and, in some cases, if it is officially kosher.

New MarkTen XL cartridges last twice as long as the originals, are expensive, and come in packs of two at a time. The lowest price is $2.34 per cartridge when you buy 25 packs (50 cartridges) at once in a single flavor. Buy 3 packs for $18 and pay $3 per cartridge. Double capacity or not, this is shocking, especially when we know nothing about the contents.

Rechargeable MarkTen Systems

A rechargeable e cig kit is available in menthol or Classic featuring 2.4% or 3.5% nicotine. The set contains a cartridge, a battery, and a USB charger for $9.99 which is a new low price. This is about what one would pay for a single disposable in many instances, so it’s not bad value.

The larger kit contains a carrying case, charger, 2 batteries, and 4 cartridges for $34.99. There is also a deal whereby one can purchase four packs to receive one free pack of cartridges.

Recycling with NuMark

So ironic that a company responsible for the creation of so much cigarette waste and environmental poison should also promote recycling, but I guess they have to make amends somehow. Ask Customer Care for a kit which includes a prepaid envelope, already addressed for NuMark. Pack it with several of your used e-vapor cartridges. Find a battery recycling center near you: a link is provided by NuMark.

Some Extra Facts

The newly enlarged battery and cartridge are designed to work best together; it’s not likely either one would be as effective with a different brand. They don’t say if threading is the issue but I suspect this is the case. Batteries measure 66.5 mm and provide 185mAh, so they are pretty low-tech compared with the South Beach Smoke high-drain cell or a Halo medium-sized battery.

Cartridges are wrapped in foil bags to ensure long-lasting freshness. All chargers are white and feature the bold MarkTen square logo which I really like; it’s simple and bold. Buy an AC adapter and a car charging adapter to increase your options for vaping away from home, where you might not have access to a USB port. Input on the car charger is 12V to 24V with a 1A output.

NuMark says they want to “responsibly develop and market innovative tobacco products for adult tobacco consumers.” Is this a hint that e-vapor (their term for e juice) actually contains tobacco as a source of nicotine and flavor?

MarkTen as a brand gets a slick new internet look, but there are still lots of missing pieces for the customer who wants the full story about vapor products. If e juice firms are supposed to be more forthcoming, why not NuMark?

MarkTen Review 2018
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