Mig Vapor Review 2018

They don’t get the spotlight much, but Mig Vapor has climbed the ladder from obscurity to the top-10 e cig companies in recent months.

Mig Vapor supplies wide possibilities for vapers of every stripe, from beginners to advanced; e liquid to herb and wax vapers. They carry so much equipment that the closest rival is probably Vaporfi. Just pick your style and they are likely to have it at Mig Vapor.

Website: http://www.migvapor.com

Start with Mini Cigs

The cigalike was a revolution for smokers and still is to many newcomers in spite of their growing options. At Mig Vapor, the cost of a starter kit is not competitive.

Their selection of kits, however, is large enough to give consumers something to look at. V2 is the closest rival in this department.

Select a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-battery set with multiple cartridges, chargers, and other accessories. There are two battery sizes as well: 280mAh and 380mAh.

Mig Cig Supreme Kit

They don’t even bother with a 180mAh cigalike which lasts just a few hours when you charge it fully, so kudos to Mig Vapor for deeming that one unnecessary. Select manual or automatic batteries in black, white, stainless steel, or rainbow metal.

Replacements are a bit expensive at $19.95 and $21.95. These batteries are great for their class but not the cheapesy, so if you decide to stick with Mig Vapor take full advantage of coupon codes, offers, and reward points to reduce your costs. Replacements for the prefilled cartridges you get with a kit are available in 11 flavors costing just $9.95 for five.

Move on to the Mig 21

This is probably the iconic Mig Vapor device; a long, narrow alternative to cigalikes but almost the same as your cigalike kit. It’s surprising to see yourself producing so much vapor with the same batteries, just a different top.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Kit

Combine a cigalike battery with a small tank to create a long but narrow device overall, the award-winning Mig 21 Clear Fusion e cig. This is a blend of the refillable tank with a regular e cig battery plus e juice instead of pre-filled cartridges, thus fusing the comfort of a slim pen with the affordability and environmental kindness of a refillable tank that reduces waste and the cost of vaping.

Tanks like the Mig 21 Clear Fusion tank create a better flavor than cartomizers, plus you can see your e juice level clearly.

Herbs and Wax

Several mods are on offer here including very affordable portable vapes, adjustable and automatic. They aren’t the top-class vaporizers you get from Arizer and Volcano but suitable for customers who don’t have a lot of money to spend but prefer vaping dry materials.

Their list of alternative vaporizers is actually extensive, so check that out. The Yabba Dabba handles wax and will instantly cause you to crave Pebbles cereal, eaten dry while watching the Flinstones. A Keymaker adopts an elliptical shape and heats wax in a super-stealthy shape and size that fits into your pocket.

Minion Mod

I liken this one to the Joyetech eGo One because it’s so bolt-heavy looking. Each one is an advanced mod in disguise as an eGo, but you don’t get eGo e cigs quite this thick and powerful. The Minion Vape Mod is topped by a covered tank featuring a small window into your e juice reservoir.

Minion Vape Mod Kit

Coil resistance is 0.5 ohms, the tank holds 3 ml of liquid, and threading is 510, so there’s the option right away to substitute if you want to. A Minion tank and its base look too good together to swap them however; the symmetry is simply too pleasing to break up.

A Minion battery is capable of 30W, but vapers are unable to adjust this output. It’s an automatic feature and a powerful one which, with the sub ohm coil, allows you to experiment with viscous e juices. There is a single power button on this battery shaped like a tear drop; so pretty.

Z Stick Mod

Select this 40W box instead. It’s straight on one side, curved on the other, with a big power button (the whole left side). Adjustment buttons are featured around this which I think looks a little clumsy and could lead to accidental deployment.

Z Stick Bubble Tank Vape Mod Kit

Inside, a 2200mAh battery provides power and is recharged using a USB charger supplied with your kit. The OLED screen displays wattage from 5W to 40W and also the resistance of your coil, assuming there are multiple options from the accessories section at Mig Vapor.

Neo Box Mod

A Hex Mod is the most obvious comparison aesthetically to this variable watt box mod. Mods have become complicated but safer in the time since this item was released.

Neo Sub-Ohm Vape Mod Kit

I wonder if version two is due for release with temperature control. The Neo Box gives you a range of up to 100W, features a Neo tank holding 4 ml of e juice which can be filled from the top or bottom, and comes with coils 0.2 and 0.4 ohms. The built-in battery charges up to the 4500mAh-point when new.


Mig Vapor offers assorted e liquids divided into single- and multi-flavored, tobacco, and high-VG menus. Customers are invited to make their own e-juice too. Mig Vapor has thought of everything.

Shop Online: http://www.migvapor.com

Mig Vapor Review 2018
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