NJOY Review 2018

Enjoy Vaping With NJOY

One of the earliest e cig companies in the United States goes from strength to strength, offering first disposables, then a rechargeable kit, followed by a vaporizer, and also e liquid.

The company continues to set high standards for itself and make fans from the legions of smokers who turn to vaping as their nicotine delivery alternative. Here are some details about NJOY which should help you get a feel for what they are all about.

The Serious Smoker

Are you a heavy smoker? Then maybe changing over to e cigs is a daunting idea. How can an electronic device possibly deliver the nicotine or throat hit you want? Where is the tobacco flavor you are so used to?

No e cig can give you what you want, surely? NJOY begs to differ. Their line of disposable electronic devices provides one of the highest nicotine strengths and also some of the flavors closest to real tobacco, only the killer chemicals are lacking. Isn’t that a great trade off?

NJOY Daily DisposablesOne-time Use

Choose Dailys or Kings. The King was their first and an amazing product. With this mini cig, thousands of smokers were able to stop using analogs because they got the nicotine stimulation they wanted by using a device so similar to their usual cigarette it was an easy matter to convince themselves they were still smoking.

Many months later, doctors were astounded by the changes in these customers; simply read reviews and testimonies to find out for yourself.

Dailys are a little more powerful. They are also sold individually whereas Kings come in packs of 5 or more unless you’re shopping for mini cigs at the gas station. The Daily is available in three flavors: tobacco, menthol, and Blue + Blackberry for $5.99 each.

Choose the King, sold as Bold, Gold, or Menthol tobacco, in packages of 5, 20, or 100. As an incentive to recycle your one-time e cigs, NJOY offers customers a full package of Kings with every 40 you return or 1 free Daily with the return of 14 of them.

NJOY Recharge Economy KitRecharge with NJOY

NJOY encourages you to recharge with their single kit: $5.99 for one battery, one cartridge, and a charger. This is a sale price but who knows; the 110mAh kit could stay at this rate. There is a bit of a price war going on right now with brands slashing their costs all over the place.

Take advantage while you can. Recent FDA regulations might limit competition and prices could be in for a steep spike.

The rechargeable system is compatible with replacement cartridges from NJOY. The USB charger is a press-fit device, so you can’t use it with other batteries or vice versa.

A 110mAh e cig doesn’t sound like much and it’s not; maybe 2 hours’ worth. NJOY has the answer with their vaporizer. You can also buy a 2-battery kit for $7.99 leaving you with a spare battery at all times. Watch out for more deals too; the site is loaded with them.

NJOY Pre-Filled Tanks and BatteryRecharge for More

The Vaporizer Kit from NJOY features a 650mAh battery but 1000mAh is also on offer and often the preferred replacement once you get used to this system because these batteries give you half a day at least.

Choose a single for $19.99 or buy three for $44.99 and save nearly $15. A kit with one pre-filled clearomizer and a charger is priced $29.99 and pre-filled clearomizers holding 3 ml of e liquid each cost $5.99. That’s the equivalent of three regular cartridges.

E Juice from NJOY

Enjoy flavors made in the United States from NJOY. Their bottles only contain GMP, USP ingredients and they cost $7.99 for 10 ml. The other option is to try their Artist Collection flavors in 30-ml bottles for $19.99. These were developed by some of the industry’s best-known vapeologists; virtual celebrities in this business.

NJOY and Clarity

I only have a one concern about NJOY and it could be the same issue the FDA will raise. Their website isn’t easy to navigate, so I’m not finding the information I want as easily as I should.

For example, I want to learn more about their blending facility, battery sizes, and e juice ingredients. The information is not automatically available or its location isn’t immediately evident from a quick glance. That’s not good enough for me, the curious consumer.

At the same time, I have heard great things about NJOY in their support for the vaping industry, and they are definitely one of the pioneers who blazed the trail to set the stage making vapor products as popular as they are today.

NJOY and the FDA

As for the FDA, they are going to expect complete transparency from each applicant. I think NJOY will survive because, as an established company, they appear to be solid and solvent.

If appearances are correct, they can afford to go through the process, but will have to be clearer with the FDA than they are with customers about things like their e juice mixing facilities and battery ratings.

Give the FDA an inch and they’ll either close you down or impose expensive changes in order to stay in business. Otherwise, NJOY will survive to withstand the most recent hit against e cigs.

Remember we go over plenty of other e cig brands if NJOY isn’t right for you. There are also other options out there than e cigs!

NJOY Review 2018
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