Square Smoke Review 2018

Have you heard anything about Square Smoke lately? No, neither have I; they have been flying under the radar. You don’t typically see them ranked with Vapor4Life, Vaporfi, Halo, and V2 on top-10 charts.

Square Smoke makes party products; the sorts of devices one would see in clubs, not the smokers’ corner or staff room at work. They have a line of fun, colorful products, especially disposable e-cigs.

Smokers of All Types

The policy at California’s Square Smoke is to give “all types of smokers” an alternative to traditional smoking. What types of smokers are there? You see cigarette smokers, pipe smokers, and cigar smokers. I’ve met chain smokers, social smokers, and pack-a-day smokers.

Is that what they mean, because I don’t see any e cigars in this catalogue; no pipes. I feel as though what they mean by all types of smokers is all ages, young and old, and possibly people who smoke to loosen up too. Nothing wrong with that, and I like when products are fun and not just dull, I just hope they tread carefull with all the scrutiny this industry is under, as some could say they appear to target a young audience.

Then again, others would say they would prefer their children vape than smoke, as that seems the lesser of two evils. This argument goes on ad infinitum, and there’s not point in getting too far into that here, and I do my best to support anyone in this field. That being said, they have been around a while, and are still going, so they know what’s going on.

Products at Square Smoke

Their disposable e cigs in two sizes include 18 mg and zero-nicotine tobacco-like styles and menthol-type products.

Buy a small one for $7.99 or a large one for $9.99 and don’t worry about recharging; these are for one-time-use only.

It’s the neon colors and tropical flavors that have me a bit concerned. Granted I think they look great and make me want to try them. Mind you, most e cig companies provide assorted flavors such as vanilla and cherry. Is Square Smoke any different? I would say they might be.

Square Rechargeable e cigs come in a case like a flip-top lighter, so the connection with tobacco harm reduction (THR) is clear here, and I love this little touch.

You receive one 180mAh battery and enough cartridges to last more than 2 packs-worth of smoking plus a USB charger for $9.99 on sale. That’s a good price and a good way to start recharging.

Those same flavors as above (tropical, fruity styles) aren’t very different from what you know from V2 or Smokeless Image and 5-packs are available for an affordable price of just $9.99 in several nicotine levels. Ingredients include water, nicotine, VG, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors. There’s no problem there.


Here is what makes me cringe a little: advertising at Square Smoke looks to be targeted at a young audience.

Then again, I am sure some adults would enjoy this, and something can be said about buying a fun product, feeling young. At the same time, this industry is under scrutiny, and even a whiff of anything that appears it could be targeted at anyone under the age of 18 could bring on an attack.

The Rave is a rechargeable eGo with a 3-ml LED-lit tank. It’s packaged like a party accessory. The Rave looks like belongs in night clubs. A Rave eGo coil and 3-ml tank will submit to refilling and use for several days, if not weeks, but is disposable.

Although not a drug tool, it’s the age thing that is worrying. Check them out on Instagram. Not only does Square use sexy imagery to promote their product, which causes controversy in itself, but they also show very young women vaping. Don’t tell the FDA those vapor clouds are obscuring the faces of ripped 50-year-old former smokers. You’re not fooling anyone.

The sex issue is also contentious since that’s supposedly not what smoking alternatives are about. They were designed to liberate smokers from the bondage of cigarettes and to be environmentally friendlier also. They could have allied themselves with the green image of the Tobacco Harm Reduction side of vaping instead.

From a business standpoint, I can’t blame them for using these marketing tactics, since sexiness sells. But in the light of all that has transpired in this industry, which is thankfully still going, one could argue they are fueling that fire. Some other brands, such as Cigavette, have moved away from that type of projection of their brand.

Vape Connections

And then we see the Square E-Head which is so much like a desktop vape mod it might as well be designed for vaping weed. Okay, so e-hookah is a smoking alternative without tobacco, but there is an obvious visual association. I’m not against finding new ways to promote social vaping; clearly this company has social vaping in mind. I simply think there is enough pressure on this industry without blurring the lines.

Where vaping is concerned, there are plenty of people who will make much of these boxes, accusing companies of trying to fool consumers. “These aren’t tobacco alternatives at all but tools for smoking cannabis and hallucinogenic drugs,” they might argue, and the non-vaping world is all too apt to believe these critics with only a glance at some pictures, without conducting any real research.

If you’re into this sort of thing, the E-Head was made for pubs, bars, hookah lounges, and for use with your buddies at home. It’s the ideal alternative to a Rave apparently.

Square Smoke Review 2018
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