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If you are interested in e cigs or vaping related topics and want to know where you can find out more, expect to be welcomed warmly at VaporDNA. Since the company got started in 2013, they have gone from strength to strength, developed a loyal following.

They look forward to serving customers well into the future. This is one of the most trusted and successful all-around vape shops in the United States providing both online and physical shopping locations.

Do I recommend them? Yes, definitely. I have placed a couple orders from them. Their prices are very competitive, and they ship pretty fast!


What They Offer

VaporDNA is literally an all-in-one vape store selling everything from the a 650mAh eGo battery to 200W+ box mods. They claim to provide the best prices, but that’s not going to be the case every time.

Never trust that statement; always check around. Their prices are very competitive though, as I am constantly comparing prices at all the biggest vape shops, and they do keep them quite low.

While certain e cig stores make a point of suggesting that certain places sell cheap clones, I do not believe VaporDNA is one of them. They appear to carry the legitimate article whether that’s a Joyetech, Kanger, or Sigelei item and they carry all the necessary parts and accessories to go with these and other brands such as coils, cotton, wick, wire, pre-made atomizer heads, and e juice.

In fact, VaporDNA makes a promise that their items are all authentic and they are authorized to re-sell them. If you discover a clone in your delivery, VaporDNA will refund your money, but since they don’t sell clones, that’s not a likely outcome. I have gotten a few orders from them and was pleased with every one.

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Customer Service Matters to VaporDNA Staff

The company cares about clients. They don’t just employ e cig experts but the sorts of people who love customers and are good at serving. On the other hand, their staff isn’t only great with people; they really know vaping. Call, email, drop by the Huntington Beach or Torrance location, or log on to their Facebook page to have a conversation over the internet.


When you sign up for the VaporDNA e-letter, you will learn about sales and promotions before the unconnected community gets a chance to hear the news. Watch out for these weekly blurbs; they could save you money. Lately they have been sending out lots of offers, so if you like that, you may want to get on their list.


Have you ever worried about batteries coming from a warehouse where conditions are unknown to the general public? What if the temperature has been too high; are cells potentially unstable? Has e juice become warm, reducing its shelf life? VaporDNA stores all goods in a warehouse with temperature control so they can keep everything cool, safe, and stable.

Secure Website

VaporDNA is a BBB-accredited company and the site is secured by McAfee from digital virus and malware stuff. They don’t share your details with other businesses and hackers can’t get in to discover unsecured credit card details when you shop online. This is just one way the firm takes care of consumers along with selling high-quality, authentic devices at affordable prices.

Visit Website:

The Catalogue at VaporDNA

Dozens of brands are on the list at VaporDNA like Wismec, Wotofo, Council of Vapor, Uwell, and Horizon. Search for a brand, pick out something new, or go straight to the heading that features a device, tank, or e liquid.

The Wismec Vicino D30 Starter Kit, Pioneer4You iPV 6X 200W Subcompact mod, and Eleaf Aster 75W device are all new to the catalogue. Aria’s Built X Black Market LA Stacked Two Post RDA in black or stainless is also on the list alongside fresh new atomizer tanks, mods, and e juices.

Sales Online

The suggested retail price of an item is typically crossed out and replaced by a VaporDNA price, but they add a third figure in red when an item is on sale. The KBox Mini 60W TC Platinum, SMOK XCube Mini 75W, and Rage 3-in-1 Tank System by Itsuwa are just some examples of discounted hardware.

Certain e liquids are offered at a deep discount whereas VaporDNA simply trims the prices of others. Try Tug Sauce Regrets cinnamon cereal vape with strawberry, Euphoria by Cosmic Fog (fruity cereal), or Black Reserve sugary caramel milk by Sin City.



Are you having a hard time selecting a product? It’s no wonder with so many brands, models, and kits to choose from. You’ve got PAX items for herbal vaping, Project Sub Ohm e juice devices, high-performance, Next Gen sub ohm egos, and more.

Go to the Vaper’s Choice for some guidance and to see which brands or models get good reviews virtually all the time. These include the Wismec Cylin RTA, an Aspire Cleito 120W tank, the Vapor Shark DNA 133, Lost Vape Therion DNA 75W, and an Eleaf iCare all-in-one mod.

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E Juice

VaporDNA divides liquids into categories like “Popular,” “Featured,” and “New.” The latest additions include VTMN, Micro Brew, and Grimm Creations. Cuttwood and the Milkman are two of the most popular brands. VaporDNA’s feature list includes Peel E-Liquids, The Essentials, and Vintage.

Rebuildable Hardware

This is where you find tank and RDA systems by the biggest companies like HCigar, Sense, Wotofo, and Coil Art. View original, affordable, trendy items. VaporDNA supplies accessories for rebuilding under the appropriate heading, including temperature sensitive wire and tools for coil building plus meters, caps, and mod supplies like batteries.


VaporDNA truly does have it all. They don’t waste time with unknown brands. Their selection of eGos is small, but they’ve got all you really need in one place.







VaporDNA Review & 10% Coupon Code
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