Volcano E-Cigs 2018 Review With Coupons

I can just imagine how chatter in the meeting room went down a couple of years ago at Volcano E-Cigs.

“The Magma isn’t doing as well as we hoped, boss.”
“That’s because of competition; all those other mini cigs.”
“Then maybe we should change direction; get customer’s attention some other way.”
“How do we do that?”
“A controlled explosion, boss.”

That’s exactly what the release of Volcano E-Cigs LavaBox felt like; a well-timed eruption of power and style that was under full control of the company, all the while letting go of their Magma e cig. The two events happened so quickly yet so smoothly. Now Volcano is not an e cig brand anymore; they are more like an all-purpose vape shop with a particular direction in mind.

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Advanced Devices, Multiple Brands

Now, Volcano E-Cigs specializes in bringing top-class products to a discerning audience both in the United States and Europe. Their clientele has come to expect nothing less than the power of an eGo but they are tempted by the ferocity of a 200W box mod. Much of what they offer is Volcano’s own gear, but not exclusively.

Volcano E-Cigs is an American company but their base in Honolulu, Hawaii, gives them an exotic edge over the rest. What sounds better — buying vape devices from a smog-filled domestic city or buying e cigs from a tropical paradise?

Tropical Company

Actually, when it comes to vaping electronics, the goods aren’t usually made in Hawaii anyway; they are shipped from China. Volcano E Juice, however, adds legitimacy to the exotic reputation of this e cig pioneer.

They were among the first US mini cig companies; one of the earliest to release an eGo type device; launched the LavaTube a long time before Halo introduced the Tracer and South Beach Smoke carried vaporizers; and their e juice policies were forward-thinking.

E Juice at Volcano

For example, e juice from Volcano E-Cigs is made to tight standards using quality ingredients in the United States. Read what they have to say; it’s all very reassuring and they’re open about the way Volcano E-Cigs makes vapor juice.

You can now buy flavors from their updated line and also select Lava Line e juices named for famous volcanoes around the world. These feature thick, VG-rich fluid for sub ohm coils that are compatible with Volcano’s mechanical and regulated mods.

They now also stock many of the top brands of e-liquids, so you have a nice selection to choose from, whether their own brand, or a popular name like Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood or Space Jam.

Inclusive Company

Volcano has not forgotten its roots. Some of their customers still favor the eGo-type e cig, epitomized here by the Inferno which is inspired by Joyetech’s original design. A starter kit contains one 650mAh battery which can be plugged into a USB charger and puffed on pass-through style while charging.

Click the switch five times fast to turn it on or off. The Inferno also comes with a bottom coil 1.8-ohm claeromizer, removable tip, and loads of color choices. A cable is provided for charging.


Brands at Volcano

Instead of a brand-specific firm, Volcano has followed the likes of VaporShark to offer consumers their own designs like the Tephra and Pele but also carries external brands. You can buy a mod from Asmodus, Artery Vapor, Eleaf, Sigelei, Kanger, or Wismec.

Uwell and Aspire tanks are some of their top sellers. Along e juice lines, buy Volcano E Liquids or opt for a new brand; something that excites your taste buds like Juice Roll-Upz. Try Vubble, Ripe Vapes, or Morning Fix.

As a one-stop shop, Volcano commits to supplying gear and juice plus accessories. Get your coils, batteries, and other replacements or accessories right here so as to maximize loyalty points and ultimately save money. Volcano also runs an affiliate marketing scheme if you are an effective promoter with an existing, successful website or blog.

Volcano’s Own LavaBox

The LavaBox DNA 200 was an exciting release from Volcano. It put them on the map by providing a box mod that really works, received excellent reviews from respected experts, and contains the most reliable chipset available: Evolv’s DNA 200. Now you can also buy their latest mod, the LavaBox M DNA 75.

A number of retailers also carry the LavaBox because of its reputation throughout the industry and in spite of the high costs associated with quality American e cigs. That is something else they have in common with VaporShark.

LavaBox M DNA 75

“M” stands for “magnetized.” The back door leading to your battery on the LavaBox M DNA 75 is partly a door, partly the gripping section, and 100% magnetically attached to the device. There are no screws involved; no hinges.

The grip that Volcano introduced with their larger LavaBox DNA 200 is a removable piece available in several colors, but this time it is built into the frame of your system to provide comfort while helping you not to drop it. Measuring 26.6 x 85 x 43.8 mm, Volcano shaved 20% off of their DNA 200 but still provide Variable Watt and Temperature Control functionality.

Connect to the Evolv website and download ESCRIBE to personalize your vaping experience. Volcano has some exciting tanks compatible with their extremely box-like mod. The Smok TFV8 springs to mind with its flexible coil configurations, rebuild deck, and top-filling format. An Aspire Cleito tank would also be beautiful here.

Volcano E-Cigs 2018 Review With Coupons
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