The FDA Classifies Vapor Products As Tobacco Products

With the limitations of classifications available to the FDA, the resulting categorization of vapor products has everything to do with the contents of the vapor. Since the contents include nicotine, the FDA has ruled it must come under the heading of “tobacco product.”

Certainly, because the FDA was involved and the presence of nicotine was a large part of the issue, it can be assumed there existed little choice in the outcome. Anyone can point out there is no tobacco in vapor products, and therefore the classification to some seems short-sided.

After all, nicotine patches, gum, and nasal spray are not considered tobacco products. It should also be noted that the FDA said much more about the final decision.

We Support Alternatives to Smoking

Due to the dangers associated with cigarettes, the hundreds of additives, known carcinogens, and the facts associated with second-hand smoke, the FDA strongly supports the continued efforts of manufacturers to both market and contract any device to assist in nicotine replacement efforts.

The dangers to the public at large of cigarette smoke is only one reason for the inherent support of the efforts. Because of the addictive qualities of cigarettes in not only the nicotine but the “habit” of smoking, the FDA is keenly aware vapor products have the ability to “replace” deadly cigarette smoking with a product associated with much less harm to the general public as well as the user.

There Will Be Changes

The FDA also acknowledged there will be forthcoming application, review of information, and clinical studies from those who manufacture and use vapor products. With this in mind, the agency welcomed such information to further guide the FDA and consumers on the real issue of what, if anything, are the harmful effects of vapor products.

The agency welcomed efforts to explore any type of product which definitely lessens the devastating effects of tobacco products which are known to cause cancer in a variety of forms. Because at the cursory level vapor products may appear to cause no long-lasting dire health effects, the FDA feels the products will become more effective and believe those who stop using cigarettes will reap the benefits over time. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough clinical evidence…yet.

Threat To The Vapor Industry?

Along with this comes great concern, partically with the PMTA application process for all e-cigs and related products that were produced after 2007, which is essentially all products on the market. This will cost a lot of money, and each product must be processed, which means a majority of companies won’t be able to afford this, and this has the vaping industry very concerned, and associations like Right To Be Smoke Free Coalition are taking constant action to counter any measures that could be detrimental to vape business and products.

The FDA Classifies Vapor Products As Tobacco Products
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