Kamry AK-47 200W TC

What is it about the AK-47 200W TC by Kamry that’s supposedly so militaristic? If it weren’t it would be named something else like just “200W TC,” but Kamry makes a point of letting us know that’s not the case.

Visually, you’d have to say Kamry had military maneuvers in mind or at least they seek to appeal to a military audience, either domestically or internationally. It doesn’t matter. Servicemen and women all speak the universal language of camouflage.

Aesthetic Notes

Kamry AK 47 Camo

This is no girly-mod and it’s not even industrial. The Kamry AK-47 has a tactical feel about it whether in camouflage, red and white, or silver.

The firing button is a ridged orange triangle, bright and obvious. Other buttons are orange as well. A softly rounded shape takes nothing away from practical features which point to this as a device that’s stealthy in your pocket, comfortable to hold, but also boasts user-friendly elements that are easy to see.

One of these is not a screen, absent for obvious reasons. Glass breaks and a screen would also glow. No one wants to give his position away to the enemy because he’s reading the display on his vape mod.

Features of the Kamry AK-47 200W TC

This stainless steel box mod with an internal battery is certainly sturdy enough to handle active service on the front lines. If you don’t want to smoke but like to take a drag of something while serving, the AK-47 200W TC contains a triple cell for lots of power and a long-held battery charge with every recharge session.

A charging cable is included, so you can plug in and boost the battery at an adapter or your personal computer. The cell requires up to 3 hours to be fully topped-up.

Variable Figures

Kamry’s 200W mod can fire at an output of 10W or all the way up to 200W. High levels drain the battery more quickly and use up e juice faster too.

You’ve got to remember that your battery’s charge could last a weekend or half a day — it’s all about how you use the machine.

Select a temperature too; from 150C to 315C regulated by the built-in regulator chip which runs the whole show when batteries are charged. Its resistance capacity is also 0.1 to 3 ohms for a vaporous and tasty experience every time the perfect tank with a sub ohm coil is installed. Make sure those are TC (Ni200, Ti, or SS316) in order to run this mod in TC mode.


As for attachments, Kamry’s military accessory isn’t locked and loaded. In fact, it’s spring-loaded which is a lot more flexible.

Attach any 510-threaded tank with sub ohm, high-watt, high-temperature capacity and you’re ready to vape. The atomizer connector is wide, measuring 30 mm.

Minimal Dimensions, Light Mod

As you travel from station to station as part of the armed forces or in any civilian occupation, it’s not handy or practical to have a large, heavy piece of machinery weighing you down.

The Kamry AK-47 200W TC weighs just over 1/3 of a kilogram and measures only a little over 4 inches (10.3 cm) in length.

Each package contains a box mod, one USB cable, and a manual translated into English from Chinese manufacturer Kamry.

Warnings and Vaping Safety With Advanced Devices:

There are lots of ways in which vaping can be dangerous, although it is usually regarded as a “safe” activity.

Trouble only arises when vapers are cavalier about vape mods and don’t follow warnings.

Vape experts are strongly recommending that new vapers follow the tips below for their own safety.

Temp Control/NickelNicotine WarningWhere to Use a Sub Ohm AtomizerBattery Safety

Be sure to use the correct mode with the respective coil.

As an example, if you have a nickel coil, only use it in Nickel Mode, and not regular wattage mode.

Some coils can do more than one, such as SS 316 coils, and they should be clearly marked that they can do that.

Do your research on the respective manufacturer website of products you are using if you aren’t sure, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Improper use of nickel coils can result it battery explosion, it must be used with a temperature sensing capable device.

New users are recommended to use nicotine with a 6-mg nicotine rating or less when they use a sub ohm atomizer tank.

Super-low resistance increases throat hit so that the same nicotine value in a low-resistance atomizer and a sub-ohm atty creates two different results.

If you’re looking for reduced throat hit or even weaning off of nicotine, the power of higher nicotine levels will taste unpleasant and even leave you choking on your top-rated e juice.

It’s not the e juice that’s to blame but your set up.

Also, don’t use a sub ohm RBA with a system that’s not up to the challenge.

Your mod should be a mechanical tube or box featuring high-drain batteries (18650), not an eGo or a low-watt APV.

The system should be able to handle 0.5-ohm resistance or lower. Regulated mods aren’t automatically okay.

They have to be capable of high amps, so the iTaste MVP 2.0 or an iStick 10W or 20W is inadequate.

If you’re in doubt, refer to a resistance calculator or talk to a vape-store owner or expert.

Do not use a battery that shows any signs of damage at all, due to risk of explosion, and only transport them in a safe battery case (never put them in your pocket).

The Lithium-Ion battery is generally not preferred for high-powered vaping equipment.

Advances in battery chemistry have provided much safer, unprotected cells containing Lithium-Magnesium in various types of blends. They are less volatile, even under high heat.

Regulated mods contain safeguards, but don’t rely on these; use your vaping sense to prevent batteries from overheating.

Vape store owners make it very clear they are not responsible for damage caused to mods and mod users by their batteries or the coils you buy or make. Use an external reader to be sure you’re safe.

Kamry AK-47 200W TC
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