Sigelei Evaya 66

Sigelei’s latest mod is unusual. I’m having a difficult time deciding if I like it or not. Colors are soft and pleasing in one sense, but the contrasts don’t sit right. On their own, each shade would be elegant, but together they strike a discordant note.

The choice of grooves doesn’t help either. As an antidote for the blatantly masculine mods out there, this would certainly be a feminine alternative though.

Still Powerful

The Sigelei Evaya 66 TC vaping device, as you can tell by its name, reaches 66W and can also be operated in Temperature Control mode. Apparently, Sigelei’s model was the 218W Snow Wolf, definitely a powerful role model.

Gentle coloration is matched by soft, ergonomic shaping, but the ultimate shape is sensible. There are no needless lips or stylization features that would mark this as a trendy item for a season.

The frame is made from a zinc alloy paired with a face panel of stabilized wood. Sigelei claims their mod has been balanced for weight, so it comfortably accommodates an atomizer as though other mods have been unbalanced. Perhaps this has been a complaint or maybe it sounds impressive to talk about how they distributed the weight of batteries and electronics.

Operating the Sigelei Evaya 66

A wood frame makes way for Sigelei’s display screen showing temperature, wattage, voltage, resistance, and battery power. This and all other functions are powered by a removable battery which is inserted from the bottom.

Unscrew the lid, remove an old cell, replace it with a charged one, and replace the lid by screwing it back on. There are no tiny screws involved here but the sort of lid that requires no tools and sits in place firmly. Magnets make some people nervous.

Press one of three buttons to achieve a function. They are small, flat, stainless steel items, one for power and mode, two for adjusting values. The screen will display a setting and also errors as they arise.

Choose a Tank

Select a tank of modest size to complement the delicate appearance of this 66W mod but don’t expect the tank to sit back demurely and release wisps of vapor. You’ve got a TC mod in your hands. With Ni200 or other Temperature Control coils installed, the Evaya will come alive and help vapers create beautiful, big white clouds from high-vegetable glycerin e juice.

The Mod in Summary

Select a setting from 5 watts to 66 watts or choose a temperature. The atomizer resistance should be no lower than 0.1 ohms for safety; the Evaya will fail to operate with anything lower attached. Sigelei has installed a large display screen for easy viewing through thick clouds. The Evaya is protected internally in the event something goes awry.

Your tank contains an atomizer built to lower than 0.1 ohms so there won’t be a short circuit. The battery goes in upside down, but your mod doesn’t implode. Sigelei protects the Evaya and its user from a short circuit, low resistance, voltage extremes, and overheating.

Attach any tank with the spring-loaded connection and 510 threading. A 22-mm accessory is recommended. A USB port has been installed and a cable is included in the kit; recharging via USB is possible. Otherwise, reserve the cable for updating firmware.



Sigelei Evaya 66
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