SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box Mod Review

SMOKTECH is at it again, upgrading their vaping equipment and user experience with this latest starter kit. The H-Priv and Alien are both 220W machines by SMOK, but they don’t offer the same convenience as this new model.

The Skyhook RDTA and 220W mod come together to provide up-to-the-minute technology in a modern, vibrant format.

An All-in-One Beauty

Other mods by SMOK have inspired the power bar seen here — a red or black bar instead of an obvious on/off button, for instance, and tremendous power to blow wonderful vapor rings, big enough for competition. This latest kit is equally ergonomic and comfortable to deploy, but there are still buttons located below the screen.

Use these to achieve higher or lower wattage or to adjust the temperature. This mod is a VW and TC device, yet the shape is smaller than your usual vaping setup because two parts are combined into one: a mod with an internal, protected tank.

Big Screen Celebrity

The display is right up front, offering OLED visibility in a large size you will be grateful for. View all of your preferred settings, actual ratings as they rise and fall, view resistance, and see how much power remains in the batteries before swapping will become necessary.

Although a USB port has been installed, remove batteries and recharge them outside the box if possible. Batteries should have a chance to be completely recharged and then rested, but not for too long. When spares don’t come out to play, they eventually go flat.


The Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer is a blend of two types of atomizer: the dripper and the enclosed tank. You get the vapor capacity of an RDA with the convenience and safety of a closed tank. It holds up to 9 ml of e juice, an amazing amount, yet the entire mod is still small with its all-in-one build.

The Skyhook is constructed from stainless steel and Pyrex glass and contains a 23.2-mm rebuild deck for DIY coil replacement. SMOK chose the two-post, velocity design for dual or single builds. Airflow is featured in the bottom half and the tip is a Delrin mouthpiece, wide in shape for maximum vapor production plus heat dissipation and comfort around the mouth.

Total Measurements

The Skyhook RDTA Box measures 129 mm in length. Compare that with a 90-mm 200W mod and a 55-mm tank added together. Even with the 9-ml tank, this really is smaller. Wattage is flexible with a range from 6W to 220W and minimum resistance tolerance of 0.06 ohms. Choose between 200°F and 600°F in Temp Control mode with Ni200, stainless steel, or Titanium coils.

Pick your Style

Everyone who pulls out this modern, slick mod will be commended for his or her sense of style, but 6 colors are also available. Choose black, white, silver, blue, gold, or red.

Vapers can actually match their mod with a favorite color of clothing or accessories.

What It Comes with

The SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box Mod Starter Kit comes with the 220W mod, a tank already installed, and an extra atomizer tube if you would prefer airflow from the middle. A small USB cable is also included for updating firmware or recharging the system at your computer.

SMOKTECH also supplies some spare parts and instructions, although the seasoned vaper knows exactly what he’s looking at, and SMOK fans will recognize many features from previous SMOKTECH devices.




SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box Mod Review
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