Tesla Stealth Starter Kit With Shadow Tank Review

If you are on the market for a very compact mod with some decent power in the form of a starter kit with everything you need to enjoy some nice sub-ohm vapor, the Tesla Stealth starter kit with the Shadow tank is a nice option.

Teslacigs Stealth

I received mine from: http://www.gearbest.com

I have been enjoying using this for a while. It is just a one button mod, with no adjustments you can make, besides changing coils.

It creates some pretty decent vapor with the coil that came with the kit, has a decent battery life, and is pocket sized, so it will fit in the palm of your hand.

It isn’t quite as small as a Target Mini, but here is an image next to one to show it isn’t too far off either:

Teslacigs, maker of the Stealth 100W mod, put their plan into action to comply with EU regulations several months ago. They must have seen the writing on the wall when designing their Stealth Kit with the Shadow Tank. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

TPD: Tobacco Products Directive

In May of 2016, regulations came into force in the EU. The Tobacco Products Directive aims to address concerns about vaping safety in EU countries, but does not seek to ban vaping.

As you can see, governments still equate e cigs, e juice, and vape mods with tobacco. The point is that one of the safety measures that came into place was leak-proofing and protecting tanks.

Although they could be refillable, these RBAs and RDAs had to be durable. Add to that a continued interest in getting more power without the mod growing beyond the span of a man’s hand and you get the Stealth Mod.

The only thing Tesla seems to have been unable to predict is the size of tanks. The EU has directed that tanks be only 2 ml in capacity and the Shadow Tank holds 3 ml of e liquid. I can see a change of design coming in the Fall for the Tesla Cigs Shadow rebuildable tank atomizer, one which will correspond no doubt with reduced battery size to enable a smaller configuration for the Stealth Mod. Their 100W device will be even stealthier than ever.

The Tesla Stealth 100W Mod

Tesla modifies the usual form of tank-atop-mod to give vapers a shorter setup; one that also protects the tank just a little more. Where another corner of mod frame would ordinarily be, Tesla cut that away to create two straps and a tank platform.

These hold the tank in place and fill up the corner, right to the top, with only a mouthpiece sticking up over the edge. A Shadow fits neatly, but another 22.5-mm tank would also sit comfortably.

Contents and Controls

The Kit contains a mod, RBA, and a 0.28 coil for the Shadow. Consumers receive extra O-rings and a USB cable for recharging the internal 2200mAh battery.

This powerful cell provides energy for 100W maximum output and also supplies power to a PCB regulating and safeguarding the Stealth, the Shadow, and you. Minimum resistance is 0.1 ohms; there is no TC function so that’s it — no lower reading with TC coils because you wouldn’t apply them here. In fact, the Stealth is self-regulating, so you cannot change wattage; only turn it on and off using a big button on the top.

No Screen

If Tesla doesn’t supply a screen, how do you know what the battery level is or know what output you have achieved? An indicator light warns you when battery power is low. As for other features (coil resistance and output), buy an independent reader. The device protects against over-current and a short circuit.

Know Your Battery

The 2200mAh cell is recharged internally, so a cord is provided. Use this to connect to a power source with USB outlets and continue to vape. Pass-through vaping is considered by individuals who work at computers while they vape to be highly convenient.

Shadow Tank

This 3-ml tank is a boon to vapers. The straps hold it in, reinforcing that connection both electrically and also safety-wise.

Sometimes a tank seems so precarious atop a mod, but not here. Fill the tank without removing it from the Stealth by loading from the top. Its stainless steel frame helps to reinforce a glass tube, the only sort of tube that makes sense when e juice is going to be very hot.

Those straps also create a small buffer between glass and any objects that might cause cracks. An airflow ring is accessible and adjustable inside a black metal base, particularly stealthy on a black Stealth, but sharp with white and red versions too.


Stealth Kit Overview
  • Price
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life
  • Vapor Production


This is perfect for someone looking to get something compact that creates some nice sub-ohm vapor, or a newbie looking to try out a box mod.

We gave it a 4 for vapor production only because there are some serious set ups these days, but don't be fooled, this produces some nice vapor!

User Rating: 4.0 (2 votes)



Warnings and Vaping Safety With Advanced Devices:

There are lots of ways in which vaping can be dangerous, although it is usually regarded as a “safe” activity.

Trouble only arises when vapers are cavalier about vape mods and don’t follow warnings.

Vape experts are strongly recommending that new vapers follow the tips below for their own safety.

Be sure to use the correct mode with the respective coil.

As an example, if you have a nickel coil, only use it in Nickel Mode, and not regular wattage mode.

Some coils can do more than one, such as SS 316 coils, and they should be clearly marked that they can do that.

Do your research on the respective manufacturer website of products you are using if you aren't sure, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Improper use of nickel coils can result it battery explosion, it must be used with a temperature sensing capable device.

New users are recommended to use nicotine with a 6-mg nicotine rating or less when they use a sub ohm atomizer tank.

Super-low resistance increases throat hit so that the same nicotine value in a low-resistance atomizer and a sub-ohm atty creates two different results.

If you're looking for reduced throat hit or even weaning off of nicotine, the power of higher nicotine levels will taste unpleasant and even leave you choking on your top-rated e juice.

It's not the e juice that's to blame but your set up.

Also, don't use a sub ohm RBA with a system that's not up to the challenge.

Your mod should be a mechanical tube or box featuring high-drain batteries (18650), not an eGo or a low-watt APV.

The system should be able to handle 0.5-ohm resistance or lower. Regulated mods aren't automatically okay.

They have to be capable of high amps, so the iTaste MVP 2.0 or an iStick 10W or 20W is inadequate.

If you're in doubt, refer to a resistance calculator or talk to a vape-store owner or expert.

Do not use a battery that shows any signs of damage at all, due to risk of explosion, and only transport them in a safe battery case (never put them in your pocket).

The Lithium-Ion battery is generally not preferred for high-powered vaping equipment.

Advances in battery chemistry have provided much safer, unprotected cells containing Lithium-Magnesium in various types of blends. They are less volatile, even under high heat.

Regulated mods contain safeguards, but don't rely on these; use your vaping sense to prevent batteries from overheating.

Vape store owners make it very clear they are not responsible for damage caused to mods and mod users by their batteries or the coils you buy or make. Use an external reader to be sure you're safe.

Tesla Stealth Starter Kit With Shadow Tank Review
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