Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Review

Ok so I’ll start this review of the Vaporesso Target Mini Kit with something that happened before I went through one tank of juice: I started getting a burnt coil taste the first day using it!

For me personally, if that happens, it’s barely worth looking further into since I have so many mods to choose from, but I remembered this has those cCell ceramic coils, and they are supposed to have an improved life, not vice versa.

That being said, I did some research, and most people seemed to have good experiences with this from the first few reviews I ran across.

Then I saw a thread on Reddit and someone posted this:

dont toss ccell coils

So I decided to take a look at it, and couldn’t see anything obvious, but filled it back up with juice to try it out. I had maybe 1/5th of a tank left, so filled it back up, and lo and behold, the slight burnt taste has gone away. That is a relief because I was enjoying this.

One Possible Cause

I was taking some pretty big hits off it at 26 watts, and so maybe that was a little too much, as this isn’t intended as high powered device for maximum vape, but rather a pretty sweet compact device, that offers quite a lot for its size.

Anyways, this is a very nice looking kit in the aesthetics department. Here is the Target Mini next to the Guardian. Check out the size of the coils in this:

And here it is next to the Mini Volt:

That all being said, I will get into a few things about refilling it and changing the coil.

Not Very Clear Instructions For Refilling and Changing The Coil

When I did the first refill, it wasn’t obvious how the top comes off. The directions say just screw the base counter clockwise and fill. On mine, I had to turn the drip tip piece clockwise first, and then unscrew the cap counterclockwise.

It does have a marking up top to indicate this if you can see it:

Vaporesso Guardian Cap

So you twist that off clockwise, and then twist the top part off counter clockwise, and then refilling it is easy.

To Change The Coil

Once again, the directions just say, turn the base counterclockwise, and then remove the atomizer. For the coil it was the same, twist the drip tip clockwise, then the cap counter clockwise, and then the coil slides out, rather than twisting (I did try to twist it and even used pliers, lol), and then decided to try to just pull it out with the pliers and it came out pretty easily that way.

Coil Break In and Priming

In the manual, it says let it sit for 2 minutes with juice before firing. It is a good idea to go a little longer, and ease up with the wattage.

For example, after it is filled with e-juice for at least 5 minutes, then take a few drags on it without firing it, then slowly turn up the wattage, starting low at like 5 watts, and take tiny hits, pulsing the button and inhale a little more without the button depressed, then incrementally add a few watts at a time, and do this up to 20 watts, then start taking better drags to start finding your sweet spot.

Some people even recommend letting it sit for 15 minutes before firing, which you can try if you want to be ultra safe, but if you are impatient, you can work up slow a few watts at a time. You’re just getting the coil saturated with juice, so it doesn’t burn.

Battery Life

This has a pretty decent battery life for what it is. I have gotten a half a day out of it with average vaping.

Overall Performance

So far, in wattage mode with the 0.4 ohm coil installed, its pretty good! I don’t expect vapor like from a TFV8, but for a tiny mod, I don’t think you could do much better. It has a 1400mAh battery which is pretty decent, and the Mini Volt, for comparison sake, is 1200mAh, and the Target Mini does last a bit longer.

Tips For Burnt Taste

I had that come back slightly again, around 25 watts, and dropped it to 22 watts, and it went away, so you can mess with the wattage if you get burnt tasting hits. 22w seems to be around the sweet spot.




Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Review
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