Halo Triton II Review

What could be better than a Halo Triton? The next best thing has arrived: their Halo Triton II. The upgraded version is sure to be a pleasurable step-up from the older version which was durable and popular.

If that’s the case, a newer model can’t help but blow you away. You can buy a starter kit for just $45 and it’s a full kit, nothing left out: open, fill, and start vaping.

New Model of the Halo Triton

Version One offered 4 battery sizes, but customers have chosen their favorites and now Halo focuses on two sizes: a 700mAh and a 900mAh cell. Each starter kit arrives with the smaller of these, but customers can upgrade or add a second battery of 900mAh. While 700mAh will last for several hours, having a second battery is always handy. If you want more power, don’t forget the Tracer starter kit.

As before, Halo offers their product in several possible colors; 8 actually. One thing never changes at Halo and that is the vibrancy of their beginners’ technology. At Halo, there’s no need to hold a dull bit of metal in your hands.

Removable tanks feature replaceable coil heads too. Save money: don’t just throw out your tank when the coil burns down but replace it. That’s good for your budget and better for the environment too.

5% Off The Triton II Kit

Save 5% on the Triton II Kit and all products at Halo Cigs website.

5% Off The Triton II Kit

Save 5% on the Triton II Kit and all products at Halo Cigs website.

Starter Kit for the Halo Triton II

Order the bundle and you receive 2 tanks, 2 batteries, 3 coil heads, 2 mouthpieces, a mouthpiece, USB charger, and a wall adapter. Halo also goes the extra mile by supplying clients with a bottle of e juice.

While we can make comparisons between this set and the Pro III Starter Kit by Vaporfi, there are so many similarities between them that it is often easiest just to talk about value. Halo provides better value with their new product because you simply receive more for your money.

Beginners’ Kit by Halo

Who is this set good for? Vapers who are brand new or barely initiated into this new world of e cigs will get along famously with the Triton II. It is so easy to use. Just connect a fully charged battery to a tank. The coil should already be installed and e liquid added as per instructions.

Make sure your mouthpiece is securely in place, press the button, and start vaping. Other firms rarely add e juice to their kits and this set includes two full e cigs, not just one, for less than the price of a Pro II. Batteries are not as big, granted, but the systems look similar.

Halo’s tank is completely transparent which is very different from the Pro III tank with its metal tank sleeve and long narrow window. Coils, however, are similarly sub-ohm rated. Without the power of a top-notch battery, these coils will still produce marvelous flavor and vapor because of their low resistance level, but not the heat, output, or cloud cover of an Advanced Personal Vaporizer like the Tracer.

Wide Bore Mouthpiece

What is so special about a removable mouthpiece and why should you care if it’s narrow or wide? Wide-bore tips tend to let out more vapor than skinny ones. They also allow e juice to cool as it comes up. This ensures vapor is smooth and flavorful. When it’s really hot, all you taste is the heat.

E-Juice Flavors

Halo truly excels in this department. Their American-made e juice is manufactured to strict standards but that doesn’t prevent them from building world-class flavors. You will be satisfied.

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Halo Triton II Review
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