Best Vape Tanks 2018

Whether you love your e juice or think it is just so-so is largely due to the quality of your tank. Read this list of the best sub-ohm vape tanks to find out if you could be enjoying e juice way more simply by making a switch from your current model to this one. They are all glass tanks, no exceptions, so you can use any style of e liquid.

The Top Tanks For Mouth To Lung Vaping In 2018

There are two ways to vape: into your mouth and then the lungs or right into your lungs directly. A lot of new vapers choose the mouth to lung style or what some call the beginner way of vaping.

A vape method has nothing really to do with how long you have vaped, how often, what temperature you vape at, etc. It is not related to how much or how long you smoked.

Whether you select DL or MTL vaping is a matter of personal choice, so do not be offended if some reviews lead MTL vapers to beginner tanks. Many beginners do start this way but some carry on like that out of preference.

Top Mouth to Lung Tanks

Over and over, vape reviewers and long-time vapers return to Aspire for their tank needs, but several other companies could satisfy your needs as well. Aspire is simply one of the top tank companies. Try Joyetech, Kanger, Eleaf, SMOK, Innokin, and others. With airflow control a standard feature of sub ohm and advanced tanks, adjusting to your vaping style is easy.

1. V2 PRO Series 3X

The PRO Series 3X offers a superb mouth to lung experience. It just has excellent vapor that comes out of it, and the new mouthpiece just adds to the vapor experience.

It is very straight forward and simple to use. There are 3 voltage settings on the PRO Series 3X, and you can adjust the airflow on it, then just enjoy!

The fill hold is quite small so a fine tip on your vape juice is ideal. That is one subjective con, and you do need the PRO Series 3X Pen to use it, but if you are looking for a top notch mouth to lung experience, look no further!

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10% Off V2 PRO Series 3X

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2. Aspire Nautilus

Aspire Nautilus tank

Again, Aspire does well to satisfy the needs of vapers, this time for advanced customers. Their 5-ml beauty and excellent Bottom Dual Coil configuration creates excellent vapor even at 1 ohm as opposed to 0.1 ohms. Choose from 4 airflow positions in the airflow ring with its tiny holes. As usual, Aspire constructs a gorgeous device made from glass and stainless steel with optional, ornate tank cover made from stainless steel as well.


3. SMOK Micro TFV4

SMOK Micro TFV4 Black

SMOK provides a number of options like a 0.3-ohm element, 1.8 ohms (perfect for MTL), another MTL 1.2-ohm product, plus a rebuildable Clapton heating core. This is a small tank, just 2.5 ml, but is fed from the top with more e juice and, also, lower coil resistance/wattage levels tend to use e juice slowly compared with sub ohms and high watts.

4. Eleaf GS Tank

Eleaf GS-Tank

This 22-mm Eleaf tank was designed for a range of 30W to 40W which is just right for small, low-powered iStick mods. Eleaf’s tank can contain 3 ml of e juice. It’s capable of using a special 0.15-ohm temperature-sensitive coil as well as low ohms for new vapers.

5. Aspire Triton

Aspire Triton 2

A lot of vapers on forums and in reviews direct consumers to this model, a top RBA on other lists too, but seen here for its effective MTL performance. Vape as low as 0.3 ohms using pre-built coils or build your own. Airflow is minutely adjustable in two places to really enhance the amount of airflow or to limit it, but as an MTL vaper you want a little bit less air, so there are two ways to close things down a little or a lot: one valve at the top and another at the bottom.

Best Micro-Cig E-liquid Tank / Clearomizer For 2018

V2 EX Blanks for E-Liquid

If you are looking for a tank to go with a mini cig (cigalike) system, check out the V2 EX Blank micro-cig tank.

These are perfect for someone looking for something ultra compact, or the size of a cigarette, with the versatility of a tank so you can choose whichever vape juice flavor you like.

We recommend the V2 E-Liquid kit here for the best bang for the buck!

The Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

Joyetech, Smok, and Aspire are probably the top sub-ohm tank makers in the vape profession right now, though there are some great others as well, such as Kanher, Youde, Innokin to name a few. The innovations in this industry have brought about new ways of adjusting airflow, improved vapor flavor, reduced leaking, and extended the possibilities of advanced systems.

1. Vaporfi Viper

Designed for appeal, yet built for performance, the VaporFi Viper Tank is the bite you’ve been looking for!

Its highly complex design makes it look tough, and its plethora of features backs up that look.

The Viper Tank is constructed of stainless steel for top-notch durability, delivers a nice 4mL e-liquid capacity, features a top fill tank design, and has additional features that make it a true power driven tank.

You’ll have the ability to take advantage of juice flow control, both bottom and top airflow control, and two coils are included to deliver the Viper’s bite!

A 0.2 ohm Stainless Steel 316 Coil comes pre-installed, while there is also a spare 0.5 ohm Kanthal Coil that’s designed for great flavor and vapor production.

2. Aspire Cleito

Aspire Cleito Tanks

The Cleito also measures 22 mm across but holds 0.5 ml less e juice. Fill from the top as always into the typical tank of stainless steel and Pyrex.

Airflow is fully adjustable to enable an MTL or DL draw. New coils do away with the need for a chimney and they supply an RTA kit, so you can build your own coils and find out.

Two Clapton heads also come with this agile set suited to all types of 510 devices including 80 to 150W mods. Add your own custom drip tip or use the black Delrin, wide-bore mouthpiece provided. Aspire provides bands in four colors for wrapping around the glass tank and preventing breakage without the need of a metal sleeve.



Smok’s atomizer tanks are often flexible in their approach to vaping. Vapers don’t need three or four tanks; just one, the Smok TFV8 compatible with numerous coil builds and a rebuild deck. This is the largest tank on our list at 6 ml or 5.5 ml if you use T8-V8 replacement coils. Even though you can fill up, SMOK enables top-filling into their massive tank. A larger air tube increases airflow and makes boosted airflow possible.

E juice vapor will potentially become very hot, so Smok installs a Delrin tip to protect your lips. It’s also a comfortable material for your mouth. Enjoy the ability to build coils or install one that’s already built like an octuple or quadruple head, both of them rated 0.15 ohms.

4. VaporFi Rocket 3 Tank


The VaporFi Rocket 3 Tank is high performance tank you’ve been looking for, as it provides a stellar vaping experience that few in its class have been able to match.  

In fact, its pre-installed 0.5 ohm Coil was designed for unrivaled performance, while it also includes an additional 0.1 ohm Ni200 Coil that makes the Rocket 3 Tank temperature control compatible.  

Along with its great performance, it also features adjustable airflow control, a top fill tank design, a 3.5mL e-liquid capacity, and there are several colors to choose from, including Black, White, Stainless Steel, Red, Purple, and Blue.

5. Joyetech Ultimo

ULTIMO Atomizers

The new Ultimo sits on a 22-mm base and holds as much as 4 ml of vapor juice. Although having the opportunity to fill up this far is great, vapers might only fill part-way knowing the top-fill method is available. They don’t have to predict how much e juice they will need over a period of time.

Airflow is adjustable as always but draws air through the atomizer’s middle. A set of 4 openings allows e liquid to get right into the heating elements, new coils called the MG series. Joyetech’s MG coils are the ceramic 0.5-ohm and Clapton 0.5-ohm coils. The ceramic option lasts a long time, maybe months, but the Clapton increases contact between e juice and the coil head. Other MG replacements include the NotchCoil 0.25-ohm and an RTA base with one of the NotchCoils prebuilt.

6. VaporFi Vibe Tank


Introducing a revolutionary design and unmatched performance, the VaporFi Vibe Tank is a remarkable addition to any setup.  

This stylish sub-ohm tank is constructed of stainless steel, so it certainly passes the durability test.  

It also offers up high appeal, a revolutionary cup design that eliminates any potential leaking, a top fill tank design, and it boasts a rather large 3.5mL e-liquid capacity.  

When it comes to the Vibe Tank’s performance, expect top adjustable airflow control, a drip tip, a pre-installed 0.25 ohm Notch Coil, and a 0.5 ohm Stainless Steel 316 Coil.  

The Vibe Tank was built and designed for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung users, making it an all-around outstanding sub-ohm tank for any vaper.

7. Joyetech eGo One

Joyetech eGo One Tanks

This is among the bestselling tanks around, made by one of the industry’s leading stars. An eGo One tank fits with all sorts of 510-threaded mods. You will enjoy full airflow control by simply turning the ring to open up or close-out extra air. Coils include a 1-ohm and 0.5-ohm element, each included with the kit, but replacements are more versatile. Refill this 2.5-ml tank from the bottom, view your liquid level through three slats in a stainless steel exterior, and elongate the appearance of your vaping device with its tall build and long drip tip.

8. Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger subtank mini

In the mod race and here, with tanks, Kanger comes a close second to Joyetech. Their Subtank Mini is not small but is smaller than its predecessor. This 22-mm tank features an insulated RBA deck, glass tube, and stainless steel exterior parts. Coils are made with Japanese organic cotton which is the best and purest you can buy. Several coils allow vapers to customize their experience when the 4.5-ml Subtank Mini is in use with an advanced device.

9. Joyetech Delta II

JoyeTech Delta II

Joyetech’s second showing on this list is similar to the eGo One; you can definitely spot its lineage. A Liquid Valve Control mechanism (LVC) encourages even greater personalization of vapor than the other two supply but for a range of low to 45 watts; about middle of the line. An RBA head is available besides coils for temperature control vaping and about 0.5-ohm variable wattage vaping. This is another 22-mm tank but only holds 3.5 ml.

10. UD Zephyrus

UD Zephyrus

Another 22-mm tank provides what was once the greatest innovation in vape tank design: a top-fill setup. Even though the tank holds as much as 5 ml, you still get to refill it in the tidiest, simplest way possible. UD opts for dual coils and organic cotton from Japan but they also supply a rebuild deck if you want to add one to your purchase. Choose the red O-rings or the blue O-rings depending on the color of your mod model or how you feel today.

11. Aspire Triton

Aspire Triton 2

A list of top sub-ohm tanks is incomplete if Aspire doesn’t show up somewhere. Their Triton is great for advanced vaping at 0.3 ohms and up but you can also buy a matching deck to build your own coils from Nickel 200 and other temperature-sensitive materials for lower resistance rates.

Adjust airflow at two points: the bottom cap or under the drip tip. You can now cool vapor or give it a chance to get really warm; change the method of your inhalation from direct-lung to MTL.

Filaments are made with surgical steel and the tank holds 3.5 ml of e juice, refilled under the top cap. Japanese organic cotton heating elements are perfect for producing pure vapor from gourmet e liquids. Use this with a top-class mod.

The Top 3 RTAs And Dual Tank Styles In 2018

An RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer; a cross between a tank with replaceable coils and one with a rebuildable coil deck. One can usually apply pre-built coils or approach from the DIY perspective, so they make excellent products for learners or those who simply prefer flexibility from a single product.

Before these were released, one would select either an RBA or an RDA and switch between them according to an e juice or vape mod.

Top 3 RTAs

The items chosen below as the best trio of RTAs possess some identical qualities. Their manufacturers have reputations for building solid products and upgrading according to customer comments.

Decks are generally easy to build on; wide and convenient for someone who is new to coils. All of them feature the top-fill method and are completely rebuildable.

One: Lemo 3 RTA

Eleaf Lemo 3

The newest Lemo may be affordable, but you aren’t buying a lemon. This Eleaf tank holds up to 4 ml of e juice yet refills from the top.

Eleaf upgraded their Lemo line by making it compatible with their newer coils. Openings for e juice in the EC series are larger to let in more e liquid, consequently resulting in bigger clouds.

Eleaf’s deck facilitates smooth airflow across the top too: use this deck or attach a pre-built coil of 0.3 or 0.25 ohms as supplied by Eleaf.

The Lemo 3 measuring 23 mm wide connects with most 510 mods including TC and VW devices. The 0.3-ohm coil was designed for TC vaping while the 0.25-ohm NotchCoil should be used in the VW setting.

Two: Griffin RTA

Geek Vape Griffin RTAs

Here is another big tank holding 3.5 ml. The Griffin by Geek Vape will look every bit of its 3.5 ml because of the narrow, 22-mm base. But inside, a 2-post deck made in the Velocity style is still wide enough for big hands to make little coil builds with minimum stress.

Control airflow and the flow of e juice with the Griffin RTA. Slots beneath the deck maximize vapor production, as you notice when drawing through a wide bore black mouthpiece.



The Dual post TF-RTA is the widest of these three devices at 24.5 mm and holds the most e juice too. A tank with the capacity to hold 4.5 ml doesn’t appear so big, though, when spread out over a wider diameter. A 16-mm Velocity deck gives you lots of room to experiment.

SMOK vapers can hedge their bets, however, and work with the pre-installed Clapton coil rated for 0.2 ohms. Like all of the tanks above, the SMOK TF-RTA G2 lends itself to working with mods that reach high watts or feature variable temperature control.

The Top RDAs Of 2018

VaporFi Venom RDA


Versatile, modern, and definitely packed with the “cool” feature, the VaporFi Venom RDA is like no other.  This intriguing rebuildable dripping atomizer offers up a remarkable design that’s sure to give you that “wow” factor.  The Venom RDA is constructed of stainless steel, it has a 22mm diameter — making it perfect for nearly any mod, it has dual top airflow control, and a new feature that allows it to change colors during use when the atomizer reaches 80 watts or above.  Along with its modern design, its internals make for a high performance vaping experience.  The Venom RDA features a velocity style two-post deck, dual bottom airflow control, a brass center screw, 510 threading, and a wire bore delrin drip tip for superior airflow.

Selecting A Vape Tank

Look at ten silver-colored RBAs one by one and they all start to appear identical. Line them up side by side and a few differences become obvious.

Expose the inner parts and even more distinctions arise. In this article, we will talk a bit about the differences between vape tanks, how to choose one, and a few very good models for vaping at various levels of wattage or temperature. Expect prices for a good vape tank by Eleaf, Joyetech, Kanger, Uwell, or SMOK to be anything from $18 to $30.

The Vape Tank Question

What is a vape tank and what kind should you be using? A clearomizer becomes a vape tank when it is applied to a vape mod, tubular or rectangular. Clearomizers are popular for eGo e cigs and some of the smaller APVs such as the Innokin VV V4.

These feature acrylic or glass tubes, removable caps, and replaceable coil heads. The mouthpiece might or might not be detachable. Coils are typically built for mid- to low-resistance vaping with low-output systems of perhaps 15W max.

Clearomizers are narrow, usually fed from the bottom of the tank, and hold anything from 2 ml to 5 ml. The Aspire Nautilus, Kanger Protank, and Innokin iClear are some examples.

When you are using a vape mod more powerful than 15W such as the iStick 20 or 30W, a Mini Book by Sigelei, or the eVic VTC by Joyetech, you can start to vape at low or sub-ohms. Your mod is large enough to accommodate a bigger tank too, something measuring 19 mm to 22 mm.

Sometimes clearomizers offer adjustable airflow for customizing your draw technique, but these valves are always featured on vape tanks. There could be one adjustable valve or up to 4 of them.

Tank Materials

Most vape tank tubes are made from either quartz or Pyrex, both of them types of reinforced glass. They are resistant to high heat and acidic liquids and can also handle a few knocks if you are gentle overall.

The tube is usually exposed, without a cover the way some clearomizers are covered except for a window, all but a few items like the Joyetech Delta II which is designed with a covered tube and narrow windows.

There are two caps on your mod. A base cap encloses the atomizer head and is threaded for 510-style mods whereas clearomizers can be eGo or 510-threaded, perhaps with the help of an adapter.

E juice might be filled from the bottom and airflow is generally adjusted here. A second cap protects the top part of the tank and contains a threading portal for the mouthpiece if this is detachable.

Some tanks also provide airflow control in this portion of the tank so you can let a bit of heat out before inhaling. Top-fill tanks either include a little hold in the cap or you simply remove this piece. Manufacturers usually apply stainless steel to the purpose of making hardware because it doesn’t rust easily and threads don’t wear down very quickly.

Don’t forget the small matter of O-rings which are set into the caps to prevent leakage. Mouthpieces in clearomizers are typically long and narrow or vase-shaped, but on vape tanks they are usually short and wide to let out vapor and to provide room for an insulated design which protects a vaper’s mouth.

Delrin insulation is common although there are a few atomizers with glass mouthpieces, ones that will only be used with low-watt, low-temperature systems.

Vape Tank Coils

We can’t forget this most important part of vape tanks, also called rebuildable atomizers and rebuildable tank atomizers, possibly hybrid tanks. Every type of tank comes with its own set of pre-built coils — heating elements — suited to a certain level of vaping output.

Some, like the Uwell Crown, work with 1.2-ohm, 0.5-ohm, and 0.25-ohm coils, so you can vape at 20 to 70W. A number of tanks are better suited to 40W and more.

You can use a tank for temperature control vaping if the coils are made from Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel coils. Another sort of vape tank comes with a rebuild deck which allows an experienced vaper to treat the device like a dripping atomizer.

With these systems it does not matter if the tank is compatible with pre-built coils of a particular build or metal. Use them however you wish. If the tank utilizes both an RBA and pre-built coils, it is known as a hybrid.

Ceramic coils are very new to the industry. They are made from a combination of ceramic and metal, the metal internal but ceramic on the outside burning slowly, so you only replace them every few weeks, even months.

Many vapers believe these create a cleaner-tasting flavor too. Ceramic coils are just starting to emerge and make for a more expensive tank at first. They pay for themselves as you buy fewer replacement coils in the months that come.

Coils can be set as low as 0.05 ohms which is super sub-ohm for exceptional cloud chasing. This is only possible in the temperature control setting. With many hybrids the deck is large and easy to use for those individuals new to coil wrapping. A typical RBA, hybrid or otherwise, measures 22 mm or more, allowing for a big deck.

Vape Tank Sizes

They range from 2 ml and up, but you only need 2 ml of reservoir capacity. A vape tank burns the e juice hot and quick so that you run out of e liquid quickly and need to use more, but top-fill systems make this easier than ever. It’s a hassle-free way to go, so you aren’t taking the tank off of the mod all the time to refill it with e liquid.

Styles of Rebuildable Atomizer Tanks

Vapor tanks are not usually very stylish, just simple. There might be a contrasting colored O-ring or a colored finish of blue, red, or white, but plain stainless steel is the usual type. The Cleito by Aspire adds a touch of fun with their colored cuffs.

RBAs are rebuildable as the name suggests which limits designers’ choices but allows users to clean them thoroughly; and a well-kept tank, clean and scratch-free, is attractive.

Best Vape Tanks 2018
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