Vapers North West

Vapers North West is an advocacy group, made up of vapers and the parents of young adults who have switched from tobacco to e cigarettes, with a view to ensuring that those who live in Washington state will be able to access vaping devices and products for many years to come.

Members believe quite firmly that vaping is an effective way of reducing the harm done by tobacco, by cutting down or cutting out completely the smoking of cigarettes.

The group was formed in February 2017, in the wake of the Vape Day campaign at the state senate in Salem, Oregon. Campaigners and advocates who had attended the event decided that they needed to launch a group that was run by and for consumers, and without the involvement of the vaping industry itself. From those discussions and that incredibly successful Vaping Day event, the organization Vapers North West was born.

Educated. Passionate. Determined.

The vaping industry, and of course vapers themselves, are facing a difficult time, with the Food and Drug Administration which came out with a ruling in June 2016 that vaping products should be classified as tobacco. I went on a little rant about this ruling here, since I feel there are some contradictions in grouping e-cigs together with tobacco products.

Although the industry is appealing against many of the FDA regulations, ordinary vapers also need to join the fight, to try and influence the senators and elected officials in their state, to support them in their fight, and to ensure that no further legislation is passed which could put their right to vape at risk.

Vapers North West make sure that their members are educated about the latest scientific findings on vaping in order to ensure that those who are making decisions about the future of vaping are also properly educated and informed before they cast their votes. The group is passionate about ensuring that those living in Washington state who have already used e cigarettes to quit smoking should be allowed to continue, and that vaping should always be available as an option for those millions of Americans who are still smoking harmful tobacco products.

Finally, Vapers North West is determined to use this education and passion to succeed in their stated aim to ensure vaping products remain on sale, at reasonable and affordable prices, and that everyone has the right and the opportunity to access e cigarettes if they need support in trying out this smoking alternative.

Fighting for Themselves and Others

The members of Vapers North West are the first to admit that they are fighting for themselves first and foremost. As a group of people who have used vaping to successfully quit smoking, they don’t want to have that access to vaping products suddenly taken away. If that were to happen, many would find themselves going back to smoking cigarettes rather than going through the unpleasant experience of nicotine withdrawal.

But they are also fighting for those smokers who have yet to discover the possibilities that are open to them when they switch from tobacco to vaping; possibilities that they may never discover if the FDA and certain elected officials succeed in their efforts to make vaping devices and products more difficult to buy.

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Finally, they are also fighting for their families and their children who, thanks to the safety of the vapor produced by e cigarettes, are no longer at risk from second-hand smoke.

Vapers North West
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