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Disposable Vapes: They’re Not All Created Equal

Shopping for disposable vapes used to be easy. During the early years of vaping, the devices that were available were all more or less the same as one another. Underneath the packaging, the devices were all made at the same factories, they all tasted pretty much the same, and they were all available in the same two flavors: tobacco and menthol. You could buy one of those two flavors, or you could buy something else. Needless to say, most vapers took the “something else” option and bought refillable devices instead.

Today, though, it’s an entirely different story. Dozens of companies are now making disposable vapes in an endless variety of different designs and flavors. Some disposable vapes have unique technical capabilities. It’s definitely no longer safe to assume that all of the devices you see at your local vape shop are basically the same products in different packages. Today’s disposable vapes are not all created equal, and the product that you choose can have an enormous effect on your overall experience – especially if you’ve never bought a vaping device before.

Here are the four primary factors that make today’s disposable vapes different from one another.

Disposable Vapes Come in Different Nicotine Strengths

First and foremost, vaping is a way to replace the nicotine in cigarettes that’s smoke free but still completely satisfying. More than anything else, the device that you buy needs to supply enough nicotine that you can switch fully from smoking to vaping and not spend your days feeling agitated and craving nicotine.

  • Disposable vapes in the United Kingdom and Europe have a maximum nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml. Lower-nicotine devices with a strength around 10 mg/ml are also available.
  • Disposable vapes in most other regions of the world have a maximum nicotine strength of around 50 mg/ml. Lower-nicotine devices with a strength around 25 mg/ml are also available.

When buying disposable vapes from an EU or UK vape shop like cloudcityuk.com, you should generally buy the highest available nicotine strength because that will get you as close as the law allows to having a device that delivers nicotine as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette. The 10 mg/ml strength is usually best for people who have already switched to vaping and are now trying to lower their nicotine intake.

In regions where higher nicotine strengths are available, you should choose your strength based on how often you smoke. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, you’ll probably be happiest with the 50 mg/ml strength. If you’re an infrequent or social smoker, on the other hand, you should consider the lower strength due to your relatively lower daily nicotine intake.

Disposable Vapes Have Different Battery and E-Liquid Capacities

The next thing to consider when comparing disposable vapes is the number of puffs that the devices are said to deliver. You’ll almost always see a number on the package, and that number may range anywhere from about 400-600 to several thousand puffs. That’s the approximate number of puffs that you can expect to get before you’ll need to replace the device, and you can consider 200 puffs to be approximately equal to one pack of cigarettes.

So, since disposable vapes all cost about the same as one another, why shouldn’t you just buy the device with the biggest number of puffs listed on the package and be done with it? The answer is that a device with a higher puff count has more e-liquid and a larger battery. A device with a lower puff count, on the other hand, will be sleeker and easier to carry in your pocket. With that in mind, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Would you rather have a device that lasts longer before you need to replace it, or would you prefer something smaller and lighter?

Disposable Vapes Come in Many Different Designs

Disposable vapes don’t just differ from one another in terms of their features – they also look different from one another. You’ll see this immediately when you look at the selection of disposable devices at any vape shop. Disposable vapes come in an endless variety of shapes and colors, and your choice here largely just depends on personal preference. If you like the way a device looks and think you’d enjoy holding it in your hand, there’s no reason not to buy it.

Aside from appearance, there are also two other design features that you might want to look for when buying a disposable vape.

  • Many modern disposable vapes are using mesh coils, which is a particularly useful feature for devices sold in the UK and Europe. A mesh coil enables a small device to produce much larger clouds, and that can help a device with a lower nicotine strength give you a more satisfying experience.
  • If you’re interested in buying a disposable vape with a higher puff count, look for a device with a USB port. Disposable vapes with USB ports are rechargeable. Having the ability to recharge your device ensures that you’ll be able to use every drop of e-liquid.

Disposable Vapes Come in a Wide Variety of Flavors

Disposable vapes have come a long way since the days when they were only available in tobacco and menthol flavors. Today, it’s common for a single brand to offer dozens of flavors – and with dozens of brands on the market, it’s actually getting to the point where you can find just about as many different flavors of disposable vapes as you can bottled e-liquid.

If you want disposable vapes to be as fun and enjoyable for you as they can possibly be, you should never stick with just one flavor. Experimentation is a huge part of what makes vaping so much better than smoking, and the great thing about disposable vapes is that you’re never tied to any one flavor or device for more than a few days. If you happen to try a particular flavor and find that it’s not to your liking, it’s not really a big deal. What’s really important is that you always continue to seek out new experiences – that’s what’s going to help you avoid the temptation to return to smoking.

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