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How to Vape Delta-8: Four Different Ways

Unless you’ve been avoiding the Internet for the past couple of years, you’re almost certainly aware that Delta-8 THC is the hottest thing in the world of cannabis right now. Although Delta-8 is molecularly similar to the more famous cannabinoid Delta-9 THC and produces very comparable effects, it’s not a federally controlled substance because it’s made from the same industrial hemp plants that are used in the production of CBD products. Because Delta-8 isn’t a controlled substance at the federal level, it’s legal in many states where Delta-9 isn’t – and that has made it a very popular product among cannabis aficionados who have never been able to buy their favorite herb over the counter before now.

Although “Delta-8 flower” does exist in a sense, Delta-8 isn’t plentiful within the cannabis plant and isn’t usually obtained by direct extraction. Instead, it’s actually obtained by chemically converting it from CBD. For that reason, Delta-8 usually comes in the form of oil- or wax-based concentrates.

As any cannabis aficionado knows, the fastest way to get THC into your system is by inhaling it – and if the THC in question is Delta-8, that means you’re going to want to vape it. There are four common ways of vaping Delta-8 THC, and you’re going to learn about all of them in this article. Let’s jump in.

How to Vape Delta-8 Oils

Delta-8 typically begins its life as an oil-based CBD distillate. The distillate is combined with a catalyst that forces a rearrangement of the molecule and transforms the CBD into Delta-8. Because of the way in which Delta-8 is produced, oil-based concentrates are typically the most common Delta-8 vaping products that you’ll find. To vape Delta-8 oil, you’ll need a 510 vape battery from a reliable company like Hamilton Devices. You may also need a refillable vape cartridge designed to work with thick oils. You’ll find Delta-8 vape oil in one of two forms.

  1. Prefilled vape cartridges are the simplest Delta-8 vaping products to use. In this case, you’ll buy a cartridge that’s already filled with oil and can simply connect the cartridge to your vape pen.
  2. It’s also possible to find Delta-8 oil in larger containers. In this case, you’ll need a syringe for transferring the Delta-8 oil from its container to a refillable vape cartridge. Simply unscrew the cartridge’s mouthpiece and dispense the oil from the syringe. Replace the mouthpiece and give the wick at least half an hour to absorb the oil before vaping.

Once it’s filled, using a Delta-8 vape cartridge is simple; just screw the cartridge into your 510 vape battery and inhale while holding the battery’s fire button. Some vape batteries are also puff activated and allow you to vape simply by inhaling. If you’re using a pre-filled cartridge, you’ll need to replace the cartridge when it runs out of oil.

How to Vape Delta-8 Waxes

It’s also possible to find Delta-8 in the form of wax concentrates, which are marketed as “Delta-8 dabs” by some stores. One of the great things about owning a 510-threaded vape battery is that they’re incredibly versatile; you can use them with oils, waxes and e-liquids. A wax-based Delta-8 concentrate, however, generally won’t work with a vape cartridge designed for liquid oils. It’ll be difficult to get the wax into the cartridge without making a mess – and even if you’re able to do that, the cartridge will probably clog.

To vape Delta-8 wax, you need an atomizer designed for wax vaping. A wax atomizer can connect to any 510-threaded battery, and it’ll have an exposed coil that’s easy to load with wax. It’s easiest to load a wax atomizer with a thin metal tool called a dab tool, which usually has a spoon- or paddle-shaped end. You’ll use the spoon end of the dab tool to grab a ball of wax about the size of a rice grain, and you’ll add the wax directly to the coil of your atomizer. Pulse your battery’s fire button a few times to soften the wax, and at that point, you’re ready to vape. Simply inhale while holding the battery’s fire button.

How to Vape Delta-8 E-Liquids

If you happen to be a former cigarette smoker who quit by switching to vaping, it’s likely that you’re very accustomed to e-liquid and have at least one tank for vape juice. In that case, you might prefer to vape Delta-8 in e-liquid form since you already have all of the required equipment. Delta-8 e-liquid works with all standard vaping devices such as pod systems, vape pens and vape mods, and it works the same as any nicotine e-liquid; just fill your tank or pod and enjoy.

Compared to oil- and wax-based concentrates, Delta-8 e-liquid does have one drawback in that it’s diluted with propylene glycol. It’s necessary to dilute the e-liquid because otherwise, it’ll be too thick to work in a standard vape tank. If you’re using Delta-8 e-liquid, you may need to take several puffs to achieve the same effect that you’d get with a smaller amount of oil or wax.

How to Vape Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in cannabis. As we explained at the beginning of this article, though, cannabis plants have only a little Delta-8. You can’t smoke cannabis for the Delta-8, and true Delta-8 flower isn’t really something that exists. You’ll find a product labeled “Delta-8 flower” in some stores, but what you’re really seeing are high-CBD industrial hemp buds that have been sprayed with Delta-8 extract. Still, the Delta-8 spray can be quite potent, and that makes Delta-8 flower popular among those who just can’t enjoy cannabis to the fullest unless they’re getting the authentic taste and flavor of the whole plant.

If you fall into that category and want to try vaping Delta-8 flower, you’ll need a dry herb vaporizer. It’s also helpful to have an herb grinder, although you might already have one of those if you’re a cannabis smoker. A dry herb vaporizer is a battery-powered device with an internal oven that heats ground herbs to the point at which their active compounds vaporize. Using a vaporizer allows you to enjoy an authentic cannabis experience while saving your lungs some of the wear and tear of smoking. Simply grind your Delta-8 flower and put it into the vaporizer’s chamber. Turn the device on and inhale through the mouthpiece. Increase the temperature for a more intense experience.

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