What Is CBD Lotion, and How Do I Use It?

CBD has truly transformed the world of herbal supplements over the past several years. The CBD industry as a whole has grown at an unbelievable rate, and one of the reasons for that is that people are using CBD for a wide variety of different purposes. Some people find that it works best for them when it’s taken orally and allowed to circulate throughout the entire bloodstream. Others feel that they experience the greatest possible benefit from CBD when they target one specific area. That’s one reason why so many different types of CBD products exist. If you prefer to take CBD orally, you can buy CBD oils, capsules, or gummies. If you’d rather target a specific area, on the other hand, CBD lotion may be right for you.

The difference between oral and topical CBD products is that products like CBD lotion are formulated specifically for direct application to the skin. Therefore, they often include extra ingredients that work synergistically with CBD to provide greater benefits – but don’t just take a CBD SEO expert’s word for it. Reading this article, you’re going to learn what’s special about CBD lotion and why it might be the right type of CBD product for you. First, though, we’re going to answer the question that’s always first on people’s minds when they learn about topical CBD products: Is CBD balm really necessary at all?

Why Do I Need to Buy Topical CBD Products? Can’t I Just Put CBD Oil on My Skin Instead?

The fact that CBD has the ability to permeate through the skin might lead you to wonder whether it’s really necessary to buy CBD skincare products at all. If you want to apply CBD to a specific area of your body instead of using an oral product and waiting for the CBD to circulate through your bloodstream, couldn’t you just put CBD oil on your skin instead of buying a separate topical CBD product?

The answer is that you can apply CBD oil topically. You may even experience some benefits from doing so because CBD does absorb through the skin regardless of the form in which you use it. However, there are two potential drawbacks to using CBD oil topically.

∙ Some CBD oils are heavily flavored, perhaps to compensate for the unpalatable flavor of poorly filtered or low-quality hemp extracts. You might not want your body to smell like oranges or berries for several hours after rubbing CBD oil on your skin.

∙ CBD oil always has a carrier oil. The carrier oils used in CBD oil are always culinary oils such as hempseed oil, olive oil, and MCT oil. They’re selected to provide the best possible flavor and mouth feel. They’re also selected to maximize the absorption of CBD through your digestive system – not your skin. In short, your skin may feel greasy if you rub CBD oil on it.

Why Is CBD Lotion Different from Other Types of CBD Products?

As you just learned from reading the above, the main drawback of using CBD oil as a topical product is that it’s not designed for that use. Culinary oils like hempseed oil taste great and have a silky and appealing mouth feel – but they don’t absorb readily through the skin.

CBD lotion is different from other types of CBD products because the CBD is blended with a carrier that does absorb quickly through the skin. In the case of our Full-Spectrum CBD Balm, we’ve selected organic shea butter as the carrier. Shea butter absorbs quickly into the skin while providing intense moisturization and top-notch skin protection. It’s extremely common for all types of skin moisturizers to include shea butter.

The other reason why the carrier oil that’s used in a topical CBD product is so important is that the carrier enhances CBD’s ability to permeate through your skin. CBD is oil-soluble, so it incorporates fully into an oil-based carrier. When the balm absorbs into your skin, the CBD absorbs as well.

If you try to use CBD oil topically, you’ll see a layer of grease that remains on your skin for a while – much of the CBD is trapped within that greasy layer. When you use CBD lotion, on the other hand, most of the product absorbs within seconds. That means most of the CBD also absorbs into your body within seconds.

How Do I Use Topical CBD Products?

Before using any topical CBD product, you should check the ingredient list to confirm that the product contains no skin numbing agents. Unless the product directions say otherwise, you can use CBD balm as often as you want. Simply rub the balm generously on the affected area and wait for it to absorb. Wait a little while to gauge how you feel before applying more of the balm.

What Are the Most Popular Uses for CBD Lotion?

Now that you understand what CBD lotion is and how to use it, what are some of the reasons why you might want to consider buying it? The answer is that you can use CBD lotion instead of – or along with – a wide variety of topical products. Here are just a few examples that you might consider.

  • Use it as a moisturizer to soothe and protect dry skin.
  • Use it instead of a traditional massage gel or oil.
  • Massage it on your major muscle groups to aid in post-workout recovery.
  • Massage it on your elbows, wrists, shoulders, or back after playing golf, tennis, and other sports.

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