What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue is a condition whereby the vapor loses the capability to taste vape juice unexpectedly. It is a common condition affecting vapers from across the globe and lasts for about one to three days.

Ways to Stop of Vaper’s Tongue Condition

  • Ensure your tongue is always clean to have an optimal flavor from your vape product. Remember to brush your tongue or use a scraper to eliminate the film which clogs on the tongue.
  • Prioritize on reducing caffeine and alcoholic beverages. These drinks can result in the drying out of the mouth and frequent urination, leading to dehydration and eventually the vaper’s tongue condition. Reduce the intake of beverages to eradicate the disease.
  • Adopt the menthol flavors to have the taste buds reset. Thermoreceptors present act as stimulants which plays a massive role in getting rid of the condition.
  • Increase your water intakes to stay hydrated and help you get the best flavor from the vape.
  • Prolong your breaks in between vapes by raising the intakes of nicotine contents.
  • Curb the drying out of the mouth through adopting the hydration products such as Biotene and oral hygiene aids.
  • Abandon smoking entirely for purposes of the capability to taste.
  • Embrace the fruit juices such as coffee or tobacco flavors.
  • An unflavored vaping approach can also eliminate the vaper’s tongue condition. Most DIY shops sell unflavored vape juice at an affordable rate.

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