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A Move to Ban Most Flavored Vaping Products in Canada

The business sector in Canada that deals with flavored vaping products will suffer a huge blow after the government has come out clearly in its plans to ban all flavored products. Flavored vaping products have been in the market for quite a long time, but it is seemingly that their useful life is coming to an abrupt end.

Health Canada has come up with the process of banning this product within its boundaries. It has been noted with concern that most businesses that deal with vape products are likely to suffer more. There are several reasons that the Canadian government has cited for this new move; some are discussed here below:

  • Youth vaping has been on the rise, and the ban is expected to reduce it by a significant margin for health concerns.
  • The variety of vaping flavors has also been listed as one factor which has attracted many youths to vaping.
  • By making these products less appealing to youth, Canada feels that it will be the right step in fighting against increased vaping amongst the kids.
  • The number of youths who vape is not so much committed. Still, the various trials for different flavors play an integral part in becoming heavy addicts.

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