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Reverse the Shipping Ban on Flavoured Vaping Products

The shipping ban has not gone down well in Canada after many companies have urged the governing body to reverse its decision to ban the shipping of vape products. The prohibition of vaping products comes as a surprise for over four hundred companies involved in this business. Vape shops have also joined hands to try to stop the government of Canada from this move.

It is expected that the vape business will likely reduce significantly with the expected ban of most flavored vaping products. These flavors are the ones that make vaping products attractive, especially to youth. Without the recent vaping flavors, it will be hard to increase the number of users. It has been noted that flavored vaping products have aided a significant number of smokers to shift from smoking to vaping.

Many people have seen smoking as a more dangerous habit than vaping. It is understood that smoking is more severe and has adverse consequences on health. Therefore, rumors have it that those who had already quit smoking will soon return as vaping products become less available. Vaping products are also expected to shoot at a price in a bid to discourage their use.

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