IQOS Phillip Morris

IQOS are commonly available innovative products sold by Switzerland-based Philip Morris International (PMI) Company. The device was innovated in2014 and has been in the frontline in converting an extensive range of smokers. PMI has been leading in the use of the IQOS brand for pod vapes beginners.

PMI received the FDA marketing approval to sell the products such as Marlboro cigarettes in the US and across the globe. The product is available in the IQOS stores, whereas the refills are available in convenient cigarette stores within your reach.

The FDA approval has enabled the agency to sell the products even during the pandemic to the entire region after successfully submitting a PMTA.

How Does IQOS Work?

IQOS plus other HTPs typically require battery power for them to operate effectively.

The battery power is essential when applying intense heat to tobacco which has similarities to cigarettes. The report shows that it fills the gap between smoking and vaping, making it attractive to most smokers. The IQOS device is involved in heating tobacco to specific temperatures, vaporizing the tobacco without combusting. The heat is then used to derive the content which is available in the plant. The device holder requires charging between uses, preferably for four minutes.

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