Vape Apps Tools

Currently, the development of the vaping industry is tremendous, increasing vape apps accessible in iPhone and Android devices. Here are the five vape apps that can be applied in your vape life.

1. Vape Boss

Vape Boss is a complete mobile app for vapers to help them access the most recent vaping news, shopping, image sharing, and social networking, among other information. The platform was started in 2014 designed to provide free info and resources to vapers. Upon clicking on the app, the vapers gain access to various e-liquids, vape product sellers, product reviews and get a chance to share vape products.

2. Vaffle

The Vaffle app began in2018 being an association of Heaven Gifts. It is currently accessible via iOS or Android devices. The app also takes leads in Instagram, Facebook and increases its popularity in YouTube channels. The social platform will allow the vaper to view vape details and general feeds, and vape-related news.

3. The Vape Tool

The Vape Tool is the best app for vapers who want to build a coil effectively. Here, they can measure ohms and have the battery life benchmarked.

4. E-Liquid Calculator app

The E-liquid calculator app has the task of recording complicated juice recipes quickly. It gives the vaper a chance to measure the ideal levels for PG/VG and nicotine content.

5. Ohm’s Law App

This app plays a huge role in enabling the vaper to understand the entire ohm’s law in a detailed manner. Beginners get to understand this law before vaping.

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