Juul Flavors

JUUL pod is defined as an atomizer contained in a plastic cartridge with JUUL e-liquids. The atomizer is a metal chimney wrapped in a small coil around the silica wick. Its task is to ensure the flavored nicotine liquid is absorbed for vaporization purposes. The main ingredients for the JUUL pod include benzoic acid, Propylene glycol, nicotine, and glycerin.

Among the favorite Juul flavors is Mango. The current report shows that the Mango flavor has a high number of following compared to other flavors. Other Juul flavors in the lineup include Mint, Crème Brulee, and Fruit Medley.

On the other hand, the JUUL Pod is not left out when it comes to its top rating among the flavors. For the fabulous mint flavors, the demand is on the rise after mango. Most of the vapers who shop at vape shops, smoke shops, and gas stations ask for mango or cool mint flavors.

The two flavors go hand in hand in terms of popularity compared to others. Besides, local shops and stores suppliers have also stocked the flavors to meet the demand and expectations of the vapers.

There are other limited edition JUUL flavors in the market, such as classical menthol, cool cucumber, and classic tobacco. Others are sold out in small contents such as Thai Iced Tea flavor.

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