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Bloomberg Funded-Who Report Doubles Down Against Vaping

The World Health Organization (WHO) has lately issued a preview of the new and upcoming tobacco and nicotine devices policies. Some nations have recently adopted harsh anti-vaping policies and anti-harm reduction positions that help control vaping. The report received many complaints and excuses that the WHO has weak policies in the anti-smoking progress. Therefore, this resulted in attempts to reverse the progress by encouraging non-combustible nicotine vape products, also known as ENDS.

The nicotine elements contained in the vaping product may have an adverse impact to the adolescent and kids as far as brain development is concerned. Addressing the ENDS is still a strange thing in at least eighty-four nations since they have no bans or regulations. This leaves them vulnerable to the tobacco and smoking effects.

WHO appointed Michael Bloomberg as an ambassador for Non-communicable Diseases and Injuries. The aim is to help in controlling tobacco intake and come up with other health policies. Michael has spent billions in funding the Tobacco-free campaigns in developing countries. Through the campaigns, these countries have implemented regulations and bans to control tobacco and health policies. As a result, the low and middle-income countries have been able to adopt the ENDS significantly.

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