Best Vape Juice & E-Liquid 2018

In light of FDA regulations and the aims of companies to meet their expectations so as to stay in business, it seems fitting to create this top 5 list of e juices.

Best E-Liquid Factors

Here are a couple considerations we take into account for our top picks:

    •  Good menthol and tobacco flavors  (always important for new vapers wanting to transition to a similar experience to smoking).
    •  Nice Flavor variety  (including various sweet flavor options, as everyone has different taste).
    •  Pricing  (Of course this is key, since you are constantly buying vape juice).
  •  High manufacturing standards  (using certified facilities, and testing their products for chemicals like diacetyl).

The following are among top-sellers and also top-quality manufacturers. Besides being proactive about satisfying regulations, they also make tasty e juice products.

The Top 5 E Juice Brands Of 2018

 1. Cosmic Fog 

Cosmic Fog - The Best E-Juice

Cosmic Fog has been one of the most popular, well known vape juice brands going back for a few years now

Their selection is not massive, with just a few very tasty flavors.

These include Milk and Honey, Chewberry, Neon Cream, Dapple Whip, Sonset, Kryptonite, The Shocker, Sonrise, Chilled Tobacco and The Shoicker.

They all the bases with their flavor selection, from minty tobacco, to a few delicious dessert flavors, and they have quite a few fruity flavors.

Cosmic Fog is based out of California, and each flavor is something that they spend months developing.

Our staff favorite is the Milk and Honey flavor.

 2. Vaporfi 

Vaporfi - The Best Selection

This Florida company explored some highly original ideas when they constructed their GRND RSRV Line and took a successful risk. Catch Ya Latte is an award-winning coffee style.

I’m actually vaping on Catch La latte as I write this, and it is a very tasty coffee flavored juice!

Island Frost presents a cocktail of exotic fruits plus champagne with a twist.

They have a massive selection of e-juices, with most likely every possible flavor you could imagine, and at very reasonable prices.

Some of their latest popular flavors are Strawberry Ice Cream, Apple Pie and Juicy Licious.

They also make sure to keep up with all regulations and safety requirements, making sure their juices are diacetyl and acetone free.

You can be sure at least one member of staff at their certified lab is a trained chemist, supervising safe procedures and choosing ingredients such as USP propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.


 3. Halo 

Halo E Juice

For a long time, this e cig company was probably better known for their e juice than their hardware.

The line found its way to gourmet e juice shelves and continues to be a big seller; an award-winning line.

Halo added a series of high-VG juices adapted from existing flavors like their newest, Devlin caramel e juice.

Other styles like Longhorn fire-cured style tobacco and Mystic Menthol have been around for a lot longer.

Halo also produces and bottles their e juice in an approved lab from USP ingredients and follows exacting standards to bring customers quality, not at the cheapest price, but affordable for something so good.

 4. Virgin Vapor 

Virgin Vapor

Virgin Vapor has led the pack to ensure conditions at her bottling plant are in excess of what the FDA or anyone could possibly want from a mixing and bottling facility.

Ingredients are mostly organic, 100% organic when you order from the VG-only (vegetable glycerin-only) series.

Because of the purity of flavours, customers commonly see fruits and flowers in the recipe.

Blue Violet is one example; Banana Coconut Colada is another.

Virgin Vapor is slightly cheaper than Kind, not cheap, but always exceptional.

 5. NicQuid 


These founding members of the AEMSA continue to support responsible e juice manufacturing.

The four e juice lines at NicQuid cover tobacco, menthol, dessert, and fruits. Pom Beach and Heartland are two sweet offerings filled with assorted fruits.

Banana Nut Bread hits the spot when you want a filling, home-made style dessert. Their lab conditions are approved, supervised by a chemist, and they only use the finest ingredients.

  Kind E Juice – Organic 

Kind E Juice

This is definitely not the cheapest e liquid you can buy. A 15-ml bottle from their regular line costs $13.99 and 30 ml of E-Gel costs $26.99. Still, if they aren’t compliant the FDA wants too much.

Kind E Juice is made with all natural ingredients which are also cruelty-free (that is, no animals were harmed to make them), Non-GMO, Kosher, USP, dairy and gluten-free.

There are no preservatives, dyes, or sugars. Kind E Juice is audited by a professional 3rd party, created in an ISO-certified lab, and they post their testing certificates with every flavor.

These include Midnight Decadence mint-chocolate, Once in a Blue Moon wild blueberry, and Alpine Frost menthol. Radiance E-Gel contains a blend of melons while Harmon E-Gel represents a floral pear sorbet. Some flavors are wildly original.

E Juice For The Safe, Savvy Vaper

Have you heard of the AEMSA? The American E juice Manufacturing Standards Association provides a lot of guidelines for vape juice companies to follow; ideas and ideals designed to create a best-practices model for all companies to adhere to.

E juice users should also become aware of these standards if they are at all concerned about the safety of their e liquid and the future of vaping. If everyone was to adopt the guidelines set down by the AEMSA or go even further, whether they belong to this organization or not, the industry’s reputation would certainly be better served than is currently the case.

A Snapshot of AEMSA Guidelines

The goals of the AEMSA are to help companies realize that regulations are not necessarily a bad thing and to behave proactively ahead of future FDA rulings.

The fate of vaping is currently undecided, but it is not too late even as consumers wait for a ruling on HR 2058 to help the case along by shopping and manufacturing sensibly. There are potential dangers associated with making e juice the way one makes cupcakes in a kitchen.

These are products destined possibly for a few weeks or months of storage, items containing nicotine, and also potentially containing other chemicals as revealed by third-party lab testing. Consumers can’t just rely on staff to put a mask on and a pair of gloves when they bottle this stuff; standards must be more stringent.

They need to operate in a clean room, at least, if not a full laboratory setting, one which is regularly checked by a government agency and certified. Equipment and surfaces should be made from stainless steel. HEPA filtration keeps out as much debris as possible. Special clothing must be worn. In fact, mixing and bottle standards are similar to those seen in medical and research facilities.

We are talking about the United States only in this article. There are e liquid brands made in Europe and China too. These countries and their manufacturers could adopt the same principles; maybe even go further as Virgin Vapor has done. Just read their info page with its impressive list of safety measures.

Labeling Expectations and Child Safety

The AEMSA pushes for proper labeling which includes the batch, date of the batch, best before date for contents, nicotine levels, and ingredients. Fancy labeling is not as important to this organization as transparency.

Companies are urged to use child-proof caps and safety seals. Members of the AEMSA who also follow SFATA guidelines promise not to create labeling or advertising which is appealing to children as it so often is, especially where e juice is concerned.

Just think of the candies, pastries, and cartoons often featured on sweet e juice flavors. Whatever argument one might put forward, these undoubtedly appeal to youth who should not be vaping or smoking.

Choosing E Juice Companies Carefully

If you are still on board with this plan, eager to stay within safe boundaries and to buy from companies that follow standards like those set out above, you need to be purchasing products from a handful of responsible firms.

Halo, Vaporfi, JVapes, NicVapes, NicQuid, Virgin Vapor, and a few others follow these guidelines strictly. You can add Mr. E-Liquid and Apollo to that list as well but there are many others.

Finding a list of AEMSA or even just compliant companies requires a lot of research, but it is worth your while. A company should be willing to tell you what you want to know about their practices.

If they won’t, why would you shop there? Hardly anyone’s formula is so original these days that someone has not made a better or at least equal version somewhere in the United States.

It might not bear the same name, but White Russian e juice by Johnson Creek (a great company and totally on board with the items above) is similar sub ohm juice to any other mocha-style e liquid, possibly better.

Paying Less but Still Getting More

It’s not necessarily the case that you will have to pay $0.80 per/ml to purchase the best e juice. Many companies market their products at these high levels but there are some great e juice businesses selling at reasonable prices all over the place.

There are a few ways to secure those costs. One is to shop directly with them if you can. Another is to make bulk purchases, either by selecting large bottles or buying multiple bottles of the same flavor at the same time. Thirdly, check out subscription companies.

Some of these firms deal with a lot of the approved firms mentioned above and other good ones. Then again, if cost is your single concern, this is the best way to get great e juice for a low price.

As for great pricing directly from the vendor, there are several which offer larger bottle sizes of 30 ml or up to 120 ml and also savings when you choose multiple bottles. NicQuid is one example. Mr. E-Liquid is another.

The Results of Responsible Shopping

Are you wrestling with the choice between e juice you love and vapor liquids that follow standards of the highest quality? Think of it this way: if you and others stop buying from a firm because they are not honest and forthcoming about their bottling methods, facility and ingredients, they will go under unless changes are made.

In this way, you can force companies to be responsible. As a smoker, you have been in this position before; choosing health over preference, but this time you might not think your choice makes such a big deal.

On the contrary; if e juice, e cigs, and vaping are to survive, some firms will have to get on board with best practices not just to stay in business but also to help create a better image for an industry that suffers from the cowboy acts of some outfits.

You might not see a health-related or environmental issue with how low-cost or even artisan e juice is made, but the FDA isn’t convinced yet. Until they give the green light to a company’s methods of making e liquid, the whole industry could be put on hold or even come crashing down.


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Best Vape Juice & E-Liquid 2018
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