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Get Wrecked Juices (get it, Get “Rexed,” hence the T-rex logo) are not cheap e liquids. This American company, location not stated, seeks to overturn the idea that good-tasting products made from high-quality ingredients should cost more than $1 per milliliter.

Their prices will have you fooled, but take their word for it; Get Wrecked Juices are made to the same standards as gourmet firms. Just try a taste and, believe me, you can afford it.

Many Blends of Inexpensive E Liquid

Select a flavor and it will not matter which one or how much nicotine you want. The bottle will always measure 30 ml and cost $8 plus shipping. There are some crude names and images, but it’s all light-hearted stuff overall.

While the people at Get Wrecked Juices do not take themselves or flavor naming seriously, they are serious about providing quality and variety. That includes a huge assortment of candy, tobacco, dessert, and even herb and spice vapes.

No Exceptions

Select how much Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol would suit your coils and your cloud-blowing expectations; it’s all the same at the checkout. Instead of promoting reserve e liquids or a specialty line, everything gets the name it was given when first conceived whether that is Equine Milk (strawberry milkshake) or All Da Single Ladies (white chocolate, maple syrup, and whipped cream). Their flavors are consistently concocted from USP bases and, no exceptions, always cost $8 for 30 ml.

Customer Creations

One section is dedicated to flavors customers asked for and inspired in the past. This service has been discontinued owing to new regulations from the FDA, but there are 4 styles here to choose from. Crème de Menthe, juicy lemon, and whipped cream is the preferred blend of someone named Heather.

Horse Apples is about custard with strawberries and apples. A guy named Lionel came up with a lemon meringue bake named Lionel’s Fantastic Donut. Finally, Toffonutmint expertly blends spearmint with English toffee and coconut.

Standard Flavors and New Inspiration

Pink Starburst is bold the way the real candy would taste, but they recommend steeping for a week or slightly more before vaping with it. Crunch Berries should have you reminiscing about crunchy “fruit” cereal while Swedish Guppies is an obvious play on confection-related branding.

You know what Mountain Don’t is supposed to be, but what about Nourish? This is a strange one, unique even: Lavender Lemonade.

Other members of the Herb & Spice Club include anything that does not belong somewhere else like honey, hibiscus, cherry blossom, and E-Caffeine, a stimulating boost for your vapor. Blend RY4 with bourbon and you get a Gentleman’s Retreat tobacco.

Freshen up with Mint Mint Gum. Passion Fruit, Ten Cent Gum, and Almond Merriment (like a certain chocolate bar) are numbered among the newest flavors at Get Wrecked Juice.

Customizing E Liquid at Get Wrecked Juice

Clients can still individualize their purchase by making three selections. One is the flavor, of course. The second choice is nicotine offered here in small increments, so one can really slowly wean off of nicotine if that is a goal.

Third is the VG/PG mixture. Select 50/50, 60/40 either way, 70/30 either way, 20/80 favoring VG, or max-VG which is even cloudier. Get Wrecked charmingly refers to 60%, 70%, and max-VG levels as more, morer, and moreyest clouds.

Shopping with Get Wrecked Juices

I want more information about the firm, but one thing that strikes me is their immediate compliance with age-restriction legislation. Get Wrecked Juices wasted no time changing the registration format so as to filter out any under-aged shoppers. It’s not easy to do that online, but they’ve got it covered.

What I would love to know is where their facility is, its rating (ISO 7 or 8?), and a little bit of information about how the firm got its start. Those personal details are always interesting, sometimes inspiring or even sentimental. They provide renewed faith in the e cig and e liquid industries, proving the value of pursuing compliance and long-term success.

Get Wrecked Juices
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