One Hit Wonder

The One Hit Wonder line is an exciting series of flavors which, from the bottles, you might mistake for syrup you would put into coffee or pour over ice cream. These products are, in fact, e liquids for vape users. The One Hit Wonder line consists of 5 styles plus two collaborations.

About One Hit Wonder E Juice

One Hit Wonder, which released Muffin Man e juice in 2015, is made in LA where they use only TruNic nicotine grown and extracted in the United States. Their e liquid contains top notch ingredients brought to you at what they consider very low prices for what you get.

The Original

Muffin Man was first of the four and a big seller, rated highly by vapers everywhere. Buy the 180-ml format for $59.99. This blend should taste and smell like a muffin bursting with apple and cinnamon; fruity, warm, and not as sweet as a cake flavor. Muffin Man E-Liquid comes in one 6-oz. plastic squeeze bottle along with 2 empty 15-ml plastic unicorn bottles. Cap colors change depending on the flavor.

Mini Man

Mini Muffin Man costs $39.99 containing 100 ml. This is a flaky, sweet strawberry muffin, though I don’t know where the flakiness is supposed to come from. That is more pastry-like in my opinion. This is a limited edition flavor, so act quickly if you want to figure this one out for yourself.

Milk Man

Here he is, the Muffin Man’s version of one of the most popular flavors around. Milk Man combines strawberries and milk, that luscious best-selling e juice pairing. Buy a couple of other strawberry milk concoctions by e juice vendors and compare them. Muffin Man is sure to come out smelling of strawberries.

Rocket Man

Here is where you start to see a possible musical theme building, except that Elton John is no one-hit wonder. Rocket Man is sweet, tart, and a little bit crunchy. Enjoy blueberries on your thick Greek yogurt plus ripe blueberries grown wild in the mountains. Rocket Man is virtually health food.

My Man Neapolitan

If you can’t choose a favorite flavor of ice cream, let Muffin Man help you by blending the top three traditional favorites: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. You will get something different with every inhale and exhale: notes of just one flavor, a pairing, or sometimes all three at once.

Police Man

You guessed, didn’t you? This fifth flavor stereotypes policemen as donut lovers, but a very specific type. It’s ingenious: mix marshmallow cereal with a glazed donut for a cop’s new favorite treat.

Exciting E Juice Collaborations

One Hit Wonder and Mad Hatter got together and made an e liquid baby named Juice Box. Packaging even makes it look like a box of apple juice; just don’t insert a straw into this one.

Each bottle, measuring 180 ml, will be packaged in the usual way with two unicorn bottles as well as a vinyl sticker. Do not throw it away or give it to your kid: this could be the key to winning money from Mad Hatter and One Hit Wonder.

There is more than $20,000 worth of prize money for consumers to collect. Purchases also come with a Yorker cap and some surprises not mentioned here; they wouldn’t be surprises otherwise.

A second collaboration contains the flavors of whipped cream and nothing else: just sweet creaminess. Drippn Whip was dreamed up by TheFatJewish, a social media personality, and One Hit Wonder E Liquid.

PG/VG Ratios

While the Muffin Man originals contain 80% VG and so does Drippn Whip, Juice Box contains 70% VG and is also made in the United States. A difference of 10% might have some effect on the clouds you make, but all of these flavors were designed to work exceptionally well in double, triple, quad coils, and so on; anything sub ohm, especially.

One Hit Wonder
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