Best Electronic Cigarette Brands For 2018

 Here is a quick chart of the best beginner starter kits, and then we have the top 10 brands listed below. 


#1 V2 Cigs – Best Overall

#2 Vaporfi – Largest Selection

#3 JUUL – Strongest – Great For Switching From Smoking

Members of the ECASSOC organization believe that electronic cigarettes are one of the best alternatives to smoking today***.

We hope that the reviews we offer help you pick the top e cigarettes that fit your needs personally. We list the best e-cig brands available today on this page, and after having tried them all, we offer our ratings and reviews to help you decide on the best option for your needs.

*** Please note, vapor products are not FDA approved as smoking cessation products. Information on this page is just our opinion, please don’t mistake anything for medical advice. 

Now is the time to buy e cigs though, before recent FDA rulings spoil your chance to try some of them. Companies can’t advertise e cigs as smoking cessation products but these gizmos are great for replacing the look and feel of a cigarette. Find an electronic cigarette that suits your style and tastes in the following top 10 list.

Electronic Cigarette Brands Rankings & Reviews In 2018

There are so many different companies now, along with different types of vaping devices, that it can be pretty overwhelming.

On this page, we recommend mini e-cigs, also known as cig-a-likes, which look like an actual cigarette, and resemble them in flavor; not perfectly, but some do a good job.

We hope to not add to any confusion, but hopefully educate you with what you need to know, and show you some great products you can try, all available for online purchase, and a few can be found in disposable form in some gas stations and convenience stores if you are looking to try something right now.

 Here are the factors that we consider for our rankings :

Flavor (Quality and selection)

Battery Life (Increases with the mAh rating)

Throat Hit (That feeling in the back of your throat – higher PG, and nicotine increase this)

 Price (This can potentially save you money too!)

Realistic Taste (This pertains to tobacco and menthol options).

These are the main points we feel people need to know to get started and try out a digital cigarette. There are more factors that can be considered with more complex devices, but we think it’s best not to confuse someone researching this for the first time.

(For anyone looking for a more advanced device, like a box mod, you can see our list of the best vape mods and box mods here).

If you are considering a cig-a-like, or aren’t sure yet, we recommended just trying out one of the starter kits we have listed next.

 The most important thing to decide here will be the flavors you want to try, along with the percentage of nicotine in the product .

Light smokers will probably want 8% or 12%, and heavy smokers will want somewhere between 18-24% nicotine.

This all changes if you move to a more advanced machine, with recommended nicotine levels, but to start out with a mini-cig, that’s our recommendation.

 Best 10 List Of Mini E-Cig Brands 

Most brands in the top 10 today were among the pioneers of five years ago or more. After fiddling around to get their designs just right, firms like V2 and Halo have arrived at a point where they can sit back and relax until any major new innovations are made in battery technology. All of the following e cigs are from the “mini cig” or “cigalike” category recognized by:

• cigarette-like dimensions
• a tubular body (with one exception)
• nice vapor production
• great flavors
• user-friendly design
• atomized cartridges in several flavors

Here are the top cigalike brands of 2018:

 V2 Cigs – #1 

V2 Cigs Is Ranked 97 Percent
V2 - Best E-Cig Overall

As a new vaper, the V2 website could seem a little bit confusing.

There are many choices, yet it is one of the simplest sites out there, as there are a plethora of different vaping products available, and it can be just overwhelming when first learning about this.

Opt for the EX if you want the best performance in a mini e-cig, but choose a Classic Standard Kit in the smallest size for a cigarette-like feel and look.

We recommend starting out with their standard kit for your first starter kit, especially for something that resembles an actual cigarette.

Only the Classic is available in the plain white/tan combo familiar to smokers.

V2 has established a great reputation and has joined ranks with other responsible vape companies as part of the SFATA which proactively sought to appease the FDA prior to the recent ruling.

Their customer service is top notch and they have found significant footing overseas along with a strong US following.

V2 E Cig Kit
V2 Standard Kit ($39.95) Still the #1 most popular vaping starter kit worldwide, and one of V2’s best-selling products, with over 500,000 customers.  Also very affordable.  This starter kit comes with everything you need to get started with e-cigs. It is one of the and affordable electronic cigarette starter kits

  • Included With The Standard Kit:
  • 2 Batteries, 10 Flavor Cartridges, 1 Wall Charger, 1 USB Charger, 1 Starter Kit Manual

 Vaporfi #2 

Vaporfi Is Ranked 95 Percent
Vaporfi - The Best Flavor Selection

The express e-cig from Vaporfi is an excellent way to try out electronic cigarettes.

This comes with a few choices. many people choose just the standard flavor cartridges, as it is super easy to use.

You can choose from a few tobacco flavors, menthol, and then there is cherry and vanilla.

Another option they have is the refillable mini tanks, as pictured here, and with these, you can use any of their flavors, and they have a lot 🙂

Each kit comes with two sizes of battery and they are high quality batteries where this end of the vaping field is concerned.

No one expects big clouds or hours of vaping on a charge, so the vapor production and charge life seen here are surprisingly good with this brand of e-cigarette.

 Juul – #3 

About The JUUL E-Cig

PAX Labs released the Juul e cig last year. It meets most of the criteria listed above but for one thing: the innovative shape, like a thumb drive and about the same length as well.

Realistically, it won’t feel much different holding and puffing on one of these given how small it is and consumers say Juul’s flavor pods are among the most authentic they have found, but there aren’t many choices.

The Juul is easy to recharge,refill, and dismantle.


 South Beach Smoke – #4 

South Beach Smoke - Cheapest Starter Kit

Starter kits at South Beach Smoke came down in price this past several months in order to compete with what was a growing e-cig market.

Certainly they won’t face such stiff competition by this time in 2018, but in the meantime this is your chance to take advantage of a discounted starter kit with two or even three batteries, numerous replacement cartridges, or even buy blanks and a bottle of e juice to refill e liquid.

This is difficult and messy at first but economical, plus you enjoy greater variety of flavors. Only Vapor4Life makes longer-lasting cigalike batteries.

South Beach Deluxe Kit

 Halo Cigs – #5 

Halo - The Best Tobacco and Menthol

The G6 is still great value and a fabulous design, available in the colors of a cigarette or shiny shades of all the prime colors and then some.

Their flavors are award-winners, sold in pre-filled cartridges or bottles so you can refill blank cartomizers if you wish.

There is just one starter kit assembled with good sense; no confusion over which set to select.

Apart from some customization features, this is a simple choice but could come down in price a notch.

Halo G6


 White Cloud – #6 

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

All that stops White Cloud from climbing the ranks is their somewhat confusing battery chart. Differences between the Cirrus 2, 3, and 3X and relative pricing is confusing to a new vaper.

The Fling disposable, however, is a thing of beauty. If you don’t see yourself using a rechargeable system, I would definitely pick these as my go-to disposable e cigs.

Flavors vary through many tobacco styles to spicy types and even a chocolate-mint called “Snap.” The Fling is inexpensive and starter kits aren’t bad value. White Cloud is considered a great employer to work for too.

Cirrus Omni Starter Kit

 Vapor4Life – #7 

About Vapor4life

Price brings the Titan starter kit down to sixth place where I might have placed it higher otherwise. A $40 kit only contains one battery, but this cell has the potential to provide 420mAh when brand new and fully charged.

Vapor4Life lists 12 colors and more than a dozen flavors like peanut butter cup and Virginia.

Customers can also select a manual battery if they want a longer-lasting cell compared with an automatic one which is on stand-by all the time losing a little of its charge steadily all day.

Vapor Titan Kit

 NJOY – #8 

NJOY- Best Disposable

To many vapers, this is the only brand of e cig to try; the one disposable that even comes close to achieving the throat hit and flavor of a real cigarette without producing smoke.

NJoy was there at the beginning, and they continue to satisfy America’s vaping public with the King and Daily disposable.

You can now vape tobacco-like, menthol, or blue and blackberry flavored e juice, and a couple other flavors.

They have a line of more advances devices as well if you decide you want a more powerful vape.

NJOY Recharge Economy Kit

 Eversmoke – #9 

The Eversmoke Brand

Advertising for Eversmoke is clean and perhaps a little bit too youthful, but they follow the same pattern as other responsible companies by staying away from the sexually suggestive images some brands have preferred.

Their e cigs are simple devices made to resemble real cigarettes and using the same technology as sister companies Vaporfi and South Beach Smoke. Starter Kits begin at $10 which is great value.

Eversmoke Starter Kit

 Green Smoke – #10 

Green Smoke E-Vapor


Nothing could be simpler than buying a mini cig set from this early contributor to the e cig market.

Their design is clean and cigarette-like, free of buttons, full of flavor. The end glows green appropriately enough.

Cartridges are wrapped three times so they are always fresh upon delivery and each of their three kits is reasonably priced.

Tips For Successful E Cig Shopping & Electronic Cigarette Review Continued

Shopping online is fun and easy. Shopping in person makes for a potential day out with friends, complete with lunch and a few laughs. These are both good ways to make memories, but when you are taking the job seriously, how do you shop effectively for e cigs? Are you looking at reputable reviews of the best e cigarette brands online from a company like us?

Is e-commerce better than brick-and-mortar stores? Is there a right way and a wrong way? Whom should you buy from and how do you spot a scam?

Scams in E-Cig E-Commerce

They are fortunately rare compared with legitimate sites, but scams are out there. People will take money from unsuspecting, heedless shoppers.

Do your research; think about where you are spending your money and how much a product should cost. Check out the fine print and always be sure the final price doesn’t come as a big surprise.

The top thing to look for in an online retailer is SSL certification or anti-virus protection, but SSL is ideal. This tells you that hackers can’t get at your credit card or PayPal details and your identity is protected.

If a shop takes care to obtain certification, they care about customers and their reputation; that is, they hope to be around tomorrow, not take your money and run.

Don’t buy into offers of a free trial. Often these trials start with handing over your credit card details and they never end well. Also, when you take the next step, comparison shopping, any price tag that is wildly out of line with the norm should send out a red flag. Don’t trust unbelievably cheap deals either.

Comparing Stores & Comparing The Top Brands Of E Cigs With Reviews

View prices at several stores for the gear you want, choosing just companies which are within a few dollars of each other. Often online retailers manage better pricing because of low overheads, but set priorities. You can checkout different reviews of the best electronic cigarette brands of 2018 to get an idea of which brands are really the best.

What’s more important, supporting a local business, paying as little as possible, securing excellent customer service, or the loyalty points that go with shopping at a certain place? Factor the cost of shipping into the bill as well to get the real price and also things like warranty and extras.

Some stores charge a little more but they do more for their customers like free coil building, workshops, customer-exclusive events, discounts for members, and so on. Don’t just look at the price tag when determining the best value.

Authorized Re-Sellers

There are lots of clones on the market; gear that says “iClear” or “eGo” but isn’t made by Innokin or Joyetech. You want the brand name gear; there is no safe substitute for the real thing.

Simply too many things go wrong with cheap electronics; you know from experience with other battery-powered things like toys, games, flashlights, and tools.

If the brand name is labelled on a box, you receive the best-value overall. Cheap knock-offs don’t last. On the website for a company or somewhere in their store you will see a promise that all goods come from SMOK, Sony, Sigelei, Innokin, etc. There might even be a promise of no clones although some clones are good buys.

Consumers in the market for RDAs and mechanical mods are often more satisfied paying less for an HCigar replica of something made in the Philippines since it works just as well as the original without a serial number indicating the device is a limited edition item.

Try a Few

You might really love the place where you buy hardware, but don’t feel sheepish about comparison shopping. It’s good to have more than one go-to spot anyway in case a place is closed when you are off work. Also, find a place with the atmosphere that fits your personality. Some vapor stores feel exclusive and others are welcoming regardless of whether you are 25 or 65; cool or nerdy; tattooed or ink-free.

The only time you probably want to stick with one store for almost everything you buy is when you like an internet store best and there is a minimum order to receive free shipping. It often pays to be totally loyal in this place.


Online shopping makes some people nervous and they miss the human connection. That’s fine: shop at street level all the way if you’re getting the service you need and want.

Online shoppers might want to check out customer service arrangements at online stores before choosing one. See that you are offered multiple ways to get in touch including telephone, email, real mail, and live chat.

There should be a Facebook forum or some other social media operation which lets staff and customers interact. Succumb to suspicion when a store gives you almost nothing: just an email address but no live chat, no idea where they are located, and a general lack of information about the business.


You’ve got to love the e cig retailer who loves the business and knows his stuff. When in doubt, always shop where clerks understand what they are doing, share their knowledge in accessible language, and never make you feel small for asking questions.

Best eGo E-Cigs Online

There is a huge range of eGo e-cigs online, and for beginners it can be very difficult to figure out which are the best models and which offer the best value for money. It doesn’t help that there is so much jargon involved in describing e-cigs and other vaping accessories.

The term “eGo” is another name for those most portable of electronic cigarette designs, the vape pens. They are often slim, compact, easy to use, fill, and maintain and very popular with people who have started vaping to quit smoking because of their similarity to real cigarettes in how you inhale the vapor. They are also very portable, as the name eGo suggests, and are small enough to fit in pockets while having enough battery and tank capacity to keep you vaping throughout the day.

If you want some guidance on the best eGo ecigs on the market then check out the guide below to some of the year’s best sellers:

Vaporfi Pro 3

The Vaporfi Pro 3 is a fun, stylish vape pen that is very easy to use and ideal for those who are new to vaping.

Available in a range of bright colors that will definitely get you noticed, this device includes a 2.5-ml top-filling tank.

If you are new to vaping, vape pens and mods with a top-fill tank are the easiest to refill, though it might still take a little practice before you manage to do it without spilling a drop.

The 2000mAh battery will easily keep even heavy users fully powered all day while the 2.0-ohm resistance atomizer will create plenty of big clouds of smooth and tasty vapor, making the most of your favorite e-liquids.

Halo Triton

The Halo Triton is a more advanced and sleeker vape pen which comes in two parts: a battery unit and a detachable tank and atomizer. This gives you much more flexibility as you can mix and match different battery and tank sizes to create the ideal device for your needs and your personal preferences.

Batteries range in size from 400mAh to 1300mAh, not super powerful but enough to keep light to medium users vaping all day. The Halo Triton starter kit comes with an extra battery, so if you are a heavier user you can carry a spare charged battery with you for when the first one runs out. The tanks have a capacity of 2.4 ml and are fitted with coils from 2.2 to 2.4-ohm resistance.

South Beach Smoke Storm

South Beach is best known for its popular brand of disposables e-cigs, but the company also makes the stylish South Beach Smoke Storm refillable vape pen. Available in a range of funky colors, including camouflage, the device has a 650mAh battery and a 2.2-ml tank with 2.2-ohm resistance coils.

With a nice battery that will last most of the day (it depends how often you vape), the South Beach Smoke Storm looks good and works effectively, creating big clouds of pleasant-tasting vapor.

These are the top three eGo e-cigs around at the moment, but there are dozens more models from lots of other manufacturers that might suit your vaping needs more — or which just might be more your style.

Best Sub-Ohm E-Cigarettes

Sub-ohm vaping is all about the clouds, and flavor. Sub-ohm devices use lower resistance coils to help create huge clouds of vapor; ideal for those “cloud chasers” who want to show off their skills or even compete against friends to see who can create the most vapor.

Resistance coils in these devices are below 1 ohm (hence the “sub” prefix), and while these devices are great fun to use, they are aimed more at those who have some experience vaping.

New vapers might find all the bells and whistles on these vaporizers unnecessary; work your way up (or down, if you prefer) to sub-ohm vaping, and you will enjoy it much, much more.

Top 3 Sub-Ohm E-Cigs 

These sub-ohm devices also create a much more intense flavor, which is great if you enjoy playing around with some of the more adventurous e-liquid blends. The vapor produced through sub-ohm devices tends to be warmer, which can be much more pleasant if you’re forced outdoors to vape. Read more about some of the best sub-ohm e-cigs below.

Vaporfi Rocket III

This is a compact and stylish device with a 0.5-ohm resistance coil to produce bigger clouds of vapor; the starter kit even comes with an additional 0.1-ohm resistance coil if you are a keen cloud chaser, but this is probably a little too much for the social vaper.

The 2500mAh battery will keep even the most successful cloud chasers fully charged all day and the 3.5-ml tank can hold a good amount of your favorite e-liquid if you are more interested in the intense flavors produced by sub-ohming than clouds.

Available in a range of bright, bold colors, the Vaporfi Rocket 3 is an easy to use and comfortable vape pen that packs a real punch.

Halo Triton II

The Halo Triton II is one of the smallest sub-ohm vaporizers on the market, a slim and easily portable device that can be used discreetly — until you produce those big clouds of vapor, of course.

Available in a stylish range of colors, this device has a 700mAh battery which may not be enough to keep heavy users powered up all day, but the starter kit comes with a spare battery which you can carry and use when your first battery runs out.

The stainless steel tank has a capacity of 2 ml and has a resistance of 0.75 ohms, more than low enough to create the big clouds of flavorful vapor that sub-ohmers enjoy.

Mig Vapor Minion

Fitted with a powerful 3000mAh battery, the Mig Vapor Minion is a great sub-ohm e-cig for heavy users who love their big clouds and big flavors. This stylish device, available in a classy stainless steel finish and a range of funky metallic colors, has an impressive 30 watts of power for its 0.5-ohm resistance — a great combination for sub-ohming. The 3-ml tank will keep your vapor clouds bursting with flavor. This is a fun device that is designed for more experienced sub-ohm vapers who will really be able to get the most of its powerful components.

The best sub-ohm e-cigs combine stylish design and technological innovations to create e-cigs that produce clouds of smooth, pleasant vapor packed with flavor. Maximize your enjoyment of vaping by upgrading today to one of these popular sub-ohm devices.

E-Cigarette Brands List

Here is a list of the latest vapor cigarette brands for the year 2018. Each goes to our review page for each brand.

Each of these has their own unique cigalike product (cigalikes resemble an actual cigarette) or eGo kits, as opposed to just a standard vape shop selling third party products. Many of these brands do in addition sell products from third parties and there are some great ones at that, though that typically goes into more advanced devices, where on this page we are primarily addressing basic mini e-cigs, and anyone new to this looking to try vaping.


See The Top 10 E-Cig Brands Of 2018

A Short List Of E Cig Terminology

The language of vaping is foreign to new customers. They catch on quickly, but a little bit of coaching before you go shopping for the first time can’t hurt. In this article, I’ll describe some e cig terminology associated with electronic cigarettes so you won’t feel completely overwhelmed as you try to make your first purchase.

Electronic Cigarettes

There are several names for these cigarette-like devices. They are known as cigalikes, mini cigs, and smokeless cigarettes. E cigs contain a battery and an e liquid cartridge which also contains an atomizer like the coil on a stove top.

Some e cigs are disposable and last about as long as one package of cigarettes. The battery portion of a reusable e cig can be reused but the top is either refilled or replaced.


Combine cartridges with atomizer and you get a cartomizer. The coil is part of this reservoir and is replaced every time the cartridge is disposed of.

If you buy a prefilled cartomizer the whole thing lasts about as long as one package of cigarettes, but refillable ones can be used several times before you recycle them.


This is a Portable Charging Case, a wireless device which is recharged like other USB items but contains the power to also recharge your e cig battery when you are on the road. Some PCCs are also cases for extra cartomizers.

Pass-through Cig

A wired battery with a USB plug at the end connects to a constant source of power through your laptop and does not need to be recharged. This is known as a pass-through or USB Cig.

Some models of more advanced electronic vaping devices have a port in the base or on one side which enables the user to connect their device and use it in this way or operate the e cig wirelessly when the battery is fully charged.


This stands for Milliamp Hours or the length of time a battery will hold its charge. Most e cigs are rated for about 180mAh to 240mAh (roughly 3 to 5 hours of vaping) but the eRoll by Joyetech is 90mAh while Vapor4Life makes a 420mAh cigalike.

Manual or Automatic

Most e cigs are automatic which means you puff and they heat up because the battery is on stand-by. There is a button on a manual battery. You press the button to heat the coil which takes virtually no time.


The next step up from vaping with disposable and rechargeable mini cigs is to try an eGo, a larger e cig resembling a cigar in its size. Rated for at least 400mAh but usually from 650mAh to 1300mAh, these are recharged via USB and operated manually. Instead of a cartomizer on top, they usually feature a transparent or covered clearomizer.


This is made with a synthetic material such as plastic, polycarbonate, or acrylic, possibly colored. They are topped with a mouthpiece similar to the filter on a cigarette. These are refillable accessories and you can buy them with replaceable coils or not. If you can replace the coil head they last longer. Glassomizers are the same thing but made with glass.


Also known as e-liquid, vapor juice, and nicotine juice, e-juice usually blends propylene glycol with vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring to be vaporized, not burned. Most e-liquids are made with synthetic flavoring. Several taste like cigarette tobacco but contain no actual tobacco. Nicotine is also optional.


Synthetic materials don’t stand-up to e-juice that contains acidic ingredients. If a flavor is strong, like black licorice or cinnamon-menthol, it will probably cause polycarbonate or plastic clearomizers to become cloudy like cheap dollar-store cups which cloud up and crack when you pour orange juice into them. E-juice companies usually warn customers if a juice will crack tanks.

E-Cigarette FAQs

Smokers considering shifting to e cigs have a lot of questions about how a battery-operated item can mimic the smoking experience. There is so much controversy too that it’s good to be able to set their minds at rest by proactively answering e cig questions they’re bound to ask. FAQs will be divided into sections regarding batteries, e liquid, starter kits, and brands.

FAQs about E Cig Batteries

What All Do I Need To Get Started?
The very cheapest, easiest option is to purchase a disposable, one time use e-cig. You will get anywhere from a few hours out of it, to a day or two, depending how often you puff. Zero knowledge is required, just open the package, and inhale on it, as it is self activated.

Rechargeables: If you decide to buy a rechargeable kit, you will need at the very least one battery, flavor cartridges (typically packs of 5) or refillable tanks (sometimes called blanks, clearomizers) and e-liquid/vape juice, and a charger, either a USB for your computer, or a wall charger. It is recommended with rechargeables to purchase two batteries so there is no down time.

This is for the basic type of e-cig or eGo kit.

What is a Cigalike?
This device, also known as a mini cig, is a cigarette-shaped product featuring a battery at the bottom and an atomized cartridge at the top.

True cigarette-like products are covered in a material which resembles cigarette paper, but it’s not paper at all. Most cigalikes are available in other colors like silver, black, blue, and pink, but retain analog dimensions so that vapers can hold them as they once held a cigarette.

What is the difference between a disposable e cig and a rechargeable one?
 The disposable can only be used until it runs out of power or e juice, whichever comes first. They are typically the equivalent to about one pack of cigarettes or slightly more and available in tobacco and menthol-flavored varieties.

Some firms, like White Cloud, make other flavors of disposable e cigs (known as the Fling). You cannot open and refill the cartridges. These devices can be recycled when finished and will not come apart into two pieces.

A rechargeable e cig is a two-part product. The bottom is your battery which unscrews from the cartridge and is screwed onto a special USB to recharge.

Cartridges are either disposable or refillable. Usually you have to buy blank ones specifically if you wish to refill them with e juice; pre-filled ones are meant to be thrown away or returned to the vendor for recycling.

Are there multiple types of e cig battery?
There are several sizes, the smallest of which looks much like a stubby cigarette.

Regular sizes are close to ordinary cigs and long ones could be king-sized examples. Usually, an e cig starts working when you puff on it.

Manual varieties feature a button, so they heat up vapor only when you tell them to. Automatic (puff-activated) batteries constantly drain power as they remain on standby.

How long do batteries last?
They can hold a charge for anything from 2 hours to 5 hours. The smallest batteries are only rated for 90mAh but, typically, mini cig cells hold at least 180mAh, sometimes over 300mAh. After many charges their rating drops, though, so always have a spare handy.
What does mAh stand for?
mAh is milliamp hours, which is the battery capacity; the greater the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last.

FAQs about Cartomizers

What is a Cartomizer?
Cartridge is a combination of cartridge and atomizer.

This is the atomized cartridge which attaches to a cigalike battery. They contain a heating coil which, when the battery is activated, heat e juice until it becomes vapor.

Can you refill these cartomizers?
Sometimes, yes; there are refillable or “blank” varieties which can be refilled about 10 times. It’s not recommended that you use them too long as the small, cheap heating coil will burn down. Vapor will taste acrid.

FAQs about Starter Kits

What is a Starter Kit?
This a is a set of pieces which the manufacturer combines into one box. It contains at least a battery plus cartomizers and a USB charger, but this sort of kit isn’t as popular as kits which provide a second battery, an AC adapter, and at least 5 cartomizers.

This set helps you learn how to keep one battery charged all the time. Some sets also include portable charging equipment including a charging pack and a car charging adapter. Sometimes you can buy a set with a USB e cig that operates as long as it is plugged into a USB outlet.

Are Starter Kits good value?
If you wanted to buy all the gear found in a kit anyway, then this is the best way to do it.

Individually, pieces cost up to 20% more. Firms like kits because they are excellent marketing tools.

When batteries can no longer be recharged (after around 300 cycles), you might be left with cartomizers to use up, so you buy new batteries. Then the cartomizers run out, but with batteries still in your kit, you might as well buy more cartomizers.

What is E Juice?
Cartomizers contain a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and flavoring, possibly nicotine, and usually vegetable glycerin (VG).

The balance of ingredients favors PG rather than VG because the former is thinner and the coils in cartomizers can’t handle thick e liquid. Nicotine is optional.

Flavors are made from artificial ingredients and sometimes natural extracts if possible, but they contain no tobacco. Special products contain caffeine, natural herbal remedies for low energy and sleeplessness, and even mood enhancers, but never illegal drugs.

Where is E Juice Made?
A number of firms such as South Beach Smoke, White Cloud, Halo, and Vaporfi fills their cartomizers with US-made e juice. Others fill them with Chinese e liquid.
Does E Juice contain anything that's bad for you?
That depends on how you view nicotine.

Leaving nicotine aside, there could be diacetyl and other additives in your e liquid, but companies have been encouraged to undergo third-party testing.

The results should be available to customers. Then, you might notice that they are free from those ingredients or that they contain only trace amounts deemed safe by the FDA when found in food-related products.

FAQs about Brands

How does a new vaper choose a brand of e cig?
That is a matter of personal preference; many of them are equally as good as each other.

Their loyalty programs frequently off-set high-prices and there are deals for regular customers. Many devices are made in China by the same company to the same specifications.

To all intents and purposes, they are the same batteries, just rebranded with an alternative logo and finished in alternative colors or textures.

A good rule is to buy products from a company with a long-standing reputation. Compare prices as there is huge disparity in this regard. They should run a secure online retail page and provide lots of information.

Find prices for starter kits and for replacement cartridges to get a picture of your long-term investment. V2, Vapor4Life, and Halo are very good.

Advanced Equipment

The following is a list of e cig FAQs about vape mods from the eGo to regulated box mods. Vapers will usually make this slow transition which can also be a scary progression given the increasing power available.

Put your fears to rest; educate yourself by knowing the answers to the most common questions before setting out to increase and improve your collection of e cig products.

FAQs about eGos

What is an eGo?
This is the next type of battery after a cigalike, a one-button pen-type cell that allows vapers to be self-sufficient for many hours away from a battery charger.

Brands like Joyetech and Kanger make their own versions of cell from 650mAh and up. There are many colors and a few styles, including a variable voltage variety (often called a Spinner or Twist battery) which enables the vaper to regulate voltage, but only in its ordinary range.

What is the advantage of a Spinner/Twist?
If you are used to your battery starting out at its highest voltage before this drops over time, you are also accustomed to the changes this produces in the performance of your eGo; to flavor and vapor production.

Meanwhile, if you are the sort to enjoy the way a battery works at 3.7V, you can stay here for as long as you like with the bonus that your battery will hold its charge longer than if you allowed it to start at 4.2V and drop naturally.

Do eGos use cartomizers?
An eGo is topped by a cartomizer or clearomizer which will usually hold marginally more e liquid than a cigalike cartomizer.

The coil and wicking system is better quality, so you get more vapor. Most items are made to be refilled up to 20 times with a few exceptions. NJOY has created disposable pre-filled clearomizers.

What is the resistance of a clearomizer or cartomizer?
Usually, it’s only about 2.2 ohms. You should be using Propylene Glycol (PG) e juice or no more than a 50/50 blend since the mid- or low-resistance coil builds don’t handle thick e liquid very well; types that make more vapor.

FAQs About Mods & APVs

What is an APV?
An Advanced Personal Vaporizer starts with a tube which requires a high-drain battery.

Atop the tube is a tank or clearomizer which matches the wider dimensions of this device.

Items like the LavaTube by Volcano, and Vamo, and the Tracer by Halo are examples. Vaporfi’s Rocket and Rebel are two more. They supply more power than a regular eGo.

Sometimes they can be regulated. This will be your first introduction to variable wattage and perhaps a screen as in some examples. Most of them are topped by a tank with adjustable airflow.

What is a Mod For a Vape?
There are two types, roughly speaking, which are mechanical and regulated varieties.

With a mechanical mod, there is no circuit board running a screen or allowing the vaper to select from a range of wattage, voltage, or temperature settings. He adds a battery, tops it with a tank, and the combination of battery power plus resistance determines output.

Regulated mods feature a power button and switches which invite the vaper to choose a setting: wattage or voltage; wattage or temperature; wattage, voltage, or temperature. There is usually a built in or removable battery (sometimes 2 or 3) secured by a magnetic, sliding, or hinged door and a screen displaying important facts.

It will show you watts, volts, temperature, the resistance of your atomizer coil, and power remaining in the cells. If there is a USB port, that means one can recharge the batteries where they are and possibly upgrade the PCB.

What is a PCB?
The PCB is the Power Control Board which determines how much resistance a mod will support, sets a maximum temperature, runs the screen, and safeguards the device. It will prevent a short circuit when vapers return batteries upside down. The PCB prevents your battery from charging too long when it’s plugged into a USB outlet. It turns off the mod when heat rises too far or warns the vaper that voltage has dropped too low.

FAQs about Tanks and Clearomizers

How do these two items differ?
A clearomizer is generally made from plastic or acrylic material plus a light metal alloy or hardened plastic. Really good quality ones are constructed from stainless steel and glass.

The coil system uses wicking to draw e juice to the coil, long strands at the bottom. It might be rebuildable to a point with a removable coil head and the choice of refilling from the bottom too. If not, you send e liquid through the drip tip, not into the atomizer but down the sides of the tube.

A tank is generally made from glass and stainless steel with some exceptions. The coil is a rod through the middle containing wicking material, usually organic cotton, and with a better quality of coil material.

The coil build is also designed to handle thicker e liquids and is shaped so that e juice touches more of the coil to produce extra vapor.

When should one avoid a tank-cracking e liquid?
It’s best to stay away from those until your tank is made from glass. Acidic liquids cause an inferior tube to become cloudy, like a cheap plastic cup.
Why are tanks made from better materials?
They are going to be applied to APVs and mods where temperatures are hotter and the stress placed on materials is higher.

At high heats there is the possibility of releasing vapor from plastic or metal if it is low quality. You would be inhaling that vapor along with e juice vapor.

What is a TC coil?
This is a coil made from material such as titanium or high-grade nickel which retains its heat longer than Kanthal and burns down more slowly.
What's the difference between an RBA, an RTA, and an RDA?
Each is a rebuildable atomizer of some kind, the last being a dripping atomizer. There is no tank; just a shallow reservoir. Vapers drip in small amounts of e liquid at a time to produce tons of vapor.

An RTA is the tank version of this able to hold lots of e juice but containing a deck for building custom coils. An RBA uses pre-built coils.

The Fate Of Electronic Cigarettes – Our Review

Vapers are waiting with bated breath to hear the news about Bill H.R. 2058. Will e cigs receive the grandfather status which would create retroactive approval for many products and ensure simplified approval for the future?

If not, does this mean earlier proposals to regulate more severely will see most e cigs leaving stores and becoming, like prohibition liquor, a matter for customs trickery and overseas shopping?

Regulatory Wrangling

The United States Government does not quite know what to do with electronic cigarettes, and who can blame them? The parties involved are all partisan. Big Tobacco does not want their profits to suffer by competing with e cigs but would be happy to diversify if this meant financial gains were in store.

Vapers want to argue that e cigs and e liquid are completely safe because it is in their vested interests to do so. Worldwide organizations such as WHO must represent a responsible image and until such time as scientific research proves without doubt that vaping is safe, they can’t afford to go soft on e cigs.

The general public can’t decide and is genuinely confused about the pros and cons of vaping, partly because of the fleshy images created by vapers on social media in direct opposition to the many more responsible campaigns by vaping advocacy groups which refuse to use sex to sell their products and choose not to aim goods at minors. It is hardly surprising that there would be so much controversy and furor or that regulation would become a complicated issue.

The History of Controversy

Right from the start, e cigs were getting a negative reputation among some consumers thanks to a few bad apples in the generally wholesome barrel. Part of the problem was electronic malfunction and part of it was consumer negligence.

For instance, a battery might become overheated by over-use or the vent covered by a careless vaper. Mini cig batteries left to charge overnight caused fires but the problem was soon dealt with by designers who improved the safety of batteries so they would no longer over-charge. A few e cigs blew up in people’s faces, causing terrible injuries.

E liquid also caused some commotion. Certain companies were making e juice in a kitchen without filtration, improper equipment and clothing, and staff lacked training to ensure their routines and tools complied with expectations of cleanliness and safety. Ingredients were not carefully vetted; colorants were widely used; and some of the ingredients proved to be toxic.

A lot of advertising and social media features scantily clad women, both sexes heavily tattooed and pierced, and is highly suggestive. This creates unwholesome images which don’t help the public or government warm-up to vaping; especially not when teens gravitate to rebels so readily.

Early Responsibility

At the same time, many organizations went to exceptional, proactive lengths to ensure their facilities were professional and their ingredients safe. They insisted on using only FDA-approved flavorings, USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and certified labs featuring HEPA filters and stainless steel surfaces.

Firms like Johnson Creek, Halo, and NicQuid set responsible standards early on. The AEMSA or American E Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association does for the e juice community what the SFATA does for the general vaping industry.

Their membership promotes responsible behavior such as those exemplified above plus operational supervision by a chemist. Members of this organization include NicQuid, JVapes, and Virgin Vapor; VaporShark, NicVape, and Firebrand.

Another trade organization rose up to advocate for vapers and manufacturers throughout the industry and also to promote high standards within the trade. SFATA or Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, for example, seeks to model responsible advertising and self-regulation so that the public and government knows there are members of the industry who want to do things professionally and ethically.

Member organizations, including people and companies at every stage of the supply chain, promise not to market or sell items to minors. They believe it is right to create regulations, within reason, which will protect the general public from inadequate electronic safety and e liquid hygiene.

One of the founding members of the SFATA is J. Andries Verleur, president of V2 whose clout in the business has been a big help to promoting their agenda and standing up for vapers. The companies featured within these organizations use vivid imagery to promote their industry, but the online scenery doesn’t get steamy except in the vaporous sense.

Speaking Up for Real People

Who speaks up for consumer groups in the meantime? CASAA or Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association tries to be the public voice. SFATA and AEMSA policies protect the general consumer, but CASAA gives them a voice; a chance to share the most important aspects of vaping: personal stories.

The most poignant way to get a point across is to share what something means at an individual level, and in many cases these stories have been deeply emotional. Many CASAA members fought to give up cigarettes unsuccessfully, even though the toxins were killing them.

A number of CASAA members share how they nearly died; how their lung capacity made it difficult to breathe and they were on oxygen or how their doctors were predicting death within a few years or months if they did not quit smoking. Thanks to electronic cigarettes, thousands of smokers, some devoted to their fix for decades, finally kicked the habit.

Membership is comprised of ordinary adults who started communicating online via a vaping forum. They range from young adult to their 70s and 80s. Even men and women in their early 20s sought an answer from vaping after smoking from the age of 12 or 15, unable to give up the habit. Some ride Harleys and some drive BMWs; others take the bus or run marathons. Moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and grandparents celebrate the new lives waiting for them now that they can breathe, walk, run, climb stairs, and more.

The Likely Outcome

If e cigs are canned by the US Government, thousands of jobs will also go down the tube. This would not be good news for the new president. It’s likely that the timing of this decision will hinge on the upcoming election.

Hopefully this page on reviews and top brands of electronic cigarettes (and general e cig information) helped you make a decision on what is possibly the right product for you, and helps you get an understanding of what is coming for the vaping world!


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