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What Are The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Of 2021?

What Are The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Have you been thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco? Or are you interested in the vaping craze that's swept the nation? Either way, the brand of electronic cigarette that you use matters.

We've taken a look at some of the top cigarette brands on the market, along with information about how to choose the best brand for you.

1. Geekvape


Geekvape is an electronic cigarette company that aims to create a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The company was established in 2015 in China. Since then, they have grown to international levels and received acclaim for their innovative designs. Their engineering covers many different products, including atomizers, MODs, starter kits, and accessories.

Because of the range of products, you can get everything you need for your electronic cigarette from a single brand. Right now, Geekvape is the top-selling brand for advanced vaping techniques.

Let's take a look at some of their product lines to see what they have to offer.


The Aegis line includes a heavy-duty box mod with everything you need for a hardcore vaping experience. Box mods are cases that provide power to your vape through a battery. Some models have multiple batteries. "Mod" comes from "modifying" your original vape.


The goal of the Aegis is to be virtually indestructible. In fact, it's made from military-grade shockproof materials that can withstand massive impacts. In addition, the materials are dustproof and waterproof. Each mod comes with a battery and an adapter sleeve.

This mod provides power at up to 100 watts. Not only is it one of the most hardcore mods on the market, but it also has competitive pricing.

The kit comes with:

  • The box mod itself
  • The battery
  • A battery adapter
  • A spare plug
  • Two spare screws
  • A user manual available in 8 different languages

It's actually possible to use four different batteries with the kit, which is rare for a mod. The design has an o-ring that secures the battery in place to keep it from rattling, regardless of the size.

The mod is super easy to use, with a large firing button and an OLED display. The technology is sealed behind two plastic layers of protection to ensure that the controls aren't damaged with heavy use.

This mod is built to be ergonomic, even though it's one of the largest options on the market. That said, it might be a little difficult for those with smaller hands to wield.

On top of the ease of use and heavy-duty construction, there are also built-in temperature controls for titanium, stainless steel, and nickel materials. If you have a vape made of other metals, you can manually input the temperature.

You can also adjust the power curve to five different notches. If you want to have the highest power possible, you can bypass the curve entirely and use the raw energy.

It doesn't take very long for the mod to heat to the right temperature. You're also told about the power levels in real time through the OLED screen.

Z Series

The Z series is a group of tanks made for vaping fluid. Included in the series are the ZX RTA, the ZX II, the Sub-ohm, and the Nano tanks.


The nano tank is available in six different colors and is branded as the most reliable non-leak tank on the market. It's the latest incarnation of the Z series, combining strong airflow with a leakproof design and flavor-enhancing coils.


The company's Wenax products include the stylus and the C1.

The stylus is a lightweight vape that's built for beginners. It's the smallest kit in both weight and dimensions, with a diameter of less than 20 millimeters and a weight of less than 50 grams.


The product is built for use with mellow flavors, providing consistent flavoring during the coil's entire lifespan. It's also easy to identify the different flavors in a mixed liquid.

This is the product for those who are a little intimidated by the Aegis. Changing the coil is clean and easy. You only have to press one button to use the vape, and the reliable design can stand up to daily vaping for up to two full years.

The Wenax C1 is another basic vape design. Rather than being built to be as tiny as possible, this vape is designed for convenience. It has an ergonomic exterior that feels natural in the hand and the mouth.

The power output can be adjusted through three different levels. Included is a G-series coil that enhances the flavoring of your vape fluid. Coils can be replaced, and the pod can be refilled.

You can plug the electronic cigarette in at whichever end you want, which helps avoid accidental activation. There are also two startup methods. You can begin vaping automatically without pressing any buttons, or you can push a button to adjust your power settings.

The C1 is also compatible with other starter kits from Geekvape, so you can combine it with other series items like the Aegis mod.


Geekvape manufactures its own coil systems. You can purchase coils to replace those in your vape when the lifespan runs out. Different coils are compatible with different models in each series.


The G-coils are the most commonly used, since they're designed for the Aegis mod. Every G-coil uses mesh coils to vape salt nicotine liquids. The goal of the coils is to preserve the flavor and keep the airflow smooth.

Many people have praised the Geekvape coil system, since it helps to enhance flavors instead of losing them along the way.


You can also buy a variety of accessories for your vape. Some of these include replacement coils with extra features, while others include tools like tweezers and cotton balls.


The company sells accessories that will help you with things like:

  • Cleaning your vape.
  • Using tweezers to maintain your vape.
  • Replacing coils, batteries, and other parts.
  • Replacing wires in your vape.
  • Setting down a mat to make an easy workspace when modifying or doing maintenance on your vape.

You don't necessarily need these accessories, as most of the starter kits come with everything you need. But if you want the extra convenience, they're a very helpful add-on.

Company Resources

Another one of the most important aspects of Geekvape is that the company doesn't abandon you after purchase. In fact, the customer support is one of the cornerstones of the brand.

Phone and live chat service is available 24/7 should you have any questions or need any help. You can also submit help tickets and send emails to the support team. With all of these options, it's very easy to get answers about your purchases.

The team tries to respond to email inquiries within 24 hours.

Another potential adventure is the GeekLAB project. This non-disclosure community privately shares, tests, and innovates for Geekvape's future products.

  • The brand creates accessories, MODs, atomizers, and starter kits, so you can get all the tools you need to set up your electronic cigarette.
  • The advanced engineering is built to provide a healthier, more enjoyable alternative to traditional cigarettes.
  • The Aegis mod is one of the most heavy-duty, highly-engineered vaping power systems on the market.
  • There aren't many base vape options, as the company tends to focus more on mods.

2. Juul


Juul is one of the best-known e-cigarette brands on the market. In fact, people often use "Juul" and "electronic cigarette" as interchangeable terms. There's a reason for that. Juul was developed as a healthier alternative to smoking by smokers.

The target demographic for the company is adult smokers who want to give up traditional cigarettes. The products give you the satisfaction of a nicotine experience without some of the most serious health risks of cigarettes.

Juul Device

The basic Juul device is extremely simple to operate. Rather than having switches and buttons, the user only needs to insert the Juulpod. Then they're ready to vape. The different liquid strengths and flavors can help smokers find a more pleasant alternative to cigarettes.


The device also has regulated temperature settings, which means you can quickly heat different liquids to the ideal temperatures. A battery light lets you know how charged the Juul is when you use it.

Juul devices also ship with a USB charging dock, so it's extremely easy to recharge your battery. They have a one year warranty.


Juulpods are the cartridges containing the flavored e-liquid. They're sold separately from the actual device, so you'll need to purchase both together.


Each Juulpod is non-refillable and disposable. Though you have to buy replacements when you run out of liquid, the prices are still significantly lower than those of traditional cigarettes.

Because of the non-refillable nature, you can switch between different pods instead of needing to finish your liquid before you can try a new flavor. Juulpods easily click into the main device. They function as the mouthpiece.

The e-liquid is mixed using a combination of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, benzoic acid, and flavoring. Both artificial and natural flavors are available.

Testing Standards

The pods are built using technology from United States industry manufacturers. Juul regularly tests its pods to make sure they're safe for use.


A safety committee is employed by the company. Members of this team conduct evaluations and offer advice for how to improve the safety of future products.

There are company policies that regulate how much of any single ingredient ends up in a mixture. To make sure that the formulas comply with the company policies, Juul regularly does toxicology testing.

Temperature regulation testing is done to make sure that the e-liquids can be vaporized without combusting or posing other heat risks. Vapors are tested to make sure they dissolve at the correct temperatures, ensuring a standardized experience.

There are employees trained for tasting panels as well. They test the flavor of different batches to make sure they are consistent and pleasant.

Both the liquid and the vapor forms of the product undergo toxicology testing before being released to the public. This further helps ensure a standardized, regulated experience.

Strengths and Flavors

One of the key aspects of Juul's products is that you can choose between different nicotine strengths. This makes them ideal for those who have smoked heavily for decades and those who only smoke occasionally.


There are two main flavors available in the US: tobacco and menthol. You also have a choice between two nicotine strengths: five percent and three percent.

The five percent nicotine works best for those who transition to Juul after smoking heavily. The three percent formula is better for those with a more casual approach to smoking.

The tobacco flavoring has a rich taste that's smooth and a little earthy. Meanwhile, the menthol flavoring tastes exactly like a menthol rush.

Whether you're a fan of tobacco or menthol cigarettes, Juul aims to create a more satisfying e-cigarette experience.


The company provides a variety of online resources to help answer questions. These include troubleshooting FAQs, information about the basics, product tracking, warranty information, and helpful blogs.

If you can't find the answer to your question on the site, you can also contact the staff by providing your name, email, phone number, and reason for your query. Phone operators are available from 9 AM to 6 PM, and online chat operators are available from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Juul Community

One of the biggest aspects of the Juul brand is the community that's been built. More than one million traditional smokers have switched to e-cigarettes. You can read their stories, visit forums, and join action networks.


The action network is a group of advocates who work for fair access to e-cigarette and vape products. The goal is to support traditional cigarette alternatives so that people can switch.

Community advocates have hit the following milestones:

  • Engaged with elected officials more than 200,000 times
  • 5,000 people have attended local policy debates
  • Over 170,000 letters have been sent
  • Over 25,000 calls have been made
  • 50 testimonies have been given in public hearings

Military and First Responders

Juul has launched a program that provides benefits to active military members, military veterans, and emergency first responders.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Special deals and offers
  • Discounted replacement of your device
  • Advanced auto-shipping program
  • Rewards for referring another adult smoker

This is a great initiative to give back to those who serve the country.

  • The product was designed as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, and the company engages in different community outreach projects.
  • You can choose from two different nicotine strengths in the US, so it's good for both heavy smokers and casual users.
  • The device is as easy to use as a traditional cigarette, so you're ready to vape as soon as you plug in the pod. No buttons or switches necessary.
  • Juulpods only come in tobacco and menthol flavors, since the device is meant to mimic the feeling of a traditional cigarette.

3. Smok


Smok is one of the oldest vaping companies in the industry, having been established in 2010. It's a brand that nearly everyone who uses e-cigarettes has heard of. Originally called Smoktech, the company recently shortened their brand to just Smok.

The biggest draw of this company is that it provides good vaping products at reasonable prices. Because of this, it may be the best option for people who want to invest in an electronic cigarette on a budget.

Smok has also been responsible for pioneering many trends in the vaping community. Their TFV4 tank was the first product to make large vape clouds into a mainstream phenomenon. Before this, vapors were almost all made by RDAs, or rebuildable dripping atomizers.

The research and development team at the company has pioneered some of the boldest innovations in the industry. They were the first to create Bluetooth-controlled mods, wood box mods, and telescoping mods. Touch screens and LED lights were also pioneered by Smok.

Rather than finding one niche and sticking to it, Smok has consistently been thinking outside the box. It has some of the most varied products in today's market. Let's take a look at a few of their flagship offerings.

Rigel Mini

The Rigel Mini kit has many of the same features as the company's Rigel kit. However, the design is more lightweight and slimmer than its predecessor. You have a choice of five different colors as well.


The mod kit can generate power levels of up to 80 watts. While this isn't the highest on the market, it is an excellent offering for this price point. It runs with an external battery and has an indicator screen of just under one inch wide.

Included in the kit are V8 and V9 baby coils, which are specially sized to fit with the smaller design. Each vape can hold 3 milliliters of liquid.

This is a solid choice for anyone who wants a small, extremely portable, and technologically advanced vape. You can use the up and down button to adjust the temperature controls, while the color display tells you everything you need to know.

There are also a variety of protective features including:

  • Atomizer recognition technology
  • Puff monitoring capabilities
  • 8-second cutoff
  • Overheating protection
  • Protection against short circuiting
  • Low battery warning indicator

The Type C charger allows for quicker charging than you'll find with many competing models.

Morph 2

Morph 2 is the sequel design to the original Morph technology. This mod kit is one of the most powerful on the market, able to generate a maximum of 230 watts of power. The secret behind the power is the dual battery setup, with two external batteries working together.


Eight different colors are available. As with many vaping kits, the items included will vary depending on your region. For those in the US, the kit comes with:

  • The Morph 2 mod
  • A 7.5 milliliter tank
  • A preinstalled mesh coil
  • A dual meshed coil
  • A replacement for the glass tube
  • A Type C quick charging cable
  • A user manual

The product is made using a zinc alloy that increases the device's durability. The mouthpiece includes flexible leather that's comfortable to use.

In Power Mode, you can choose your wattage from 1 to 230 watts. This gives you a chance to customize the flavor strength and the thickness of the clouds. In TC mode, you can choose presets based on your coil material to maximize the flavor.

Another ideal function is the adaptive power. The wattage will adjust based on the battery life so that you can vape at your desired level for as long as possible. Meanwhile, the display screen will tell you about the battery life, vaping time, puff counting, wattage, and current mode being used.

In addition to all the protections of the previous product, this kit also has over-discharge and reverse polarity protections.

Nord 4

The Nord 4 kit can generate up to 80 watts of power. It includes a built-in battery and two pods. One pod uses an RPM coil, while the other uses an RPM 2 coil. The air rings on top let you adjust your air intake with each puff.


Twelve colors and patterns are available, ranging from bright gradients to funky shapes to austere leather. There's something to suit everyone's personal aesthetic. Because this is a larger product, it can hold 4.5 milliliters of liquid.

This device doesn't have all of the same advanced features that you'll find on some of the others. But because of that, it's an affordable option for those who want something simple.

TFV9 Tank

This tank is available in nine different colors. It includes two meshed V9 coils that are built to make satisfying vapor clouds. The tank has a total capacity of 6.5 milliliters, much larger than many market competitors.


The top cap has a childproof locking mechanism. By lifting and opening the top, you also avoid accidental openings and leakage.

A gold-plating pin helps to increase the electric conduction. This makes it a lot easier to generate power, and you can easily attach the tank to a mod kit.

The base of the tank features a ring that allows you to adjust the airflow. That means you can customize the vapor clouds. Refilling is also quick and easy thanks to the central tubing system.

TFV16 Tank

The TFV16 tank has a lot in common with the TFV9. But it features an enlarged tube that allows for a juice capacity of 9 milliliters. The dual-slotted bottom allows you to adjust the airflow, while the sealed refill system makes refills mess-free.


Six colors are available for this tank. Included with the purchase are:

  • The tank itself
  • A pre-installed mesh coil
  • A dual mesh coil
  • A protective silicone sleeve for the glass
  • A replacement for the glass tube
  • A user manual
  • Spare parts

The 9 milliliter capacity is the highest on the market, so this tank is favored by people who want extra room for their vaping liquid. A resin drip tip is designed to fit comfortably in the mouth. You can also buy uniquely colored resin tips as separate add-ons.

TVF8 Big Family

This refers to the many different engines that can power the TVF8 kit.

The V8-T8 engine provides a rich, deep taste. It uses a patented octuple coil to outperform the majority of engines on the market.


The T6 uses a patented sextuple coil. It provides rich flavoring while having a smooth and cool design.

The Q4 creates a smooth, silky taste similar to what you'd experience with a hookah. It utilizes a patented quadruple coil.

The RBA has a large 18 millimeter deck that's compatible with all common wire materials. It arrives with fused dual coils pre-installed, so it's ready to go right away.

The RBA-16 is built for Clapton coils, while the RBA-8 is built for single or dual coils.

There are even more engines in this family. You can customize your vaping experience by building your kit from the ground up. For fans of DIY, the variety is a big selling point.

Other Parts

If you do decide to build a DIY vape, you can purchase all the pieces you need individually.

In addition to engines, you can get your choice of drip tips, silicone rings, glass tubes, chargers, and battery covers.

Micare Kit

Micare is a special device built for high viscosity oils. Its built-in battery provides adjustable voltage levels so you can customize your vaping intensity.

An LED indicator and vibrating function will tell you whether the vape is in use.


By using the 10 second preheating function, you can heat the oil in just 10 seconds, significantly faster than many competitors on the market.

This is one of the easiest vapes to operate. You can simply inhale without needing to do anything else. If you're in a cold area, using the preheat function can help improve the taste.

The mouthpiece has a ceramic coating that helps to prevent corrosion. The ducklike shape allows for a pleasant experience when using.

The base of the tank is outfitted with an enlarged magnet, which allows it to snap together easily with the other components. This makes it one of the easiest vapes to assemble.

Company Resources

The support section of the company's website offers troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions about different products. It also links to articles with usage tips and information about the warranty.

Most Smok products come with a six month warranty from the day of purchase. There are certain conditions regarding the use of this warranty, however, so it's important to read up on the specifications.

You can use a product verification code to get access to after-purchase customer service if you want it.

  • The company has pioneered dozens of different products that use innovative technology.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of different mods, vapes, tanks, engines, drip tips, and maintenance care kits.
  • The designs are good quality and built to serve people shopping on a budget.
  • Since there are so many products, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to begin.

4. Puff Bar

Puff Bar

Puff Bar's branding is all based around being straightforward and simple. If you're someone who gets frustrated by the advanced technology on the market, Puff Bar is built for you. The company eliminates many of the most common grievances related to vaping.

For example, many people dislike refilling their tanks. Some e-cigarettes are made with easy-refill designs, but the process can still be unwieldy. A Puff Bar doesn't need refilling.

Because Puff Bars don't need refilling, they also don't need constant recharging. Each one comes with exactly the right amount of battery to vaporize its liquid. You simply replace the product when you're finished.

Puff Bars are also a one-piece device. You don't need to worry about struggling to put together a kit or follow complicated diagrams in a dense user manual. There's no setup involved at all. The purchase is ready for use right from the get-go.

Puff Bar devices are disposable. They're more inexpensive than cigarettes. Each bar is crafted from cotton soaked in a flavored mixture with 5 percent salt nicotine. The device heats the bar until a vapor is produced.

Instead of being bulky like many devices, Puff Bars are slim and built to be unobtrusive.

Puff Bar vs. Puff Bar Plus

You can purchase either the Puff Bar or the Puff Bar Plus. The Plus device has the same compact size, but it features a much longer battery life and more than twice the number of hits.

Puff Bar

A Puff Bar allows up to 300 hits, which is about equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes. The Plus version gives you 800 hits, which is equivalent to almost three entire packs of cigarettes.

Puff Bars last for different amounts of time depending on how heavily they're used. You'll go through one in about the same amount of time it takes you to smoke a pack of cigarettes.

There's also the Puff Bar Glow. The original bar has 1.3 milliliters of liquid, the Glow has 1.4 milliliters, and the Plus has 3.2 milliliters.


Each different kind of bar has a number of different flavors. In total, there are dozens of flavors to explore. This makes the brand one of the most versatile on the market in terms of flavor options.

Puff Bar

The original Puff Bar comes with 25 flavor options. You can see the flavor clearly printed on the bar itself. The flavors are also color coded. For example, Blueberry Ice bars are blue, Banana Ice bars are yellow, and so on.

There are tons of different fruity flavors, minty flavors, and sour flavors, along with traditional tastes like menthol and tobacco. You can even get a coffee flavored bar or a clear bar that doesn't have much flavor at all.

Puff Bar Plus comes in eight flavors. These are some of the most popular options from the original Puff Bar design:

  • Mixed berries
  • Cool mint
  • Watermelon
  • Peach ice
  • Guava ice
  • Lychee ice
  • Strawberry watermelon
  • PiƱa colada

The Plus bars are less than half the price of the original bars, but they have almost three times the liquid inside.

  • There are dozens of delicious vape flavors to choose from.
  • Each bar is one-piece and disposable, so you don't have to worry about assembly or refills.
  • Every bar is equivalent to about one pack of cigarettes, with Plus bars being equivalent to nearly three packs of cigarettes.
  • Since you have to replace the bar every time the tank runs out, this option can get a little pricey over time.

5. Vaporesso


Vaporesso is an electronic cigarette company that has been providing innovative products since 2015. The overall goal of the company is to promote a smoke-free world and raise quality-of-life for smokers.

The company abides by three guiding principles: commitment, quality, and innovation. Their engineers consistently create cutting-edge products while their quality control teams ensure that products are standardized. The end result is a range of products that can suit vapers from all lifestyles.

Research and development is consistently done at Smoore laboratories. The company focuses on creating products that satisfy customers, allowing smokers to switch to e-cigarettes so they don't have to quit nicotine altogether.

The brand innovates to address specific problems that smokers have discussed when they switch to vaping, which include:

  • Safety considerations
  • Ease of use
  • Ergonomics and style
  • Taste

In addition to rigorously testing the finished products, the company also tests raw materials before they're put into production. Many quality control entities have certified the company's quality control methods as being safe and effective.

The company's products include kits, mods, coils, and tanks.

Vape Kits

There are a huge number of different vape kits available. Each has its highlights explained on the website, so you can look for the ones with the features you want. This makes it very easy to shop even though the product selection is so varied.


The Luxe PM40 has turbo-boosted flavors, adjustable power wattage, and adjustable airflow mechanisms. It's also outfitted with an anti-leakage mechanism and a GTX coil.

The Forz TX80 is built for those who want a hardcore vape. The design is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof, so you can bring it with you on your most rugged adventures.

The Xiron uses GTX mesh coils and generates a maximum output of 50 watts. It's extremely easy to use and a great option for those on a budget. The textured coating gives you a better grip, and you can also adjust the airflow to customize the experience.

The Osmall is designed to be affordable. It's a compact design that doesn't have any complicated buttons or switches. You get access to pure flavor right away, so it's a good starter vape.

These are just a handful of the kit options available. The different vapes have a huge range of sizes, grips, tanks, coils, and technology. Depending on your interests, you should be able to find one to meet your ideal specifications within your budget.

Vape Mods

Many of the vape mods are built with the same basic designs as the kits. However, these battery packs are meant to augment an existing vape, rather than functioning as their own kit.


The Forz mod is just as rugged as its vape kit counterpart. It's dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. The design is ergonomic, featuring an Axon chip. Included with the mod is a quick-charge Type C charger.

The Gen X mod is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, making it a highly durable option. It's built with CNC machining technology and features an Axon chip with a specialized pulse mode.

The Luxe II mod has a pulse mode, Axon chip, and an intuitive user interface. This makes it super convenient and easy to use.

For those who prefer a portable option, the Gen Nano mod has an ergonomic design with a built-in battery. It's smaller than many of the company's other offerings.

The GTX One mod has adjustable power levels and a built-in battery with a Type C charger. It's been treated with a scratch-free coating. The compact design features a small screen that gives you all the information you need about the vape.

The Luxe Nano mod has a 1.3 inch screen with a touch panel, making it one of the most technologically advanced choices on the market. Meanwhile, the Luxe mod has a 2 inch touch screen.

Again, these are just a handful of the different mod options available. There are tons of choices to explore, many of which experiment with different sizes and power features.

Vape Tanks

Tanks can be fitted onto an existing vape to increase the liquid capacity. They're an ideal choice for heavy vapers and vapers who prefer not to refill their device frequently.


Vaporesso offers a number of different tanks. Each model is compatible with the mod or kit of the same name. You may be able to purchase tanks and other pieces to build your own vape from scratch.

The Forz tank uses organic and natural cotton to soak the liquid. It has a large airway and a leakproof structure. Because it's built for rugged models, it's also treated with a UV coating and fiberglass rubber. The micro metal carving technology completes the picture.

The Forz RDA tank is constructed with high-quality metal texturing. It's compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips, so it's a good fit for people who use multiple drip tip sizes. The product is also designed to be easy to use with DIY installation.

The Target PM80 tank is built with transparent materials, so you can see exactly how much liquid you have left. It's compatible with several different coil types, and changing the coils is easy.

The Osmall pod provides dense, smooth vapor. The flavoring tends to be purer and more fresh than you get with an average tank. Meanwhile, the nicotine delivery system provides high levels of nicotine in a short amount of time, so it's good for those who need a lot to get through the day.

As with the other categories, these are just a few examples of the wide range of products offered.

Vape Coils

Vaporesso manufactures a number of different coils that are compatible with different vape models. Different designs have different strengths.


The GTR coils use organic cotton and boast a leak-proof structure. They also have an enlarged airway when compared to average coils.

GTX coils, on the other hand, are built to have maximum power and flavor. They use non-woven fabric and flax cotton to soak the liquid, which provides freshness with every inhale. These coils are compatible with a large number of different models, making them a popular choice for DIYers.

QF coils provide quadruple airflow, which prevents "spitbacks." There's also extra leakage protection. The combination of cotton and flax fibers creates a consistent flavor.

EUC coils are built to be easy to replace. They're significantly easier to perform maintenance on than the majority of other coils. They're also affordable, and they create larger clouds than standard options.

There are other coils as well. Some provide a richer taste, some generate larger clouds, and some are built for higher power. There's a design that can suit everyone's taste.

Patented Technology

Vaporesso uses a number of different patented tools in their products.

One is the Omni Board chipset. This chip provides a fire rate of 0.001 seconds, which means it's basically instantaneous. You don't have to wait for long periods of time to get the clouds and flavor you want.

Omni Board
Axon Chipset

The Omni chipset can also be used with a variety of different screen sizes. The full color display shows you all the important information about your vape, with better visual cues than the competition. The UI lets you easily operate and understand your device.

The Axon chipset is built from high quality components and designed for ease of use. It comes outfitted with a Flavor Exploration tool, which lets you customize the taste and temperature of your liquid.

The simplistic user interface is built so that everyone can use it. Meanwhile, the pulse system provides ongoing flavor and nicotine throughout your hit, creating a smoother experience.

The patented press-to-fill system is another important convenience feature. All you have to do is insert the refill cartridge and press a button. There's no mess, fuss, or hassle. It's one of the easiest designs on the market.

The company also uses a coil called a CCELL. This ceramic coil can heat evenly and produce more flavor than other competing ceramics.

  • There are dozens of different designs specifically made to suit a variety of different needs, which means you'll be able to find the perfect vape for you.
  • The company utilizes highly advanced and patented technology to give you a higher-quality experience.
  • Refilling any of the products is super easy thanks to the patented press-to-fill system.
  • There's not a linear flagship line, so you have to put a lot of thought into exactly what you want from your vape.


There are a lot of impressive electronic cigarette brands on the market. Each brand tells a different story and targets a slightly different demographic. The right one for you will vary depending on your needs.

If you're interested in mod packages with huge amounts of power, Geekvape is the best starting point. Though the company has only a few basic vapes, its Aegis technology is unmatched by anything else on the market.

If you want a company that has dozens of different products that are each designed for different needs, you'll be best served by Vaporesso. Their innovative engineering has resulted in patented technology and unique ideas across all electronic cigarette components.

Smok is a great company for those who love DIY. You can buy different pieces and construct your own vape to suit your exact specifications. Many different engines, coils, and battery mods are available.

Juul is well-known for being a satisfying alternative to cigarettes. In fact, more than one million people have switched from cigarettes to the Juul device. You also get access to the large community the company has built, and there are discounts for US military and first responders.

For those who want an electronic cigarette with fruity flavors, Puff Bar has dozens of flavor options available. The bars are also disposable, so you don't have to worry about refilling them or dealing with complicated assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vaping better for you than smoking?

It's important to understand that vaping is not a safe practice. If you don't smoke or vape, and you start vaping, you are opening yourself to health risks. People who vape may experience lung and heart issues.

But vaping is healthier than smoking. This is why so many smokers have switched to electronic cigarettes to get their nicotine high. An average tobacco cigarette has about 7,000 chemicals in it, and a great deal of them are toxic. E-cigarettes offer less chemical exposure.

Cigarette smokers who switched to e-cigarettes have reported a decrease in coughing, mucus production, and wheezing. The health benefits for longtime smokers are unparalleled.

What exactly is vaping?

Vape fluid is heated until it creates vapor, but not until it combusts or catches fire. A person inhales this vapor. Electronic cigarettes use a battery to heat the fluid in a glass tube. The user will place the mouthpiece in their mouth, inhale, and then exhale the vapor from the lungs.

Vaping tends to be regulated the same way smoking is. Minors cannot purchase vape cartridges or vapes. In the US, you cannot purchase vape liquids with THC if you are under the age of 21 or live in a state that has not yet legalized marijuana.

What are the active ingredients in e-liquid?

Usually, e-liquid will use nicotine or THC. THC is the compound in marijuana that gets you "high." Many cigarette smokers have switched to vaping because it's difficult to give up nicotine entirely.

Different liquids will have different ingredients. The concentration of nicotine or THC is rarely higher than 5 percent. Other components, including flavoring, typically make up the rest of the liquid's composition.