The National Association Of Vaping Businesses

In recent years, the vaping industry has found its self-regulation stance under attack from politicians looking to impose stricter controls on all aspects of vaping — everything from the ingredients of e-liquids to where vapers can fire up their devices.

Small businesses which sell vaporizers, e-cigarettes and vaping accessories have found themselves in a particularly bad place; not only are small business in general struggling in difficult economic times, but those which sell vaping devices and accessories are facing the possibility that some of their top-selling products could be withdrawn or increase significantly in price.

Support for Vaping Businesses

Luckily, there is an organization which works extremely hard to defend and support the interests of the vaping industry against lobbying politicians and lawmakers and educating those whose decisions can shape and direct policies. This group also ensures that the voice of the vaping industry is heard in the national media, and that elected officials at every level have access to accurate information about the benefits of vaping.

This organization is the National Association of Vaping Businesses, or NAVB for short. The NAVB has a short but effective mission statement: to protect the rights of the vaping industry and to stand against anyone who would seek to curtail the rights of small business owners and to damage their chances of running a successful business.

NAVB Education and Advocacy

As well as working directly to help small businesses in the vaping industry, the National Association of Vaping Businesses also carries out activities that indirectly support vape stores and manufacturers.

By educating both the public and politicians about the safety of vaping, especially in comparison to tobacco, the NAVB aims to emphasize the differences between vaping and smoking, and ensure that they are treated differently when it comes to passing legislation and regulations.

While some of this re-education is directed at elected officials and political candidates themselves through the National Association of Vaping Businesses advocacy and lobbying group, the organization also aims to educate the general public about vaping. That way, the industry will have wider support when it comes to influencing the decisions of lawmakers at every political level.

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National Association of Vaping Businesses Community

Small businesses with links to the vaping industry, whether they are manufacturing devices and accessories or selling them in a retail store, are strongly encouraged to sign up for membership of the NAVB. Not only does that give you the support of an influential and experienced group of advocates in the event that you are faced with a regulation issues in your own town or state, but you can also enjoy support and advice from the wider vaping community.

New business owners can get in touch with those who have been working in the industry for years to get hints and tips about how to develop and grow their business — and how to avoid some of the problems they faced in their own journey.

Membership of the National Association of Vaping Businesses also affords business owners some financial benefits such as reductions on computer systems, shipping methods and commercial insurance – reductions that could have a major impact on a small business owner when they are just starting out.

The NAVB may have its sights set on protecting the US vaping industry, but it is there to support and help all its members, no matter how small or local your problem may be. Joining the National Association of Vaping Businesses gives small business owners access to professional support and expert advice, which can help no matter what industry-related issue they are facing.

The National Association Of Vaping Businesses
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