Best Vape Mods and Box Mods Of 2018

You want to take the next step from cigalikes to either basic eGos or more advanced devices, but where do you start? The best idea is to begin with low-watt machines made by the industry’s top names.

Even as manufacturers release increasingly powerful devices, vapor sellers still carry lots of small, low-powered units that will ease you into cloud-chasing circles. Here are the best vape mods and box mods of 2018 for beginners and advanced users.

Best Pen-Style (Tube Shaped) Beginner Vape Mods For 2018

Vaporfi PRO 3 – “E-Juice Pen For Beginners”

Vaporfi Pro 3 Colors

This is a perfect way to take things to the next level with your vaping, and is also a great way to try out vaping.

No knowledge is needed for this e-liquid eGo pen, just add e-liquid, press the button, inhale, and enjoy some nice vapor.

Joyetech eGo AIO – “Sub-Ohm For Beginners”

eGo AIO Mods

This is a great device if you are looking for a little more vapor out of your mod, without needing to make any adjustments to it.

Just add your juice, and enjoy some pretty serious vapor. It is technically sub-ohm. You don’t need to know what that means if you are already confused or overwhelmed, you just need to know it creates more vapor.

Vaporfi Rocket 3“Sub-Ohm & Temp Control For Beginners”

Vaporfi Rocket 3 Mods

This basically takes things to the next level with your vapor. The Vaporfi Rocket 3 is a direct lung device, where you inhale straight into your lungs, and it delivers even more vapor than the last two devices.

It has two settings, which are sub-ohm and temp control. Once again, like with the AIO, no knowledge is needed, but you do have a couple settings you can use – essentially 3 modes if you want a little more vapor, one for wattage and one for Nickel, which you easily adjust with 3 easy button clicks.

Best Beginner Box Mods For 2018

VaporFi VAIO™ 75 TC MOD

Poised with remarkable quality and great appeal, the VaporFi VAIO 75 TC Mod delivers the ultimate all-in-one experience with a 3.5mL built-in tank.

This incredible addition to the VaporFi line-up offers all that and more, including the ability to reach up to 75 watts, a full temperature control suite, and an intuitive 0.96” OLED display screen.

This compact power-house also boasts a top-fill design, a removable drip tip, anti-leak protection, a removable tank section, an LED tank light, and it’s all powered by one removable 18650 battery that’s sold separately.

Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0

itaste mvp2

The older version of the MVP is just powerful enough to give an intermediate vaper a taste for extra clouds without sub-ohms or a complex range of coils. Many vendors carry the MVP 2.0 kit with a compatible iClear tank, so there’s no need to fret over which model to marry with the mod. A high-powered battery is pre-installed, and if you don’t like the MVP 2.0 or want to upgrade, it still works as a portable battery charger for other machines. This is also a pass-through vape.

Eleaf iStick 40W TC

istick tc40w

I’m hesitant about suggesting that any new vaper try a TC mod, another pass-through device by the way, but the bonus here is that you don’t have to choose that setting. Even if you only run the iStick 40 TC in VW mode, it’s an inexpensive place to start and you can build up to the point where you want to experiment with Temperature Control, TC coils, and high-end tanks. The iStick is tiny, attractive, and the atomizer range goes up to 3.5 ohms in VW mode, so you can still use your Aerotank or Nautilus for a while. The battery is pre-installed, one fewer hassle to think about, and vapers know how to recharge a USB device.

VaporFi VOX® TC

The VaporFi VOX 50 TC is the entry point into the popular VOX Series, delivering an all-around device that features an impeccable design, the highest of quality, and an experience that will make you fall in love with vaping all over again!

This small but able mod is powered by a single 18650 battery, allowing it to reach a maximum of 50 watts.

Along with its power, it also features temperature control, allowing you to range from 200 to 600 degrees, while firing as low as 0.05 ohm.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy excellent visibility from its OLED screen, a hassle-free connection due to its spring-loaded 510 pin, and a full safety suite that comes equipped as a standard.

Sigelei Mini Book

Sigelei Mini Books

A Mini Book fits in the palm of your hand, comes in 4 stunning colors, and is simple as they come on the outside. It’s also a TC mod, but you know the drill. Set it from 5 watts to 40 watts until you feel good about attaching Ni200 or Titanium coils and blowing bigger clouds of sub-ohm vapor. The battery is removable from the other side of a hinged door held shut by magnets. This is convenient because you can keep a spare battery ready to replace the one that just ran out of power instead of plugging the whole mod into a charger.

Kanger Subox

Kanger SUBOX black

The Mini Book and this Kanger box mod are both protected against reverse battery polarity which is perfect for the nervous first-time mod user whose last device was an eGo Spinner. It’s surprisingly easy to forget and replace the battery backwards, but the Subox won’t release sparks and fizzle out. Kanger’s Subox Mini Kit can be adjusted by 0.1-watt increments between 7 watts and 50 watts, accepts atomizer coils down to 0.3 ohms, and doesn’t feature temperature control. There are several lovely colors too.

Joyetech eGrip

JoyeTech EGrip

This has proven itself a hot seller; customers love an all-in-one box mod. Change wattage settings by turning a dial around the power button. The tank is internal, protected from getting knocked and broken, but coils are still replaceable. Top wattage is just 20 watts, and you don’t have to think about tanks: that’s all part of the package.

Top Box Mods In 2018 For Vapor Advancement

Vapers can start small with box mods rated for power up to 10W, 20W, or 40W. An intermediate level takes them right up to a satisfying 90W where vapers still feel safe.

This section of the article isn’t interested in anything less than totally advanced vape mods of over 100W made by the likes of Joyetech, Pioneer4You, Kanger, Wismec, and Innokin. Why stop at 90W when so much more is available to you?

Features Shared by the Best Advanced Box Mods

As you can see, the best 5 mods offer as much as 200W but no less than 100W. They are all compatible with multiple tanks; there are no all-in-one or proprietary systems among them. Each item is simply a box mod but in the most advanced sense with Temperature Control settings and a display screen.

VaporFi VEX™ 150 TC MOD

Sharing simplicity in its design, yet overly advanced when it comes to its performance, the VaporFi VEX 150 TC Mod promotes brilliance both internally and externally.

Constructed of Zinc Alloy, this stealthy and compact addition to the VEX line-up offers just as much performance as it does durability.

It runs off of two 18650 batteries that can be charged externally, and delivers 150 watts of vaping power.

Along with great power comes advanced features, such as a full temperature control suite and a dedicated TCR mode.

While in temperature control, enjoy a range of 200 to 600 degrees and a minimum resistance of 0.05 ohm.

Additional features include a stealth mode, a keylock feature, an intuitive 0.96” OLED screen, and a full suite of safety features come equipped.

Innokin Aethon TC Vape Mod

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100 Black and White

The Cool Fire 4 TC 100W Aethon is controlled by Innokin’s Aethon chipset offering a wide range of possible settings between 6W and 100W or 300F to 600F. The Aethon reads coil resistance to the 5th decimal place and ensures very limited standby power usage for optimum battery preservation and low-temperature operation. A 3300mAh cell is built in. Vaporization of e liquid is almost instantaneous. This super-safe and advanced product is popular, priced to sell, and comes in several energetic colors.

Presa by Wismec

Wismec Presa TC100w Mods

Also a 100W machine, Wismec’s Presa is an ergonomic mod full of grace and beauty. Its popularity is enhanced by a range of shades and a particular feature of customization: the ability to choose either an 18650 battery for 75W maximum output or a 26650 battery to achieve 100W. Recharge batteries internally or externally and read performance on a large screen. Wismec’s Presa vape mod adopts an unusual shape, rounded at the battery side for a comfortable feel in the user’s hand but tapered on the other side for a memorable final result.

iPV5 200W

iPV5 Black

Pioneer4You installs the latest Yihi SX chip in each of their new mods, this one protecting a device capable of 200W and temperature control and supporting coils built for 0.05-ohm resistance when the setting is tuned to TC operation. Achieve up to 572F from a mod available in several colors, each one exquisitely finished. Yihi’s PCB defends your mod against low voltage, reverse battery, short circuit, and more. The exterior is gently grooved in several places for extra grip. A crisp screen is set back slightly so that the glass is protected in case you drop the iPV5.

Kanger KBOX 200W

Kanger KBOX 200W White

Though surprisingly small and light, this most advanced of the colorful KBOX series supplies up to 200W — and possibly 600F — to the attentive, experienced vaper. Watch that little screen set into the durable device to follow watts, volts, temperature, resistance, mode, and battery power. With the KBOX 200W you can use Titanium, stainless steel, or Nickel 200 coils to operate the device as a Temperature Control mod. Batteries should be removed for charging as recommended by experts. Give them a chance to breathe and cool down but don’t stop vaping; install your second set.

Joyetech Cuboid

Joyetech Cuboid Mods

Operate this Joyetech beauty through a full and precise power spectrum starting at 1 watt and climbing to 150 watts. Set the temperature instead, opting for moderately warm to hot vapor of 600F max. This Temperature Control/Variable Wattage box mod will accept temperature-sensitive coils of 0.05 ohms or higher. The screen is one of the Cuboid’s most beautiful features. Oriented vertically, the 0.96″ display provides a clear view of power levels including the battery’s current charge rating, but Joyetech goes beyond information sharing. These masters of the mod screen provide details in numerous colors for your viewing pleasure. That glorious eVic Supreme display is improved still further with this particular system from the industry’s most recognized and trusted name in vaping technology, Joyetech.

About Vape Mods

A mod is a piece of vaping equipment you can modify in order to change some part of its performance while you puff on e liquid. There are mechanical mods which do not possess a screen or up and down buttons for making changes to voltage, watts, or temperature; and regulated mods which are modified with the support of an internal control board. This article will explore vape mods, how to choose them, how to use them safely, and some popular devices.

Volts, Watts, Temperature, and Resistance

These are the four measurements typically being measured by a regulated mod. When operating a mechanical device, you can also monitor these with an external tool.

Voltage is the force of power coming from your battery, wattage is the rate of output, and resistance is an obstacle that prevents electricity from flowing freely. More resistance is like a form of control which affects output or wattage. When resistance is reduced, output can increase but voltage pressure drops quickly. This will lead to a rise in the temperature of your e-juice vapor.

Unmonitored Power

A mechanical device can be regulated, but this is done with old-fashioned math, not achieved automatically with the help of a computer chip.

Adjusting the resistance of your coil affects the potential energy or voltage from your battery. Choosing a battery with a higher or lower amp rating will also affect the amount of energy created.

Connections between amps, watts, volts, and resistance are complicated, but in simplified terms, a vaper can achieve higher voltage by swapping a tank or RDA with a 1-ohm heating element for a 0.5-ohm coil.

Regulated ModsRegulated Units

It’s much easier to let a device monitor electrical current, output, voltage, and resistance for you.

When you tell a vape mod that you want a certain level of voltage, an ideal wattage, or a particular temperature, the chip achieves this by making calculations for whichever two values you aren’t adjusting personally.

You can only select one of these and only if a vape mod offers the appropriate settings.

Early vape mods allowed vapers to regulate the force of power by turning a dial on the bottom. You still see them today — Spinners or Twist batteries.

The user chooses from a point along the battery’s natural range to establish consistent force of power because, otherwise, the battery’s voltage starts at its highest point and slowly drops. This creates a noticeable alteration in a vaporizer’s performance.

The next generation made it possible for a vaper to adjust either voltage or watts. If he set watts, voltage was regulated on his behalf to achieve that level of output when a tank was attached. The chip would calculate how many volts were required at a given resistance level in order to arrive at a given value of watts.

Now, vapers are able to select a temperature while applying special temperature sensitive coils to their vaping systems. The chip tells a battery to pump out lots of power until the desired temperature has been achieved. It then reduces watts because heat-sensitive coils hold their temperature remarkably well compared with Kanthal coil and they don’t require as much power to stay hot.

About Box Mods

Early in the days of self-made mods, the box shape was preferred; easier to create from scratch using DIY supplies than tube mods were. One could buy the frame or individual panels, screws, battery sleds, switches, screens, and chipsets.

This is still possible, but DIY mod makers are putting a lot of effort into creating designs hat can be purchased ready made in varied formats.

Box mods are no longer just “boxes”; not merely squares and rectangles. A lot of thought has gone into designs over the past two years, including the comfort of users and customizable settings. What is a box mod?

Defining the Box Mod

Simply put, a box mod is just about any 10W to 200W device that isn’t a tube. It contains removable batteries or built-in cells, a control board, is usually adjustable, and frequently boasts a display screen. The majority of such devices is also fitted with a USB charging port for installing new firmware or recharging the battery, even pass-through vaping.

Early Box Mods

The first such devices were literally like little boxes, although larger than you see today. They had sharp corners and straight edges, raised tactile buttons, and the definition of letters/numbers on the screen wasn’t crisp. Early devices, if adjustable, provided just the options of variable voltage and wattage.

Next Generation Shapes

Shortly after their arrival on the scene, stainless steel and aluminum devices were superseded by more sophisticated units. They looked and felt softer, more professional, and were several millimeters smaller every way you turned. Their chipsets have also become more advanced to provide additional safety, an important fact when numerous mods can give you 600F or 200W+ vaping conditions.

Last year saw the release of several mods resembling quarto-sized books. Replacing a squared-off, flat edge with a rounded one as though one has folded a thick wad of paper enhances the book-like appearance of something like the Sigelei Mini Book. If Sigelei had offered this mod in mocha or tan, consumers might have mistaken their device for an antique collection of poetry.

Earlier this year a number of companies released vaping machines with a battery on either side, like the iStick 100 by Eleaf. Use one battery or both, but with the two doors in place you see two rounded ends and can hold the device in your right or left hand comfortably.

Ergonomics became an issue of some concern for vape designers. They realized, perhaps after hearing from customers, that right angles don’t feel good in a person’s palm. As a result, they started to improve their designs by taking real people into account, not just electronic possibilities.

That’s when firms like Wismec came up with the Reuleuax 200W mod with its triangular but softened shape and the Joyetech eGrip came to light. Tubes might be softer than boxes, but a “box” mod that isn’t seriously angular and sharp has the advantage in many ways.

Tubes vs. Boxes

Few tube mods feature screens or, if they do, these are very small. There isn’t the room you see on the face of a device measuring 50 mm across the face and 80 mm long.

With a box, the screen and buttons can be placed on the front, top, or side. With a tube, there isn’t a side but one continuous curve, so it’s tricky to add this feature.

Tubes are frequently more comfortable and natural to hold because they emulate cigarettes and cigars if much larger versions. Boxes, however, generally satisfy other desires like higher wattage output and temperature control.

Also, you don’t have to match a tank to the exact width of a box while, on a tube, a slight difference between the width of each part stands out. You really have to study the measurements of your chosen tank when you buy the two parts separately.

Starter Kits

But that’s not true if you purchase a starter set such as the Kanger Subvod sub ohm tube mod and tank; the Joyetech eGo One or A10; or an iJust from Eleaf.

These sets are designed to match in terms of size and color. They fit perfectly, but other tanks are compatible with the mods in these sets as well.

Another way to find a set that works well together is to check out vendor-made starter sets and see what they think makes for a good connection.

With a box mod, you might still want to check out the width of a tank against the narrowest part of a device, 22 mm being common but not the only possibility. There are some wider edges and a lot of tanks measuring 23 mm or so.

Mod Colors

Silver and black are the two most popular colors of box mods. Kanger, Tesla, Sigelei, and Joyetech carry some colorful catalogues as well. Joye’s eVic VTC is available in several bright shades as is the Innokin CoolFire IV.

Kanger is well known for their fire engine-red mods and white alternatives, great for mixing and matching tanks and electronics. The Sigelei Mini Book, Fuchai, and Spark come in several shades as do Tesla’s many regulated APVs.

An Aspire Plato is available in multiple styles, all brushed metal, very elegant. The Plato also brings us to our next type of mod.

All-in-One Vaping

The Aspire Plato, Joye eGrip, and Kanger Nebox all have something in common besides their status as advanced vaping devices. These are self-contained mods with built-in atomizer tanks. Coils are replaceable and vapers fill from the top, but the mod frame forms a protective console for the glass of your reservoir.

Vapers have discovered how convenient it is to own a mod like this because the length is far reduced over that of pairing a mod with an RBA. The tank gains fuller protection and threading is constantly worn down with the removal of a tank every day for cleaning.

A variation on this all-in-one theme is the squonk box style like Kanger’s Dripbox. Instead of containing a built-in tank, a bottom-fed RDA can be removed but is fed by a bottle of e juice from the bottom. You squeeze up into the RDA instead of squeezing from the top and the mouthpiece can stay in its place.

Vape Mod Safety

Start with buying a battery the electronics community has tested and approved. Brands such as LG, Sony, and Samsung are reliable but you have to be careful with others which might become too hot while you vape. The safest chemistry to select is LiMn or Lithium Magnesium, particularly at high-watt output such as 50W to 200W.

The battery or batteries should be vented. Little holes somewhere in the mod’s frame allow heat to escape so as to prevent overheating and an explosion. Mistreated batteries are akin to small time bombs.

Regulated devices are protected by the chipset. This small electronic brain detects when heat is rising beyond accepted values (past 600F or so). It will not allow the mod to continue operating if the number on your screen tops 600F and will shut down automatically.

It will also shut down or alert the user if there are other problems such as a battery which is trying to operate at low voltage and needs to be recharged, you placed batteries the wrong way around inside and reversed polarity, if the system is about to experience a short circuit, or you have held the button in for too long. Batteries are typically removable with some exceptions.

Non-removable Built-in Batteries

Some devices, such as an Innokin MVP, contain built-in cells. They must be recharged by using a USB cord to plug this mod directly into a USB power source.

The MVP and Eleaf’s low-level iStick series are pass-through e cigs with built-in batteries, protected from overcharging by that little control board in case you plug the cord in and forget to detach it after a few hours. Battery doors used to be attached by screws, but the magnetic format is more common now. You see a few sliding doors or screw-caps too.

Atomizer Connection

A threading well at the top of a box or tube is your atomizer connection. A self-adjusting pin connects to the atomizer’s pin if they are both threaded the same way and electrical conductivity is established. Tank makers include Aspire, Horizon, Uwell, SMOK, and Kanger.

Vape Mod Selection

View a wide spectrum of styles and power prospects from 10 to 200+ watts; pink, red, yellow, green, blue, and black finishes; zinc alloys, rubberized exteriors, and anodized metals. There are box and tube shapes, flashlight and flask-like designs.

A screen is featured on most regulated mods so you can watch how the device operates or read warnings. Some popular units include the eGrip by Joyetech which contains a built-in tank. The Cuboid by this same manufacturer boasts an unusual pillar shape. Kanger’s KBOX series is both colorful and diverse with several power levels.

The Innokin Cool Fire boasts youthful, snappy colors. Aspire’s all-in-one Plato is much like the eGrip except the brushed metal in several colors bears the shape of a small, folded book, like a Sigelei Mini Book. Sigelei’s T150 is a touch screen mod thicker than an iPod but with a screen over one whole face showing graphics in many hues.

Warnings and Vaping Safety With Advanced Devices:

There are lots of ways in which vaping can be dangerous, although it is usually regarded as a “safe” activity.

Trouble only arises when vapers are cavalier about vape mods and don’t follow warnings.

Vape experts are strongly recommending that new vapers follow the tips below for their own safety.

Be sure to use the correct mode with the respective coil.

As an example, if you have a nickel coil, only use it in Nickel Mode, and not regular wattage mode.

Some coils can do more than one, such as SS 316 coils, and they should be clearly marked that they can do that.

Do your research on the respective manufacturer website of products you are using if you aren't sure, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Improper use of nickel coils can result it battery explosion, it must be used with a temperature sensing capable device.

New users are recommended to use nicotine with a 6-mg nicotine rating or less when they use a sub ohm atomizer tank.

Super-low resistance increases throat hit so that the same nicotine value in a low-resistance atomizer and a sub-ohm atty creates two different results.

If you're looking for reduced throat hit or even weaning off of nicotine, the power of higher nicotine levels will taste unpleasant and even leave you choking on your top-rated e juice.

It's not the e juice that's to blame but your set up.

Also, don't use a sub ohm RBA with a system that's not up to the challenge.

Your mod should be a mechanical tube or box featuring high-drain batteries (18650), not an eGo or a low-watt APV.

The system should be able to handle 0.5-ohm resistance or lower. Regulated mods aren't automatically okay.

They have to be capable of high amps, so the iTaste MVP 2.0 or an iStick 10W or 20W is inadequate.

If you're in doubt, refer to a resistance calculator or talk to a vape-store owner or expert.

Do not use a battery that shows any signs of damage at all, due to risk of explosion, and only transport them in a safe battery case (never put them in your pocket).

The Lithium-Ion battery is generally not preferred for high-powered vaping equipment.

Advances in battery chemistry have provided much safer, unprotected cells containing Lithium-Magnesium in various types of blends. They are less volatile, even under high heat.

Regulated mods contain safeguards, but don't rely on these; use your vaping sense to prevent batteries from overheating.

Vape store owners make it very clear they are not responsible for damage caused to mods and mod users by their batteries or the coils you buy or make. Use an external reader to be sure you're safe.



Vapor2 TRINITY Vaporizer - Sub-Ohm Mini-Box Mod TC RTA

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