Wismec Motiv Review

Wismec introduces a new system, a leak-proof device, and one of a different shape from most others in their field.

The Elliptical Motiv is an all-in-one sub ohm system apparently ready to meet all specifications of EU e cig regulations.

Wismec Motiv

Wismec Motiv Mods

An all-in-one vaporizer satisfies a lot of the vaper’s needs and those of organizations regulating the industry, enforcing the TPD (Tobacco Product Directives) in countries around Europe. That includes protecting the tank and reducing the risk of leaks.

Wismec achieves this by placing the tank inside the mod in the way of a Joyetech A10 only with a different look and feel. The ellipse isn’t strange to anyone who has seen the elliptical e cig come and go, tried an Air by Vaporfi before those disappeared, or used an elliptical wax vaporizer. This flat, soft shape feels really good in your hands and is very, very small.

Little Tank

Another way Wismec satisfies regulations is by providing a 2-ml tank for the Motiv. Smaller tanks hold far less e juice, so if young hands get it open, this tank will not yield as much tempting e juice. Even though the maximum has come down to 20 mg/ml, two milliliters of the stuff is enough to make a kid very sick.

California Design

You can see the influence of Californian portable vape pens on China’s Wismec. That is where this device was designed with its attractive cap and mobile measurements. The Motiv measures 29 x 132.6 mm.

Although a mod usually measures under 90 mm, you have to add the tank. Not here. It’s a self-sufficient system, and don’t forget the attractive cap beneath the mouthpiece which adds a collar-like feature around airflow control which would look odd hanging out there on its own.

Big Battery

That includes the internal battery of 2200mAh. You will refill the tank many times before that loses its charge. A battery-life indicator light can be set to indigo, purple, red, yellow, white, or blue to tell you when the cell should be recharged via USB and the port located on the side of your Wismec Motiv elliptical e liquid pen; it lights up inside the tank.

Protected Circuitry

The battery and system overall are also protected from over-charging, over-discharge, and over-current by dual circuit protection (DCP). The button light goes out when charging is over.

Wismec does not provide a screen on this small device but that button displays one small graphic as a kind of short-hand instruction to say “look at your light; what’s it saying?” It’s almost a screen in its own right.

Internal Tank

The 2-ml tank is visible through a stylized window and protected by an exterior sleeve which is all one piece with the battery exterior. With no moving parts through the center of the device, airflow control is regulated at the top where one will also open the unit to refill it. This part does not appear to come out at all but is built right into the base, but you can still clean it by removing the atomizer head first.

Unscrew the mouthpiece from the attractive cap. Take off this decorative piece. Use the cambered opening in the top cap beneath this in order to drip e liquid in carefully. Wismec provides 0.2-5ohm coils: the DS NC and the DS Dual Coil.

Replacing these coils is a quick and easy act of economy. The mouthpiece is short, narrow, and black; easy to get your lips around, but not as great for releasing vapor. That’s fine because it is also less prone to leaking.

A Wismec Motiv Package

Each set comes in red, gray, silver, white, or black. The firing button is a large black circle no matter what, so the black one is very shadowy but a white one features attractive contrast. Both coils, a USB cable, and a manual are included with your kit.


Wismec Motiv Review
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